Destiny Scout Rifle Re-rolling Guide

Destiny Scout Rifle Re-rolling Guide by THE-OUTLAW-1988


I’m writing this because a lot of the current guides seem to have a 1 size fits all approach to perks. In others words that there is one set of “best perks” for PvE on a gun and one set for PvP. I don’t believe this to be true, and there are many perk sets that offer different advantages in different situations. So today we are going to examine some perks, how they interact with each other, weapon archetypes and other abilities.

Scout Rifles Perks

Tier 1 is the sights; They have descriptions such “heavy,” “light and snappy” yada yada. They don’t matter all that much if at all. I like the Red Dot OES in the Red Dot sight node and the Focus Lens FLA5 in the scopes node, if you must have a recommendation. Honestly, I would never reroll to get a sight or get rid of a sight. Especially they way they are set up where you always get a red dot sight, one scope and the quickdraw or fastdraw scope.

Tier 2 is where things get serious. Scouts include the following Tier 2 perks [Note: I will grade them individually then we’ll talk about how some of them interact with each other, archetypes and abilities. Grades apply to the perk for this weapon type and may be different on a different weapon type]:

Battle Runner [D]

Full Auto [A]

Hot Swap [D]

Icarus [C+]

Luck in the Chamber [C-]

Replenish [C-]

Rodeo [B]

Triple Tap [A].

Tier 3

3A: Snapshot [A], Quickdraw [C], High Caliber Rounds [A], Single Point Sling [A]

3B: Armor piercing rounds [B], explosive rounds [B], custom optics [F], Lightweight [B]

3C: Brace Framed (increased stability reduced magazine) [B], Oiled Frame (increased reload, reduced range) [A], casket mag (increased mag, reduced stability) [A], hand laid stock (Increased Stability, reduced range) [A], Feather Mag (increased reload, reduced mag) [F], Reinforced Barrel (increased range, reduced stability) [D], Smallbore (increased range and stability, slower reload and reduced mag) [C]

Tier 4:

Army of One [A]

Crowd Control [A]

Firefly [A, obviously]

Hidden Hand [C]

Outlaw [B+]

Spray and Pray [C]

Third Eye [A]

Zen Moment [B+].


There are few interesting builds for scout rifles, and overall their perk set has improved with HoW changes. Let’s list some desirable builds.

The Imitation of Confluence (PvP & PvE): that’s right, you can now roll for the same tier 2 and 4 perks as Vision (Full Auto and Zen Moment). You could also roll this with Oiled Frame (let’s face it, scouts have more range than is necessary) to get the reload speed near maxed out. You can use one of the range scopes to counteract the loss in range as well. Honestly, scout rifles may be the one vendor primaries that can compete with their raid/exotic counterparts. Because this roll on a medium impact archetype (such as the one the crucible QM sells, Zero Point LotP) is a better gun than visions (except when dealing with solar shields/burns) IMO. Same perks with better stats if rolled right. In fact on Zero Point you can MAX the stability with hand laid stock or MAX the reload with oiled frame and in both case you are sacrificing only a small amount of range. Zero point has 17 round mag which isn’t close to VoC or Fang with feild scout, but it’s enough IMO. Also, you can roll for full auto AND firefly on one of the medium impact scouts such as Zero Point LotP or the something Salvation that drops from crucible. This is a god-tier PvE roll, but doesn’t posses the balance that full auto and Zen moment strike to make VoC a great PvE and PvP weapon.

The MIDA Regime (PvP): This roll you would want one of the low impact, high RoF scouts such as NL Shadow 701X which drops in the crucible or the Deadshot Luna from DO. The Full auto really compliments their high RoF, and makes it much easier to maximize their effectiveness. It feels just like shooting a pre patch Suros in focus fire that has 1.5x crit multiplier instead of 1.25x AR multiplier. In Tier 3 your primary concern should be stability IMO. You want Hand Laid Stock. However if you don’t get that but end up with High Caliber Rounds (another perk that compliments the full auto, and anyone who’s used MIDA in the crucible can speak to it’s value) you are really well off. Similarly, Single Point Sling is another great perk for a scout. Lightweight, Snap Shot, Oiled Frame and Braced Frame are OK for this build too. If you end up with any of those perks in the tier 3 category, I wouldn’t reroll. Tier 4 needs to have third eye. It’s incredibly useful in PvP as it lets you hard scope entryways and choke points while looking at the radar to anticipate when you target is entering and avoid being flanked from another direction. So the real deal breakers of this build are full auto and Third Eye. The Gheleon’s Demise for sale week from IB has these two perks, but the RoF on it is so low that the full auto is really a waste of a perk (Note: Full Auto does not improve the RoF on scouts or Pulse Rifles). On a personal note: I have spent over 100 motes now trying to roll my NL Shadow with Full Auto and Third Eye. The odds of getting these two perks together are only 1 in 42 so I’m just really unlucky with it.

The Long Range Hammer (PvE): Go buy that Gheleon’s Demise from Saladin if you don’t have the prepatch one, and reroll for triple tap, casket mag or oiled frame and firefly. Use whichever scope gives you the most stability and target acquisition. Firefly is based on the impact of the gun, which is why Fatebringer’s is so powerful. Demise is a high impact scout. You get headshot after headshot, getting phantom rounds, blowing people up with an extended mag or faster reload. The sustained DPS on this would be amazing. The drawback is it will have some kick and you’ll need to be pretty accurate for this to be effective. (Note: just like you don’t want full auto on a low RoF scout, you do not want firefly on low impact scout as the firefly will be weak. You need medium or high impact for a decent firefly build IMO).

The Space Magic (PvE): So this build involves the Replenish perk and Army of One perk. Replenish refills your mag when you cast a super, Army of one reduces the cooldown of grenades and melee with each unassisted kill by that weapon. These perks have nothing to do with each other unless you have a helmet with the ashes to assets perk. If you have maxed intellect and discipline and your grenade kills cool down your super and your weapon kills cool down your grenades and your super reloads your weapon, you now have a positive feedback loop. With a voidwalker running soul rip, Embrace the Void, and The Hunger this gets a little crazy. A kill with your gun cools down grenade and melee. A kill with grenades or melee abilities cools down your super AND grenades and a super cools down grenades and reloads your weapon. I would want Casket Mag with this build to get the most out of the replenish. Why not just use Bad Juju and Obsidian mind? Well this build lets you use Gjallarhorn and Nothing Manacles (or whatever, another exotic) while still recharging all abilities (not just your super) ridiculously fast through positive feedback loops. The vanguard one/one synthase or crucible QM scout would be good for this build. (Note: The Space Magic set up would be equally as effective, probably more effective actually, on a good hand cannon such as Red Hand IX since the Army of One perk requires unassisted kills and HCs one shot headshot most PvE enemies and generally have slower reload speed so the replenish perk is more valuable.)

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