Heroes of the Storm Experience Gain Details

Heroes of the Storm Experience Gain Details by perfidiousfox

I have yet to see a full breakdown of XP gains in games, Often the number 452 is thrown around when dealing with the first wave, but beyond that, the actual numbers and levels seem to be a mystery! I’ll throw in what I know, and add more if i can confirm it through others.

So here is my attempt to wade through the ‘fog of war’.

Heres a few rules about xp gains:

  1. To gain xp from lane minions, you must be within your heroes vision of them, If you are, then each hero on your team benefits from the xp as well. questionable on range, will test and post photos of exact range/ requirements
  2. To gain XP from mercenaries, you must be the first hit. You do not get XP if the enemy starts it and you kill the merc while they are still there.
  3. XP gains from buildings are global, whether a hero is in range or not. Walls and Fountains give no XP.
  4. Global XP can be gained from enemy hero deaths regardless of being in range or not.
  5. All objective creatures give XP
  6. All creatures/minions/mercs have a Base XP value which increases over time.
  7. XP increases by the minute, ON the minute. (For mercs, this is set when you begin to attack them, for lane minions this is set when they leave the Core, for objective based creatures, this is set when the objective spawns (ex, the mines).
  8. There are large bonuses to teams that are a levels behind. Kills for the underdog team will reap 100% more xp.
  9. If you kill a lane minion with an abilty, regardless of distance, you will receive the XP. This applies to things killed by summoned creatures as well.

Buildings have set values for XP.

  1. First wall turrets 400xp
  2. Forts 800xp
  3. Second wall turrets 650xp
  4. Keeps 1300xp

Hero kills give a base level that is modified by being behind or in the lead.

I believe the base number is 300xp +50/level. being two levels down gives a 100% more xp to the underdog This may actually be less, need testing to confirm underdog bonus.

There IS a passive XP gain that is global for all heroes.

After testing this out, I believe this is set at approximately 20xp per second, which starts counting at 00:35 seconds into the game, timed with the release of the first wave.

This leads me to the average xp that each hero level is set at.

Levels 1-5 about 2200xp each level

Levels 6-10 about 3300xp per level

Levels 11-15 about 4400xp per level

(this was all I was able to test on my own, as the games became too long, and rarely lasted past level 16. There was also small variation +/- 100xp for most level, including one or two abberations that i have not been able to account for yet (level 7 was closer to 3700, 10 was closer to 2900. may have just been a mistake on my part).

For lane minions

I had to take averages, there appeared to be variation from minute to minute.

Ranged: 60+2/min

Caster: 62+1.8/min

Melee: 70+1.2/min

A quick way of knowing the ‘close enough’ value for a wave: 450+11.4T = wave XP where T is the minute that they spawned. +/-2xp

For Mercenaries individual xp:

Knight ‘casters’ have a base of 75, with an increase of 3xp per min.

Knight ‘melee’ 50+2/min

Seige Giant 50+2/min

BOSS: I was unable to do this on my own, if someone is able to find this, please let me know what time you killed it, and what xp it gave. I’ll do the math but i need at least 2 values with more then a minute between them.

For objective creatures:

Garden of Terror:

Shamblers : 60+2/min

Terrors: 350+12/min

Blackhearts Bay Pirates: 49+1/min

Mines: (hard to test by yourself, golems push to fast)

grave golem while in mine: 560+18/min (I think, need more tests)

Grave golem while above ground: untested.

Small ‘miners’; start at 28 xp, appear to gain about 0.66 per minute (needs confirmation)

Sky Temple (untested)

Tomb of spider Queen (untested)

Im assuming mercenaries are the same in all maps, but honestly I’ve already spent about 5 hours testing the ones I have, so I’m tired of science for now. :P

So far thats all I know. If you have anything to add, please throw it at me and I will edit it accordingly. If you notice any mistakes, and can correct me, please do.

Thanks for reading! And welcome to all the new players!

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