Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

In Clash of Clans, Town Hall 6 is one of the more uneventful Town Hall levels. With very few new structures, it makes this upgrade priority guide very straightforward and easy to follow. Most players should have 3 builders by Town Hall 6, so the guide assumes this builder count.

Each builder should follow the recommended pathway below. When these high-priority Town Hall 6 upgrades are finished, those builders can then start working on the “tasks” listed later in this article, completing each task in order before moving on to the next task.

Builder #1. Laboratory –> Army Camp #2

The first builder should immediately begin work on upgrading the Laboratory. Researching new tiers of units is the biggest timesink at Town Hall 6, so it is important to upgrade the lab and start this research right away.

As soon as this builder is finished upgrading the lab, start researching one of the newly available unit upgrades. Have this builder then begin to upgrade one of the army camps up to the new max level (6).

Builder #2. Spell Factory –> Army Camp #3

The second builder should focus on upgrading the Spell Factory from level 1 to level 2. This will give the player access to the Healing Spell as well as allow the player to create two spells instead of just one. Healing Spells will significantly increase your farming capabilities and will make it easier to farm resources, which is why the Spell Factory is high on this list.

As soon as the Spell Factory is finished, this builder should then begin working on upgrading the final Army Camp to level 6.

Builder #3. Place New Walls –> Upgrade Army Camp #1 –> Upgrade Clan Castle

The third builder should begin work at Town Hall 6 by placing the new walls. Since all the upgrades we are focusing on first cost Elixir, it may be useful to dump some gold into these new walls and upgrade them a few levels.

As soon as the walls are placed, start upgrading the first Army Camp to level 6. Army Camps are a high-priority upgrade since the extra supply count will noticeably improve the strength of your attacks.

After the Army Camp is finished upgrading, have this builder start upgrading the Clan Castle. The extra 5 supply count offered by the upgraded Clan Castle will improve both offense and defense noticeably.

After High Priority TH6 Upgrades

As soon as each builder finishes his high-priority tasks above, start working on the tasks below, going through them in order.

Task #1. Adding New Towers & Rearrange Base

Players get access to a new Mortar and Wizard Tower at Town Hall 6. Start constructing these two towers. As soon as construction on these two towers has started, rearrange your base to match my recommended

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