Warframe Triton Core Farming Guide

Warframe Triton Core Farming Guide by Vedelith

Vedelith, here. And I ended up writing a guide for my clanmates based on Triton Core Farming, something that I’ve noticed people doing, sub-optimally. Now, I’m sure a lot of players know of this method and use it to their advantage. I also know that some people know of this method and yet, choose to farm conventionally but, in case some of you weren’t aware, I hope this post serves as some sort of a guide.

So, Lets start off with sort of an introduction to Cores and Core Farming.

Warframe is a game based very heavily on Modding and the more rare a mod, the harder it is, to upgrade it, with each rare mod taking up over 400 cores and primed mods taking up significantly more. While it’s perfectly viable to simply obtain cores through the course of the game, by generally running void and star chart missions, this method is significantly slower. So, that is why we farm for cores. Because you want cores for your own mods and perhaps, to upgrade a mod to Max and sell it off for a good amount of plats. This is where Triton comes in…

So why Triton and what are the alternates you have?

Triton is a corpus excavation mission. With each excavation taking about 90 seconds to complete, it is far more efficient than running a survival or defense mission, where your rewards are spaced at 5 min intervals or 5 wave intervals. Moreover, you can run up to 3 excavators at once, thus speeding things up, greatly.

Alternately, you can run T4 Void missions as these also reward R5 Cores in sets of 5. But these will expend a key for each run while Triton is free for access.

Finally, Back before I had the prerequisites for Triton farming, I would run Survival Missions on Neptune (Despina, being the map I used), using Mag Prime but Triton is far more efficient, as explained above.

What are the Odds of getting R5 Cores on Triton?

So, to understand this, you need to know what rotations are… Triton rewards R5 Cores in sets of 5. This reward is only obtained on Rotation A. Rotation A about 25% chance to give you 5 R5 cores.

The way Rotations work is -> A, A, B, C.

ie. Excavator 1 is Rot A,

Excavator 2 is Rot A,

Excavator 3 is Rot B,

Excavator 4 is Rot C,

Excavator 5 is Rot A and the sequence repeats as per AABC

That sounds cool… Too good to be true, almost. What’s the catch?

So far, there wasn’t any. But the launch of Star Chart 3.0 could lead to the end of Triton Core Farming, for good. Of course, there’s a possibility of having similar missions to Triton on the new star chart, but it’s all speculation. Wouldn’t hurt to farm a bunch of cores before Triton dies away.

I see… So, we’re running out of time… How do I farm cores on Triton?

Actually, there are two methods.

The First Method is fairly popular and well exercised by players who use clan and recruiting chat.

You find a couple of Frosts and 2 other frames (non-specific) and basically keep doing excavations until frost’s globe can no longer handle the barrage of gunfire that the corpus are dishing out. You score an average of 1000~1200 cryotic on these runs, with better squads staying for much longer. It should be noted that recently, with update 16.5, a bug making excavators immune to a lot of damage that was being done to it, was fixed, making longer runs, a bit more difficult to pull off without hitches.

The Other Method, is what this guide is based on:

Triton Solo/Duo Core Farming


Warframe: Zephyr, Frost or Limbo

Weapons: Any good Primary should suffice. For primary, you can bring along the Synoid Gammacor if you have it lying around, but anything that hits hard works. Melee, I suggest a good coptering weapon. Tipedo is your best friend.

Restores: Energy and Health Restores for Emergency.

The Loadout I use is: Zephyr, Soma Prime, Vaykor Marelok, Tipedo


It’s not rocket science, really. All you really need to know is that R5 Cores are rewarded ONLY on Rotation A. So, when players do longer runs, they are forced to do Rotation B and Rotation C Excavators, thus losing out on value. It should be noted that Rotation B rewards Void Keys (Random key) and Rotation C rewards a Rare Mod (Nothing too valuable)

So, at the end of a 30 minutes run, the probability of a squad scoring a huge amount of cores is actually pretty low. In fact, I’ve been on multiple runs that lasted over 30 minutes and we only got 5 R5 cores at the end.

Thus, it only makes sense that you should do 2 Excavators and Extract. