MapleStory Meso Making Guide

MapleStory Meso Making Guide by KuroyukiRyuu

Hello Maplers! I’ve decided to compile a meso-making guide in text based on what I’ve seen. So here’s some tips on how to make them mesos and be on your way to 2m-2m no clown!

Everything in this section is NX-free.

  • Daily Bosses Zakum, Hilla, Ranmaru, RA, Von Leon, Easy Magnus, Easy Horntail and Easy Gollux are all bosses you can easily solo with little to no range. Each drops pots like Sunset Dews, Power Elixirs, and Elixirs. NPC these pots for about ~2mil per boss.Note that you cannot solo RA; you must be in a party. (Thanks to Victimtovictor)Sunset Dews sell for 5100 mesos each, Power Elixirs sell for 2500 mesos each, Elixirs sell for 1000 mesos each, and Reindeer Milk sells for 2750 mesos each.You can also use these pots to cut back on meso consumption for potions.
  • Elite Bosses Mob in one area, and after a Elite Monster appears and you kill it, look at the message. If it’s “You feel something in the dark energy” keep farming, and if not, CC and find another boss. After you kill the Elite Boss, focus on only getting the purple boxes. They have things like CSS scrolls (around 25 mil) Chaos Scrolls (1-3 mil) and some other items that are worth a lot. Elite Monsters also have a chance of dropping Cubic Blades, Chaos Cubic Blades, and Protection Scrolls (300 mil)
  • Dimension Invasion Starting from 140, you gain the ability to start DIPQ, which gives you amazing EXP all the way up to level 180, where it caps out. While you’re doing it, you can also get event drops, such as the FIREPOWER Cases and the Beefy’s Kitchen Coins. These can be traded for various event items that you can sell or service. Some scrolls you can service are Innocence Scrolls, Epic Potential Scrolls, Clean Slate Scrolls, and Bonus Potential Scrolls. Look around your world’s FM and see what the prices are, and price yours accordingly.You can also loot all the equips that DIPQ drops (mainly the 140 set) and extract them for Superior Item Crystals. Try going to Ardentmill in Channel 1 and looking for an extractor. You should get around 60 crystals on a normal day. These sell for around 250K in the FM. That’s a 15 mil profit. (Thanks to AwkwardCow)If you have enough range to kill the Blackheart boss after the DIPQ stage, try collecting the High Quality Gloves and sell them for around 50 mil clean. You can also scroll them and sell them accordingly. (Thanks to marketani)
  • Merching Simple concept, but hard to master. Buy low, sell high. Try looking for cheap items at first, such as Superior Item Crystals, (around 200K in Bera) ores, or occasionally some CSS scrolls. It takes a lot of patience to master merching.
  • Ardentmill Crafting can earn you a lot of money in a rather short amount of time. Try crafting items like Dark, Black, WIS, or LUK Crystals and sell them in the FM for around 500K each. You will need around 6 ores of the corresponding type and also a mold.You can also try accessory crafting. Try crafting items like Meister Shoulders, Angelic Blessings (normal, dark, and white) and sell them in the FM. Meister Shoulders are considered an end-game item, so they sell for quite a lot; in Bera they’re around 300 mil. Angelic Blessings vary by the type. Normal Angelic Blessings are around 70 mil in Bera, Dark Angelic Blessings are around 180 mil, and White Angelic Blessings are around 1 bil. Getting the recipes for these takes quite a lot of time, so see if you can snag one in the FM for a low price.
  • High-level Bosses To do these, you’ll need a pretty high range. Check this list for some more information on bossing. A small edit would be that Easy Magnus only requires around 70-100K range to solo.If you can solo these bosses, try adding them to either your daily (for Normal Magnus, Madman Ranmaru, and all other daily bosses) or weekly (CRA, Empress, Hard Magnus, etc.) schedule. I recommend focusing CRA and Hard Magnus for the best meso profit. CRA drops CRA gear, which is currently the best gear right now, considering they can be equipped alongside Tyrants (Hard Magnus.)If you can do these bosses (or get carried) and manage to get the drops, try either selling them clean or scrolling them with iCOGS if you have them. If you iCOG them, try to Star Force them to around 7-10 stars if you have the mesos. (Which you should, considering the fact you’re doing CRA runs.)If you get your hands on some Tyrant Cloaks, and they’re the wrong class, try saving up for the PSoK in the Rewards Shop. PSoK the item and sell it for around 700 mil to 1 bil. If you do Normal Magnus and get the Nova equips, I recommend selling only the shoes and belt, not the cloak. Tyrants cloaks are readily available, so selling a Nova cloak isn’t worth the PSoK.Empress isn’t really worth it now, as the 140 Empress set she drops isn’t really worth it. You might be able to sell the equips for 50 mil tops, but most of the time I see them for around 20 mil.Ranmaru drops mainly the crappy 150 set, so I recommend doing it just for the cubes and EXP.
  • Gollux Have fun doing Tynerum Prequests till you die.I consider Gollux to be one of the best ways to make one-time mesos. What I did personally was to keep doing Easy Gollux for the belt/pendant Charm EXP, and to also farm coins. I recommend buying out all the rings for yourself, and scrolling them with either the Basic Accessory Gollux Scrolls or the Advanced ones. Buying Gollux equips (apart from the belt/pendant) isn’t worth it, considering they’re something you can get for free.After you buy out all the rings and scroll them, start by buying the Superior Gollux Earrings and scroll them with the Advanced Gollux Scrolls. Keep the Superior for yourself. Since you can only equip one set of earrings, buy out all the rest of the earrings, scroll them with the respective scroll, and Star Force them to around 10 stars. You’ll make a lot of money by selling the earrings.You can also sell Gollux Scroll service, although I’m not sure how much they go for. Advertise in FM and see what you get.If you can do Hellux and survive, try selling off the Superior Pendant and Belt for around 700 mil (last time I checked.)

Everything below costs NX

I’m not familiar with NX that much, since all I did was buy cubes and cube my equips. Below is what I know at most.

  • Premium Surprise Boxes These are the best (and only) way to get Perm NX. Think of this as a prayer to RNGesus that you get something good. Last time I checked the most expensive Perm NX you could get was the Death’s Scythe and the Gothic Girl’s School Uniform.
  • Damage Skin Boxes Like the above, they’re RNGesus dependent on whether you get a sought-after damage skin or a crappy skin that no one wants. Try to wait a bit after you get it and see if prices rise. (Thanks NeroFerk)

And that’s all I know for NX. If you know anything, post a comment and I’ll add it in if it seems legit.

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