Destiny Trials of Osiris Comprehensive Guide

Destiny Trials of Osiris Comprehensive Guide by XxNANNR-PUSSxX


I decided to write this guide after spending a frustrating night playing ToO on my alt with people that I found on LFG sites. All these players were at least level 33 with exotic primaries but many still struggled to even get a .25 K/D. Knowing that my trip to the Lighthouse was ruined I decided to watch these players closely so I could better understand what they (and I) were doing wrong. I eventually came to the conclusion that most simply did not understand how to play the game. Almost all of them weren’t what you would call bad, but they had seemingly no idea about what to do in most situations. I wrote this guide to give all you struggling guardians out there some helpful information and hopefully help net you a trip to the Lighthouse.


I am nowhere near some of the crucible gods on this subreddit and elsewhere. I would consider myself an above average player with a good deal of experience in Destiny and other FPS games. You can check out all my stats here but I’ll go ahead and list a couple of note (Yes I know K/D and other stats cannot completely represent the skill level of a player.):

  • 2.02 overall K/D
  • 75% win percent or higher in all 3v3 gametypes
  • 2 Flawless Trials runs, 18-0 record (1 loss with mercy boon equipped), and 2.45 Trials of Osiris K/D on main character

PREFACE: I split this guide into two major parts. The first is META, which is stuff you should be doing before you ever enter the game. The second is GAMEPLAY, which is stuff you should be doing as you play the game (crazy I know). This guide should hopefully cover 99% of what you could possibly want to know about Trials of Osiris. This was written with the average Destiny player in mind so if you are already a crucible legend most of this stuff will not be new to you. Some of the weapons and tactics I cover might be considered “cheap” or “noobish” and they probably are, but this guide is focused on using every tool at your disposal to win. Hope you guys enjoy!



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Trials of Osiris is open from Friday until the weekly reset on Tuesday. You can speak to Brother Vance at the Reef to purchase a ticket to this event. You can buy as many tickets as you like but three loses on one ticket and that ticket is done. He also sells helpful boons that can make your time in ToO a lot easier. I suggest buying all of them but the mercy boon is the one you should go for first. You can find the passage coins to buy these boons in regular crucible or from the rewards in ToO. Trials is a 3v3 gametype and you will need a full fireteam to access it. The map changes every week but seems to always be a skirmish map. The gametype is called elimination and it basically boils down to killing the other team. No respawning but you can revive your teammates from their ghost on the battlefield. The revive timers start at 5 seconds and increase by 5 more for every time you die in that round. The first team to win five rounds wins the game and there are rewards for getting more and more wins. Heavy ammo spawns on a 15 second timer in it’s normal area after one team has three rounds won. Getting 9 wins and 0 losses unlocks a Mercury social area with a chest full of great rewards.


Know that this is not Crota or Prison of Elders. There are no glitches, no cheeses, no weapons that are going to guarantee you an easy win every game. Come in with a good attitude and be prepared to face adversity. You should be comfortable with the class and loudout you are playing with. Try not to get frustrated when things don’t go your way. Know that strategy and teamwork are 10x more important than individual gunskill so don’t be worried if you aren’t an MLG pro no-scoping legend.


If you want to be successful in ToO you need a great team. It’s that simple. Destiny LFG sites are just not going to cut it for this event. Focus on finding players that you are comfortable playing with, and that you can play with often. Try to practice by playing Skirmish or Salvage at least a few times a week. Find what play styles you and your team are good at and then find strategies that work well with your styles of play. One of the most important tips I can give you is to never get mad at your team.

  • Play together as often as you can. PvE or PvP.
  • Don’t all use the exact same loadout/class. This may seem like a cool idea but good teams with be able to exploit your weaknesses for an easy win. (There are some notable exceptions to this that I will go over later).
  • Communicate always. Callout that enemies have certain weapons (sniper down that hallway), callout when enemies are low hp or hit by your ‘nades (two dudes 1-shot in that hallway), callout everything you think could possibly help your team.


The weapons you use will have a massive impact on how well your team can do. I’m going to evaluate most weapons that are usable for ToO here but don’t be discouraged/angry if you don’t see your favorite weapon on here. Go for the weapon that you feel you play best with.


Since ToO takes into account weapon damage, using an exotic primary is highly recommended. If you can’t manage that have a max damage legendary instead. Expect to see a lot of revolvers and pulse-rifles as these are the only guns currently worth using in competitive play.


Live your fantasy of being a space cowboy! These weapons currently rule Destiny’s crucible and the exotics are considered the must-haves of PVP weapons.

OP tier

The Last Word, Thorn. Which is better you ask? Tough question to answer. Both have their roles and both are awesome at what they do. However, for ToO you will see a lot more Thorn. It’s long range and DoT make it the best primary for the average player. If you are going with a sniper secondary though, you may still want to bust out TLW. Hawkmoon can also dominate at long range but it relies a bit to much on RNG to be effective.

