MapleStory All Bosses Guide

MapleStory All Bosses Guide by icephoenix21

If there’s any discrepancies regarding range needed, please tell me. Please note that range needed also varies depending on how much % boss you have

As of the latest patch you no longer need expeditions to do any boss- you can go in as solo (except for maybe Hard Hilla, I can’t confirm). You also no longer need to do zakum, horntail, or pink bean quests for the boss items. Talk to the respective NPCs and they will give you the items you need (Adobis, Temple Keeper). For Horntail, I believe you do still need the badge of the squad to bypass the HTPQ.

  • Balrog PQ: 60-100 level requirement, I haven’t touched this in a long time. He drops bain weapons occasionally which may sell for 10-15m if you’re lucky. Not really something to do for profit, however.
  • Easy(Crumbling)/Normal/Chaos Zakum: I’ve not done easy Zak, but for normal I’d recommend at least level 100. I tend to solo on my link skill mules for the exp. I’d say 10k range is all that is needed (my mules usually have 20-30k), so long as you have enough potions and all cures. For Chaos Zakum, I’d recommend 80k-100k+. The only real issue players may have with Czak is the seduce status. Other than that, he’s a pushover. Normal/Chaos drop Zakum helms that give 50/70 charm, respectively. Also, if you talk to your 3rd job instructor in El Nath, they will transport you to the altar door.
  • Horntail/Chaos Horntail: Drops have been fixed and you no longer need to wait a certain amount of time before killing the boss to ensure drops. For normal horntail, I’d recommend 80k range. The tail still hits pretty hard as far as I know. I’d kill off the tail, then the two arms (because of seduce), and then it doesn’t really matter what order you kill the body parts. For Chaos horntail, I’d recommend 150k range minimum. I’d kill in the same order as regular horntail, but be aware that the left head has damage reflect and the right head has magic reflect.
  • Easy/Normal Von Leon: Has quite a bit of prequests at LHC before you can challenge him. Normal Von Leon drops about 30~35 medals of honor (for inner ability), so I go for that. I’ve never done easy mode before, but I think you’d be fine with 80k range for regular.
  • Easy/Normal Arkarium: Once again, I’ve not gone to the easy mode, so I have no idea the range needed for him. Like Hard Mode Hilla, Arkarium received a buff in the last year or so, so he’s quite a bit tougher than he used to be. I would recommend 400k+ range for him. He can be annoying to solo, especially since the snakes that he summons heal him, and those snakes only take damage with magic attacks. Not only that, but he also has an attack that will 1hko you unless you have some sort of shield protecting you (bams have that shield thing, and bishops have holy shell). You can get dominator pendant recipes as well as a less-powerful pendant from him, although nowadays I think people only defeat him for soul shards.
  • Easy Magnus: Is actually a simulator. You don’t need to do the long, tedious Magnus questlines to access him. Although for being “easy” he can be pretty tough. I’d recommend 300k range for him. He will occasionally drop heliseum gear and soul shards. You can go 2x once a week, I’m unsure if this resets every 7 days. Easy Magnus gets a nerf in the future.
  • Normal Magnus: Requires the long, boring questlines to be done. I’d recommend 1m+ range to solo him, or some very nice dodging skills. He drops heliseum gear and soul shards. You can go normal magnus once every 24 hours.
  • Hard Magnus: Also requires the long, boring questlines to be done. I’d recommend 2m+ range to solo. Having a binding class such as a paladin or Kanna is extremely helpful. Hard Magnus only drops tyrant capes, and no other tyrant gear. He also drops six coins which can be used to purchase Tyrant boots and belts, which cost 70 coins. You can only kill hard Magnus once every 7 days. Therefore, it will take you 12 weeks to get enough coins to buy the boots or belts. 3 months to get one equip! Great.
  • Pink bean: I’m not sure if you still need to kill 333 in every map of Temple of Time in order to get the marble quest from the Temple Keeper. I’d recommend 250k range to beat pink bean. It’s important to know the order of which to kill the statues and whatnot, to save you from getting seduced or triggering damage reflect. I recommend watching some videos to understand what I mean. Take note that people make sure not to cross that yellow dot when attacking, as that does trigger the bird statues. Ariel, the angel statue, is holy resistant. So if you’re a bishop, like me, you’re going to have to use magic bolt to bring her hp down :P Pink bean also has damage reflect. He initially casts DR at around 85%-95% hp. If you’re unsure about when he’ll cast it, only attack while pink bean is doing attacking animations and stop when he’s not. To time dr, take note of the time on the timer when he cast it. Say he cast DR at 24: 48, that means the soonest that he can recast DR is at 24:08. Pay attention to the symbol above his head, you can start attacking as soon as that’s gone, but you’ll only have 13-15 seconds to attack between each damage reflect. Pink Bean drops reverse items (level 120), rocks of time, and soul shards. Reverse items/Timeless items are being replaced in an upcoming patch
  • Chaos Pink Bean: I’m honestly not too familiar with the process of this boss as a whole, but the same general principles (ie, don’t cross that yellow dot or you’ll trigger something nasty) apply. Additionally, Ariel has damage reflect and it’s hard to predict. The damage hits 50k, so if you’re a dark, or other HP heavy class, you can tank it. I believe the timing is 40 seconds between each cast, but I’m not sure. Ariel also has multiple bodies, and each one can cast dr without taking the aforementioned cooldown into effect, so that’s another thing to be on the lookout for. The actual Pink Bean body has 14 bodies, and can cast dr as well as seduce. It’s recommended to bring classes that can bind and crash. I would recommend at least 1.5m-2m+ range to solo..honestly I’d rather just go with a party than solo most of these end game bosses. CPB drops Loveless items, soul shards, pink bean hats/overalls, black bean hats/overalls.
  • Cygnus Empress: You can enter cygnus empress at 180+ with a dream key. You can make a dream key by gathering one of each elemental stone from the mobs at Knight Stronghold: Hallowed Ground. You click the thunderstone to make the key. Once inside, avoid the dark genesis at all costs, as it will 1HKO you. The exception to this is if it’s a full map attack. Empress also has damage reflect- but this is known as ‘party DR’ as when you hit it, the person with the least amount of hp gets killed. Her DR animation is a blue cross. I can’t recall the DR times, but I think it’s 80 seconds. Occasionally as you’re fighting her she will summon Shinsoo. Shinsoo heals her, so killing it is a priority. While Shinsoo is summoned, Empress will go in a shell and you won’t be able to hit her. As you’re fighting her she will also summon the Chief (cygnus) Knights one by one. After defeating each of those, she will summon all five knights at once (commonly called V2 (Version 2 of the CK). These drop armor respective to their class. The Mihile also has a damage reflect, so watch for that (again, not sure on timing, maybe every 50 seconds or so?). Empress drops level 140 weapons and soul shards.
  • Gollux: Follow this quest line, be warned that it is long and tedious. Gollux is comprised of four different body parts that can be killed: abdomen, right shoulder, left shoulder, and head. The difficulty of the head is determined by how many other parts you kill- kill 3 and it’s easy mode, kill 2 and it’s normal, kill one and it’s hard, and finally if you leave everything and go straight to the head, it’s hell mode gollux. As far as range is concerned: Easy-80~100k, Normal-170~250k, Hard-800k, Hell-1.5~2m. Each mode drops 120/130/140/150 belts and pendants, respectively. Here are some guides/videos regarding how to beat him.

