Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Farming Strategies

Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Farming Strategies

Town Hall 6 is one of the worst farming levels (along with Town Hall 8) in Clash of Clans. First, your strength barely improves from TH5 to TH6, as you do not get an extra Army Camp. Your production is worse from TH5 to TH6, as your army size cap increases by 15 units (from another level of upgrades for preexisting Army Camps) but you do not get an extra Barracks. Finally, the primary units we use in this range (Barbarians) do not get an upgrade from the Laboratory.

Another bad thing about farming at TH6 is there is a huge disparity between the strength of TH6 bases and TH7 armies. There is perhaps no bigger gap in strength, as TH7 players get an extra army camp and an extra round of upgrades for their Barbarians and Archers. A cheap TH7 Barbarian and Archer army can take most of your resources (if not all, especially with a few Wall Breakers or a Healing Spell).

As a result, when comparing TH5 to TH6, at TH6, our Army barely gets stronger, our production time slows by a few minutes, our raids are a little tougher, and enemy TH7 players will attack us relentlessly with little recourse. The only bright spot of TH6 is that you get access to the healing spell, which you can use to take out particularly lucrative enemy bases. Stacks of Barbarians plus a healing spell can tank a Wizard Tower or Mortar while the Barbarians break down walls or grab resources.

Fortunately, maxing out your base at this level does not take much longer than at Town Hall 5. It takes about three weeks to max out your base with 3 builders (if your builders are always active) and research all level 4 Laboratory upgrades (you get a level 4 lab at TH6). The last week is spent upgrading your mines and elixir collectors, so not much farming is necessary at that point.

TH6 Farming Strategy Discussion

I recommend simply making full armies of Barbarians with no other units. I use this army because it trains faster than any other army combination and as a result produces the most gold and elixir per hour spent playing CoC. This is the same strategy we used at Town Hall 5 as it is still the most effective for fast farming. As a side note, one reason we still use the mass Barbarian army is that it barely costs any Elixir, allowing you to work on your Research and upgrading your Army Camps sooner.

The major addition at this level is the introduction of the Healing Spell. You want to upgrade your Spell Factory when you get a chance (although it is a slow upgrade) as it gives you access to the healing spell, a powerful farming tool. With the healing spell, you can pile Barbarians onto a wall or a Wizard Tower and break it down with no problem

You only want to use a Healing Spell when you stand to gain a significant amount of resources for using it. Healing Spells cost 15,000 Elixir to start and increase in cost with upgrades, so you need to make sure you are getting a good return on that Elixir cost if you decide to use it. The video guide does a good job of showing when it is appropriate to use a healing spell.

TH6 Upgrade Order

Unlike at TH5, there are not many different upgrade responsibilities that you will have to shift your attention between. Instead, if you have three builders (which you should at this level), your priorities are to upgrade your Laboratory (so you can start research sooner), your Spell Factory, and then your Army Camps, in that order. Since all of those items cost a lot of elixir, be sure to dump your spare gold into walls. You can always start your new towers or other low-cost buildings while saving up elixir for your Army Camps in order to save builder time.

After that, you can work on building out your base at your own leisure in whatever order you prefer. Be sure to start your walls early and upgrade them often, as this is the first level where walls actually start getting a little expensive. You will want to max out your base fully before moving on to TH7. You should have plenty of time to max out your walls and research, as taking all your collectors and mines to level 10 takes about a week.

If you do not yet have three builders, make sure you push to 1250 trophies for the “Sweet Victory!” achievement. This achievement pays out 450 gems, easily allowing you to unlock a third builder (if you saved your gems, it should really get you close to a fourth builder!).

TH6 Farming Goals

At Town Hall 6, you should seek to get at least 150,000 combined resources per raid (75,000 gold and elixir, 100,000 elixir and 50,000 gold, 100,000 gold and 50,000 elixir, and so on). If you do not need any more gold or elixir due to being capped or already finishing upgrades, you should seek to get at least 100,000 of the resource you still need per raid.

Seek to stay in a trophy range of 600 to 1100 at Town Hall 6. I find that the upper end of the trophy range works best, particularly if you are skipping around for really lucrative bases.

Speaking of lucrative bases, if you are patient, you can speed your farming up by waiting for raids that have at least 250k combined resources with the resources being left in the collectors and mines. Typically, this will be TH6+ players with level 10+ collectors or mines that have not played for 2 days+. These players’ collectors and mines will fill up with resources which can then be stolen by you during a raid. The best part is that collectors tend to be on the outside of a base, so you can take them with your simple Barbarian army.

Initially, it will feel like your main task is to gather Elixir. You need about 3 million Elixir to upgrade your Army Camps, Spell Factory, and Laboratory. However, once these upgrades are finished, your need for Elixir is quite minimal. You will need more for Barracks and Research upgrades, but you should be swimming in it as our Barbarian Army is so cheap.

The real cost at TH6 will be maxing out your walls. Assuming you came into Town Hall 6 from Town Hall 5 with fully maxed walls, maxing out your walls will run over 10,000,000 gold. You will spend 7.5 million gold upgrading your 100 existing walls from level 5 to level 6, while it will cost you 3.025 million to build 25 new walls and then subsequently upgrade them to level 6. Upgrading your walls is worth it though, as it will make protecting your Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7 much easier. Do not skip out on this process.

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