Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

Town Hall 4 is a very quick level in Clash of Clans if you upgrade efficiently. in this upgrade order priority guide, I will discuss the right order in which to upgrade and build new structures at Town Hall 4 in Clash of Clans.

At Town Hall 4, I am assuming most players still have two builders (which is likely unless a player buys gems or spends a lot of time Town Hall sniping for the 1250 trophy achievement). The truth is that two builders is all that is needed at this Town Hall level, as two builders can max out most buildings by the time new research finishes.

Town Hall 4 High Priority Upgrades

These high priority upgrades should be undertaken in order before any other structures or upgrades. As soon as these structures are finished, proceed to the second priority tasks and undertake those upgrades in order.

Builder #1. Upgrade Laboratory –> Upgrade Storage Structures

The first priority as soon as you reach Town Hall 4 is to start upgrading the Laboratory. The biggest timesink at Town Hall 4 is completing all of the research available at this level. By starting the Laboratory early, you can start on the research earlier.

It may seem odd to upgrade your storage structures (Gold and Elixir Storage) so early on, but there is a reason for this. The idea here is to increase the maximum amount of resources you can hold so that you can farm up to the resource cap while builders are busy working. When a builder becomes free, you can then spend any excess resources on wall upgrades before starting the next upgrade. By upgrading storage structures early, you will significantly increase your ability to upgrade your walls in a timely fashion.

Builder #2. Place Walls –> New Barracks –> Barracks Level 2 –> New Archer Tower –> FIx Base –> Upgrade Army Camps

The second builder will be very busy at Town Hall 4. First, this builder should build all the new walls and spend excess resources upgrading these walls. This builder can then build a new Barracks and upgrade it to level two. This builder can then start building the new Archer Tower unlocked at level 4.

After rearranging your base to make room for your new walls and Archer Tower, builder #2 can start upgrading each Army Camp to its new maximum level.

TH4 Second Priority Tasks

After finishing off the primary tasks (which takes a little less than a day), it is time to start working on these secondary tasks. It only takes a day or so to complete the first two tasks, at which point you can start upgrading to Town Hall 5.

Task #1. Upgrade the Clan Castle

Have one builder upgrade the Clan Castle. Increasing the capacity of this structure from 10 to 15 units can boost your strength noticeably, particularly if you are in a clan where higher level players can donate to you.

Task #2. Build the Air Defense Tower and Upgrade All Towers to the New Maximum Level

Next, upgrade all towers to their maximum level allowed at Town Hall 4. The longest upgrade here is the Air Defense tower, which takes a full day to upgrade to level 2. Upgrading the rest of the towers to their new maximum only takes around a day, so one builder can focus on the Air Defense tower while the other builder can focus on the Cannons, Archer Towers, and Mortar.

Task #3.  Use One Builder to Start Town Hall 5, Use the Remaining Builder to Upgrade Barracks

After maxing out your defensive towers, start upgrading towards Town Hall 5. It takes a full 2 days for Town Hall 5 to complete, so we should start this upgrade before fully upgrading everything. Use your free builder to upgrade your 3 Barracks to their new max level.

Task #4. Build & Upgrade Mines & Collectors

If you finish upgrading the Barracks to their maximum level before the Town Hall 5 upgrade finishes, you can put your free builder(s) to work by building and upgrading Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. Do not worry about maxing these out before reaching Town Hall 5. Most of your resources at this level will not come from collectors and mines but rather from farming. It is not worth delaying the Town Hall 5 upgrade in order to max out these collectors.

About Walls

Walls should be upgraded throughout this process. Try to farm excess resources while your builders are occupied. When a builder becomes free, you can use these extra resources to upgrade walls before starting the next upgrade.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well the time taken for th5 was reduced to 12 hours after this upgrade priority was posted so idk about that anymore

  2. Anonymous says:

    you should first upgrade EVERYTHING before th5 start with the things that take least amount of time and then upgrade the rest

  3. Silver SFM (IGN: Silver SFM) says:

    Idk about that. i will rather max everything (collectors or mines, defenses, barracks, army camps, laboratory)
    Im still upgrading to town hall 4

  4. michael says:

    upgrading barbs cost 50k elixir
    so you should upgrade elixir storages so they can hold 50k elixir, 25 is enough only for building the laboratory not enough for upgrading barbs

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