Heroes of the Storm Team Fighting Basics Guide

Heroes of the Storm Team Fighting Basics Guide by Mr_G_Almighty

A lot of people have been questioning how to team fight so I’m gonna try and explain how to team fight effectively and efficiently.


A team fight is a fight is a fight between 3 or more Heroes from each team. A team fight is usually for some form of strategic advantage, usually a mercenary camp, or an objective.


In a perfect world, you team fight whenever you have an advantage, this could be when the enemy team has one player waiting to respawn or one of their heroes is across the map.

This is rarely the case and so you usually team fight when both teams are grouped up and they meet each other on the battleground.

You should team fight when you have a chance in winning, this seems obvious but there are times when teams fight when there is little to no way they are going to win


  • When you have a player waiting to respawn
  • When all your team is low on HP and/or Mana
  • When you’re (or the enemy team you have to kill is) “under” a functioning team structure (the core is sometimes the exception to this rule)
  • When someone on your team is not with you and you do not know where their team is.


I would like to mention before this the main priority for you should be staying alive, do not kill yourself or put yourself in a position to be killed to fulfill the following roles

Also depending on specific heroes they may have different roles than the following, but these are typically the roles which those types of heroes have.

  • Warrior:
    • Initiator: Creating an opening which your team can use to land abilities which can lead to you securing a kill or gaining enough of a lead within the team fight so the enemy team cannot win
    • Disruption: Interrupting the enemy Heroes so they cannot do their jobs at maximum efficiency, thus increasing your chances of winning the fight
    • Protection: Keeping the enemy from killing your more vulnerable allies
  • Support:
    • Healing: Simple, using your abilities to regenerate some of the heal which your enemies will take from your team’s HP
    • Zoning: Using your abilities to ensure your enemies cannot get into a favorable or beneficial position
    • Crowd Control (CC): Locking the enemy down so that your team can secure kills, or can safely escape from enemies attempting to kill them
  • Assassin:
    • Damaging: Your job is to inflict the maximum amount of damage onto your enemy while ensuring you are in a safe location.
  • Specialist: Depending on the specific specialist, their role will usually be a combination of the other roles, you’ll need to know your individual hero to see what your hero can do.


  1. The Poke: This stage of the fight is when both team “poke” each other in an attempt to get a minor HP lead before the fight breaks out
  2. The Initiate: A hero (or group of heroes) using an ability (or set of abilities) to create an opening (or vulnerability) which your team can exploit in order to kill enemy heroes or gain a major HP lead, so you will shortly after kill enemy heroes.
  3. The Fight: Once the initiate has faded and both teams have relative freedom the majority of the fight will be decided, during this time it is essential you keep track of your team to know where to run, and keep track of your own HP to know when to retreat. This step ends when one team goes into full retreat.
  4. The Chase: When a team goes into full retreat, the “winning” team will chase over the enemy team either to try and collect a few remaining kills or to grab the objective which was being battled for.

At this point the team will press the lead which they gained from winning the team fight, and this pressure will end when the enemy team respawns.


There is no real definitive answer, it depends entirely on the team fight but here are some tips for ranged and melee heroes:


  • Get in the face of the champions you know cannot deal with you easily
  • Deliver as much damage as possible as quickly as possible
  • Be wary of your HP and don’t be afraid to use an ability just to escape
  • When retreating always retreat into your team


  • Only attack Heroes you can attack without getting damaged
  • Do not use your escape in an aggressive fashion, if you charge into the enemy team you can quickly find yourself on the wrong end of a whoopin’ and can quickly lose your life


  • Be aware of AoE abilites going off near or on your hero
  • Know your enemy, and try to predict what they’re going to do and avoid it or adjust your offence because of it
  • Time your abilities, don’t just fire them off because they’re off cool-down
  • Do not waste your ultimate ability, use it only when you KNOW you’re going to get a good effect from it.
  • Learn which abilities can combo together and try to combo and ability if you can.

After all that it just comes down to knowing which Heroes your Hero does well against and how to do well against them, and that only comes with time and practice.

TL;DR: Know what you can do, do it, don’t die.

Thanks for reading and I hoped this helped!

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