    I think the ranges for Gollux may be a bit off. I started beating Normal Gollux with ~120-140k range, and with ~150-170k I almost beat Hard Gollux (But alas, I was unfamiliar with his attacks in Hard mode). Though it also depends a lot on which class you use. A Jett, Aran, or Luminous alone will need a lot more range than a Phantom, Aran, or, in my case, Zero. All in all, for Gollux I suggest just taking it one step at a time. Start with Easy mode – if you beat it with little to no challenge then move up to Normal, and so on. It’s mostly about knowing your class and it’s attacks. It’s not enough to just know your range, you need to know what you can do with your range, and what the boss can do to you.- via Talcove

  • Ranmaru/Madman Ranmaru: I believe you have to do a short prequest titled Princess Sakuno Beckons or something like that. Then, if you go to Deadmine 3, a Mamijigaoka soldier is there. Talk to him to access either mode of Ranmaru. 35-50k+ range is recommended for regular mode, and 200k+ for Madman Ranmaru. Ranmaru has seduce, but it only lasts 5 seconds or so. He also has damage reflect but it’s pretty weak. He will summon priest mobs on the platforms above him. These priests heal him, so if you can’t take his health down faster than they’re healing, they should be dealt with asap. Madman Ranmaru drops tons of sengoku set (level 150, non on-par with Root Abyss set) recipes. Occasionally he will drop actual equips- these usually have epic potential, but I’ve found two items with unique potential. There is a small chance to find a white angelic blessing ring recipe, too. I’m not sure what normal mode drops. Madman is good exp.
  • Krexel: Krexel is a personal favorite of mine. He seems to be forgotten about often, but since I personally don’t train, I only get exp from bosses and he’s a nice little daily boss to do. You have to do Ulu city quests to be able to face him. You can go twice every 24 hours. I usually break a rune before I enter so I can get more exp. He usually drops crap that I just extract in ardentmill, however, I’ve gotten a couple unique weapons from him that I use on mules, as well as two meister cubes :-) so my fruitless runs have paid off a bit.
  • Princess No: Recently added, this requires you to go through the Ayame role-playing dungeon as Ayame, Hayato, and Kanna as well as finishing Princess Sakuno’s planets quest. Once you’ve done that, you can face the Princess No Alter ego in hopes of getting a Hieizan Key. The key has a pretty bad drop rate. Only the leader needs to have a key, and up to 6 people can go. You’re gonna want some heavy hitters. Rexaar explains how to go through this PQ.
  • Castellan Toad: A somewhat forgotten about boss. If you go to Mushroom shrine and talk to the palanquin NPCs they will take you to Ninja castle. The castle is a “maze” of sorts. I recommend watching a video the first couple of times you run through it. At the end of the maze is a jump quest- the easiest way to get through this is to take advantage of the games mechanics and iframes. Honestly, watching a video will help you with it. The boss drops crap and occasionally estaffs/wands, and on rare occasions, cubes.

Hope that helped a bit, let me know if you have any questions :)

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