Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

Town Hall 5 is a big upgrade for players of Clash of Clans, as many new structures and upgrades are introduced at this Town Hall level. In this guide to upgrade order and priority, we will discuss which upgrades to get first at Town Hall 5.

Some players will have two builders and some players will have three builders going into Town Hall 5. If you only have two builders, be sure to unlock the 450 gem achievement for reaching 1250 trophies as a top priority. Getting this third builder is a necessity if you value fast and efficient base leveling. Pushing up in trophies can be done easily simply by attacking and skipping bases until you find one with a Town Hall off in the corner. You can kill (snipe) these Town Halls over and over again until you reach 1250 trophies. You can then drop down to a more appropriate trophy count for TH5 (700-1,000 trophies).

For the purposes of this guide, I will assume you have two builders to start with and that you will unlock your third builder at some point during Town Hall 5. If you already have three builders, have your third builder start on the items in the Task List lower in this article while your first two builders can start on your highest priority structures.

TH5 Highest Priority Upgrades and Structures

At Town Hall 5, these structures take higher priority over any others. Upon completing these upgrades, work on the secondary task list lower in this guide in order.

Builder 1. Laboratory –> Spell Factory

Your first builder should start upgrading the Laboratory as soon as Town Hall 5 completes. The Laboratory’s upgrades are the biggest increase in strength you get at this level. Start with Barbarian level 3 research and follow up with Archer level 3. These unit upgrades will make a huge difference in your farming ability.

As soon as this builder finishes the Laboratory, you can start building the Spell Factory. While a single Lightning Spell is not terribly useful at this level, it can still be used to take out Clan Castle units should the situation deem it necessary.

Builder 2. New Walls –> New Army Camp –> Army Camp Upgrades

The second builder should dump all excess gold into walls and then focus on Army Camps. First, start the new Army Camp and do not stop upgrading it with this builder until it is maxed out. Keep this builder on Army Camp duty, upgrading the two previously existing Army Camps to their new max level. This will bring the supply count of your army to 135, massively improving your strength compared to Town Hall 4 players.

Second Priority Tasks at TH5

After the two builders (if you have a third builder, start here with it) have finished up their work, start working through these tasks in order.

Task #1. New Towers & Base Layout

At Town Hall 5, you get a new Cannon, Archer Tower, and Wizard Tower. Build each one, in that order.

Task #2. Upgrade Barracks

Take one builder and start upgrading your Barracks to their maximum level. Just use one builder for this purpose, as if you upgrade too many Barracks at once, it will be difficult to produce units to farm.

Task #3. Upgrade Defensive Towers, Starting With New Towers

As your Barracks are being upgraded, take your remaining builder(s) and upgrade defensive towers. Start with the new towers, as the quick upgrades to the Cannon and Archer Tower will result in the largest increases in strength. You will want to fully upgrade all defensive towers before upgrading to Town Hall 6.

Task #4. Upgrade Remaining Structures

Upgrade any remaining structures, walls, and research if you have not done so already. This includes resource storage buildings. Start Town Hall 6. While Town Hall 6 is being upgraded, if your builders become free, you can upgrade Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. You do not have to max out Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors before moving on to Town Hall 6.

Quick Note About Walls

Walls should be upgraded throughout the entire Town Hall 5 leveling process. Towers and structures cost far less than the gold or elixir cap; you can farm until your resources are capped when your builders are busy, then as one builder becomes available, you can spend all excess resources on walls (saving just enough to start the next upgrade without delay). You should be able to max walls before your structures if you do this regularly.

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