Borderline OP tier

Hawkmoon (only on PlayStation)

Top tier

Any Max Damage(365) handcannon that has a good perkroll and good stats. Look for lower impact, good target acquisition, fast fire-rate, and decent range. Perks to look for are ones that increase impact, range, or mag size. Experiment with some of the cool perks this weapon type has and you may find yourself a crucible beast.


Use handcannons at mid-to-long ranges where you won’t be shotgunned or sniped into the dust. Aim for headshots and watch your body-count skyrocket. The exotics are somewhat exceptions to this. For TLW try to be a bit closer than you normally would, and use the thorn at longer distances.


Your standard auto-firing rifle. Jack of all trades, master of none. They were nerfed pretty hard and I don’t recommend using any of them.

Good tier

Suros Regime

Meh tier

Any max damage auto-rifle with good perks. Only use the mid impact, low mag size ones. Perks to look for are any that can bump range or impact and increase stability.


Aim for the head and expect to die a lot. Utilize cover and grenades to soften up the enemy and turn the battle in your favor. Mid-range is where this class used to shine but now it basically has no effective range. If you have any other good gun I suggest using it instead.


Reminisce about the glory days of the Halo 3 BR! These guys can be pretty good in crucible and the high impact ones can kill in two bursts.

OP tier

The Red Death, The Messenger

Top tier

*Three Little Words or any with the right perks and high impact. Look for perks like auto-fire, increased range, or bigger mag.


Aim for the top of the chest and let the recoil bring you up into the head area. Go for mid-range encounters and strafe as you shoot. Moving enemies can be a bit hard to hit with these guns.


Another weapon type that strangely resembles a Halo mainstay. Most of these are alright, but alright in ToO gets you and your team wiped. Unless you are amazing with them, I would recommend another gun.

Top tier

MIDA Multi-Tool, The Scholar, Vision of Confluence

Good Tier

Pretty much any max damage one with some good perks. Look for things that help with impact, reload, or rate of fire. Haven’t personally used auto-fire but it may be worth looking into.


Go for long range and always try to get the first shot off. Against snipers you can stagger them with a couple hits for an easy kill. At close to mid range you might want to switch to your secondary.

Special Primaries

There are a couple of these but only one is worth mentioning.

Borderline OP tier

Vex Mythoclast


A Mid-range monster. Aim for the head. You may have to take a bit of time to master this weapon since it is not a hit-scan.


Exotics are rarely used here. Snipers and shottys rule this category with fusion rifles getting little use. I chose not to include a fusion rifle category but if you have one you love feel free to use it. (The one fusion rifle that can be classified as OP is The Pocket Infinity. If you can properly use it you will win almost every 1v1 situation. It can burn through ammo quickly though!) Ammo is relatively plentiful in ToO so don’t be too worried about perks like field scout.


The weapon of choice for campers and MLG 420 kush-master no-scope legends (12 year-olds). These take a bit of skill to use well, but the best snipers are almost unstoppable. These are heavily used in ToO and having at least one good sniper on your team is a must!

OP tier

Efrideet’s Spear with final round

Top tier

Any sniper that can kill through a res-shield. Look for perks that increase target acquisition, reload time, and ADS speed. I prefer the ambush scope but it’s really personal choice.


Aim for the head. Obviously long-range is your friend. Watch out for counter-snipers and deal with them by flanking or crouching before you peek from cover. Shoot an enemy in the head while they are in the revive animation for a free kill.


The weapon of choice for noobs and assholes, but can be used to great effect by skillful players. These aren’t very hard to use when you get close enough but getting in the right position to kill with them can be very difficult.

OP tier

Felwinter’s Lie, Matador 64, Party Crasher+1, and Judgement VI with the right perks

Borderline OP tier

Astral Horizon, Found Verdict, or any other shotgun with a high range value. Look for perks that reduce spread or increase range.


Since people generally play less aggressively in ToO, these are not used quite as often as snipers. Utilize these as a backup for longer range primaries. Don’t just rush in blindly at the enemy team! Blinking is an effective way to close the distance between you and an enemy. Crouching down and ambushing around corners is also an effective tactic.


Rockets are your only choice here. Any advantage that LMGs had is gone in ToO. Ammo doesn’t carry to the next round so don’t be afraid to let those rockets fly.

OP tier

Truth, Gjallarhorn, Tomorrow’s Answer,

Top tier

Any launcher that can hold at least 2, and has proximity detonation.


You’ll only have one round per game to use these so they aren’t quite as important here. Get the high ground or jump in the air to avoid enemy rockets and try to hit enemies as they are falling or landing. An advanced tactic is to watch the radar and shoot a rocket right before the enemy comes into view. if you don’t have proximity detonation you might as well be using a nerf gun.


