Clash of Clans Town Hall 3 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 3 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

In Clash of Clans, Town Hall level 3 is the first level where you get access to multiple new structures and building upgrades that actually have a bit of a time requirement associated with them. As a result, you cannot have all your upgrades and new structures at once, but instead have to choose what you want to get first.

In this Town Hall 3 upgrade order guide, I will discuss the most efficient order for building and upgrading structures in Clash of Clans in order to maximize your farming ability and speed up the leveling process.

Town Hall 3 Priority Tasks

At Town Hall 3, we can actually dictate the order in which we are going to upgrade structures based on the builder. If you follow this guide directly, you can actually start on upgrading to Town Hall 4 within 24 hours of reaching Town Hall 3.

Builder #1. Elixir Storage Upgrades –> Laboratory –> New Storage Structures & Upgrades –> Clan Castle –> Town Hall Level 4

The first builder needs to start building the Laboratory as soon as Town Hall level 3 is reached. However, you will not have enough Elixir capacity to start the Laboratory. Get your Elixir capacity up to 25,000 and then start the Laboratory. Upgrading your Barbarians to level 2 is the most important thing you can do to increase your farming ability. It is important to start researching as soon as the Lab is finished. The Lab should always be researching unit upgrades, as this research is the biggest timesink at early to mid Town Hall levels.

As soon as the Laboratory is finished, start building and upgrading your Gold and Elixir storage structures. It is important to start and upgrade these early as it increases the maximum amount of resources you can hold. With a bigger resource pool, you can farm more resources while your builders are occupied. This gives you a larger spare resource pool which you can use to upgrade your walls. You should always strive to farm up to your resource cap while your builders are busy so that you can spend these excess resources on wall upgrades before starting the next structure or upgrade.

After maxing out your storage structures, unlock the Clan Castle. The Clan Castle is completes instantly, so no delay here. Next, have this builder start on Town Hall level 4. This may seem like a very early upgrade, but consider that Town Hall level 4 takes a full day to complete, while most of the upgrades at this level only require a few hours to complete.

Builder #2. New Army Camp –> Upgrade Army Camps –> Mortar –> Upgrade Towers –> Upgrade Barracks

The second builder needs to be responsible for building and upgrading Army Camps and defensive structures. The builder should first start by building the new Army Camp and then upgrading each Army Camp to its maximum level. As soon as the Army Camps are finished, you will need to upgrade your existing Gold Storage building in order to allow it to hold more gold.

Once you can hold 8,000+ gold, you can start constructing the new Mortar defensive tower available at this level. As soon as the Mortar is finished, all existing Cannons and Archer Towers should be upgraded to their new maximum level.

The Town Hall 4 upgrade will likely begin constructing a little bit before Builder #2 finishes maxing out the defensive towers. This is perfectly acceptable, as upgrading the 2 Barracks available at Town Hall 3 to their new maximum level does not take very long.

If Builder #2 finishes all of these structures and upgrades before Town Hall 4 completes, effort should be taken to max out walls (this is likely already done if you were diligent in farming). If your walls are completely maxed before Town Hall 4 finishes, you can keep Builder #2 busy by building and upgrading Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. Do not worry about maxing out mines or collectors before going up to Town Hall 4.

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    aim at level two walls, and max everything else out. Upgrade at that point.

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    you should aim at level two walls, and when everything is maxxed, then upgrade.

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  4. L10nH34rT says:

    If you have maxed everything at TH3 (including having maxed treasury loot and maxed gold/elixir storages), is this the point at which you should upgrade to TH4?

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