Skyforge 5 Man Dungeons Guide

Skyforge 5 Man Dungeons Guide by Nexias

1. MSM (Mare Sacro Monastery):

Non Boss: In both areas, try to kill the lonely little guys so they don’t get in your way later, then use your tank to pull the naiads out of the krakens path (get the tank to hit them and then run away) and take them down with your team, in the first area there is one group on the left and right, and the second section has one group in the middle. you only need to clear the naiad groups to continue but you can kill krakens as well if you want the drops.

First Boss: Run past all the little mobs (they will keep spawning) and go straight for the boss, have your tank try to keep everything focused on him and just get the DPS players to do their thing. The support should focus more on AoE rather than single target damage against the boss, as this will help clear the little guys and help the tank survive longer.

Final Boss: At x15 and x7 HP bars, she will cover herself in a shield that deals damage to all those in it, any melee fighters need to quickly get and fight the two adds that spawn on the left and right sides of the fighting area. It is usually easiest to kill the left one first then the right, after this the main boss lowers her shield and you can go back to attacking her.

She also summons geysers on the ground which spurt water after a few seconds… yes you get to fly, yes it hurts you and yes, it is fun.

But seriously try to avoid these, you should have enough charges to dash each time one spawns under you and even if you don’t, you have time to just walk off it as long as you stop attacking quickly.

2. Daren Facility

Plant Girls: First off, kill all the surrounding mobs, then when fighting the plant girl try get the tank to stay away from the DPS players as she uses an ability that follows the tank around and deals damage in a small AoE, you can also run around the whole area to keep her moving as this stops her from casting spells constantly (she can’t cast while running).

First Boss: Some people say this is a hard one, but personally i’ve never had any trouble.

First off get your tank to go around and fight from the other side to allow the DPS players
to get on both sides of the room and attack safely from there, the support should float around helping the DPS players and save the tank if he gets caught by the bosses root.

Adds come in from both sides of the room (where the DPS players should be) killing these is a priority as if they reach the boss they will heal him for a large amount

Those F*cking trash mobs: These are meant to be avoided as they have loads of HP and damage, there are spots in the wall your team should hide in and wait for them to walk past them run to the next section and repeat, on the way there are small groups of mobs you can’t get around, get the tank to draw them out of the patrolling trash’s path and finish them quickly.

You can fight these strong trash mobs if you desire but they are insanely strong and take a lot of time, but as such they will have nice drops.

Final Boss: This is a nice change and can be a little tough for new players, this part is made up of waves, after clearing these waves of trash mobs you can fight the boss (after getting to the boss, even if you wipe you wont have to do the trash waves again).

The best way to get through these waves is to have your tank rush in and grab all the agro, once the wave is done stay back from the next wave until he can redraw agro again, in the last few waves the enemies spawn at opposite sides, the tank needs to be quick and hit each of them to grab the aggro before the DPS players start their onslaught.

The boss is easy as all you need to do is hit him and get your tank to tank, he does have a lot of HP so make sure to collect the life orbs when you need them.

3. Hespilon Temple

[WIP] Just confirming everything, servers are down so I can’t get the boss CD’s yet I will write this up tomorrow when I get up and then confirm the numbers tomorrow afternoon.

Quick info:

First Boss; wiggles/charges before using a scream ability in the direction he is currently facing this knocks back and does TONS of damage, Avoid it.

When he starts lifting himself up with all his legs get back as he does a ground slam, it does little damage but has a long CC. He will start spawning A LOT of adds and will do so until he dies. You have to take care of them quickly or you will get overrun.

Last Boss: Bash him until he says u can’t hide from death, very cliche since you are immortal and the strategy is to hide behind the pillars, try make sure u hide alone as being near anyone will cause them to take lots of damage as well, after his channel he teleports to a random player, its vital the tank has locked onto him so he can easily run and and regain the aggro

4. Targo Islands

Non-Boss: To actually draw out the bosses you must attack and kill the trash mobs around the area, each area has its own different type but they are fairly simple (you don’t need to attack the flower ones).


Flower Dino: This Boss spawns near the group at a random time, the argos system will tell you when it’s arrived, it spawn’s just out of aggro range so if you are in a fight try pull the group away. It is very strong and has a jump/slam ability, it’s not needed and taking time to kill it will waste precious time for the dungeon

(First) Wolf: A fairly easy one, every now and then he will pick a random player and start leaping at them, when this happens the support should swap to shielding the random player as the tank cannot regain aggro until the leap attacks finish (4/5 Attacks) he did this 3/4 times per battle for me. Apart from that just beat him like any other boss

(Second) Crab: A “different” boss, sometime after the fight starts he will use his “reflect” skill turning red and standing still, while like this he reflects any damage he takes to the caster. Therefore you must avoid dealing damage while he is like this, after his cast ends it will be on CD for 12 seconds after which he will cast it again, he also spawns some weak adds but they are not vital to kill, but it is advised the tank at least draws their aggro.

(Third) Anteater: Pretty simple Boss, he has a 10 second gas cloud, but I think all it does is slow and make it hard to see the puddles of poison he puts on the floor (which deal massive damage), that’s it really.

(Forth) MOA: This Boss actually has some damage and CC, when u see it getting ready to charge or do a big kick get back and avoid it, since it applies a long CC to whoever is hit, both its kick and charge attack are AoE.

(Fifth) Crocodile: The boss will constantly AoE, so players need to keep their distance
Get the tank to kite the boss around so the DPS people can do damage from a safe distance. The boss has a standard slam in which he rears up and slams down, stunning and damaging everything in front of him. Make sure to stay on the sides of the boss, as being at his rear triggers a tail swipe attack

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