Grenades are huge in this game. The right use of them can turn almost any encounter in your favor. If you ever die with a grenade ready think about how you have could used it to prevent your death or help your team. Use grenades at the same time as teammates to wipe enemy teams. They are also great for finishing off enemies that are trying to get away.


Lightning grenade is top tier here but the flashbang one is great as well. Try to stick the lightning grenade on walls at or near chokepoints on the map and watch the kills pile up. The flashbang can blind baddies and disable their radar so use it to start an engagement or have a teammate clean up the enemies with a blink shotty.


Trip-mine and arcbolt should be your top choices here. The flaming grenade is okay for DoT but not really worth using. Use the trip-mine in the same way as the lightning grenade above, with the bonus of being able to stick enemies with it. Use the arcbolt when enemies are bunched together or to finish off an enemy around a corner.


Axion bolt is great and is fire bolt can be awesome with the right setup. Use axion bolt to chase enemies down or get them off your tail. Fire bolt grenades can mow down enemies while in Radiance and their burn stops hp regen and can finish off low hp enemies. Use extended burn to put the hurt on the other team.

Any of the sticky grenades are a good (if noobish) way to earn some easy kills.


You want to be at least level 33 for ToO with 34 being even better. Use your sub-class perks to maximize armor and agility with recovery being your lowest priority. Perks to look for are those that increase reload speed with your weapon, let you melee faster, let you carry more heavy, and let you throw grenades further. The STR, INT, and DISP makeup of your armor is up to you but I try to always maximize discipline for grenade spam.


This should let you be level 33 with a decent loudout without requiring any of those pesky etheric lights. You need:

  • One exotic armor piece (your choice)
  • Two 36 light pieces of armor (crucible vendor sells some good ones)
  • One 42 light piece of armor (you can nab these from the level 32 PoE or ToO itself)
  • Exotic 365 damage primary (TLW has been sold by Xur like 50 times, thorn is also relatively easy to get.)
  • 331 damage sniper or shotty of your choosing
  • 331 damage rocket with proximity (the current dead orbit rocket is great for this!)


Some of these can give you a massive advantage in ToO. Learn how to properly use yours and find a combination of them that works well for your team.


Top tier

Crest of Alpha Lupi- Fast revive and get revived faster.

Armamentarium- Carry two grenades

Okay tier

Mk. 44 Stand Asides- Shoulder charge lasts longer

(Note that I didn’t include Defender Exotics because Defender is really not the class you should be using for ToO)


Top Tier

Khepri’s Sting- go invis even as a gunslinger!

Alpha Lupi- same as above

Knucklehead Radar- Radar is active while ADS w/ primary

Lucky Rasberry- spawn with grenade

Okay Tier

Symbiote- one more GG shot. Useful for taking down sunsingers in their super

Radiant Dance Machine- Move faster while ADS

Mask of The Third Man- Bladedancer super uses less energy


OP tier

The Ram- Armor increased and hp regen from melee

Top tier

Light beyond Nemesis- same as Alpha Lupi

Voidfang Vestments- inproved axion bolt and spawn with grenade

Purifier Robes- your self-res can blind enemies

(Don’t know a whole lot about warlocks so probably missed some here.)

Most exotics are pretty good so feel free to use whatever you like!


  • Report cheaters! This helps both you and every other player that has or will face them. If someone is clearly lag switching or flooding your IP just go to their player name and report them.
  • Look at the other team’s loadout as you enter the game to know what kind of strategy they are going to use.



This is simple stuff that everybody should know before they head into ToO. Most of it you will have heard before.

  • DON’T DIE! Biggest tip I can ever give you. If you are 1v2 run away. If you are low hp find cover. Don’t try to pull off super difficult moves if there is little possibility they will work. You will see your stats improve so much by just eliminating stupid deaths.
  • SHOOT! Any range and any time. Even a cross-eyed storm trooper would be hard-pressed to run out of primary ammo in ToO. Shooting enemies puts pressure on them and prevents their heath from regening.
  • Stick with your team! Don’t be a lone wolf in this gametype! You may net a few kills but you will be hurting your team. Be close enough to help your teammates but far enough away so you don’t all get super’d. An exception to this rule is when you are flanking enemies.


You don’t have to go full on SEAL Team 6 but have a couple different tactics for certain situations.

  • Against shotty teams go to areas that are open and have long sightlines.
  • Against sniper teams watch out for long hallways and camping spots. Get close and punish them.
  • Against thorn teams always be close to cover and try to team-shoot them to kill ’em quick. If you are caught out in the open you are dead meat. Thorn is meh at close range so if you have a shotty go crazy.
  • Always revive your teammates!
  • Have a teammate wait in ambush around the enemy ghosts to prevent revives and pick up easy kills.
  • Don’t waste your super! Just because it is the heavy does not mean you have to pop that golden gun. If your team has good communication, a super should theoretically only be used to completely wipe the other team, counter another super, turn a lost round into a win, or if either team needs one round to finish the game.
  • If you are down 1v3, don’t just run away and hide. Every enemy is gaining super, grenade, melee, and probably special ammo back while none of your teammates are. Go for the revive quickly. Losing a round in 30 seconds is better than losing one in 2 minutes and the other team having full supers the next round.


These can turn the tide of any battle. Knowing when and where to use them can bring your team from the brink in close fights. Expect to see a shitload of them when either team needs one more round to win!



How to use: Great for countering other supers and killing bunched enemies. Advanced players may want to rush the enemy heavy and wipe them with this before they even get rockets. The perk that makes you nearly invincible while using it is a must! Aftershock is also great.

How to counter: If you see it activate you are probably already dead. Jump/blink away if you can. If you know you are dead try to use grenades to do as much damage as you can before you die! There is a split second while the Titan is recovering where he cannot shoot. Use this to kill him quickly.


How to use: Don’t. It’s probably best to not run this sub-class in ToO unless you like making your games difficult. It can be okay in some situations but is outclassed by the other Titan super. There are a few exceptions like if you already have a striker Titan, if you have the exotic Helm of Saint-14, or if you have the Crest of Alpha Lupi (guaranteed 3 orbs every super use). Weapons of Light seems to be the best effect in ToO but Blessing of Light is decent. Break the mold of defensive bubbles by pushing hard and then activating it on top of enemies. Also this super is great for blocking off enemies from their dead teammates or reviving your own!

How to counter: If an enemy is using this they are either really dumb or really good. Two Golden Gun shots will pop it as will a Nova Bomb. Bladedancer can use the wave to kill enemies inside. The best tactic is to just get away from the bubble and wait til it goes away.



How to use: Activate it in a safe place. Snipers and other supers are your worst enemy in this so stay at mid range. Try to jump around and get the high ground so you are less easily sniped. Shoot any baddies you see!

How to counter: An Enemy in this super is your team’s number one priority! Teamshoot or snipe them for a quick kill. Grenades are also useful here. Get behind cover and run like hell if you have to.


How to use: Activate in a safe place and use the invis perk to ambush the enemy. Never come straight towards the enemy. Use blink to close the distance and zig-zag your swipes. Perk to regain health after kill is a must!

How to counter: Have the closest teammate run away and have the others teamshoot. If they get close hit ’em with a point blank shotty. Radiance warlock can hit them with a fire bolt/melee combo and hunter can aim for the head and backstab ’em. Titan smash as you are hit for an easy kill and you will often take no damage.



How to use: Get up in the air and unleash hell. Try to catch enemies by surprise so they can’t dodge it. Great for wiping the other team on the heavy round.

How to counter: Pretty easy to dodge or blink away from. Get up high and chances are it will miss. If you are a sniping pro it’s sometimes possible to headshot them in their super.


How to use: This super is awesome for ToO! Use it to self-res and turn the round into a win. If you and a teammate’s ghost are close together kill the enemy guarding you and then res your guy for a 2 to 1 switcharoo. Toss ‘nades as often as you can and use your long range melee to 1-shot enemies.

How to counter: Always expect this super against teams with a solar Warlock. Titan smash will crush them as will a nova bomb. Blandedancers can kill them with two hits but watch out for them shotty meleeing you. Get to the higher ground to avoid grenade spam and shoot them dead.


Not too much I can tell you here because it’s sort of something you have to learn for yourself. Know the maps and how they flow. Always look to control the map and force enemies into bad areas. there are many head-glitching spots on every map that can earn you easy kills.

  • Play a lot of skirmish to get familiar with maps that will be used in ToO. Learn chokepoints, flanking routes, camping spots, and anything else that can give you the upper hand.
  • Knowing when and where special ammo is going to spawn can be really helpful. I think it spawns at around 30 seconds in ToO.


  • You can sit down at the corner of sniper hallways and be able to see if anyone is watching them. Dancing works too but may piss off the other team.
  • Area denial grenades like trip-mine and lightning are really good for this gametype. ( Use them to cut off routes so enemies can’t escape through them or to block off enemies so you can revive your guys.)
  • You can pick up green ammo after the round is over and it will carry to the next.
  • Certain areas of the map can give you a big advantage! (Sunlight area on Burning Shrine or top area on Asylum.)
  • Don’t play this really late at night when only try-hards will be playing!

That’s all have for now guys but feel free to comment if you need any more info, feel there is a part I could flesh out, or disagree with anything!

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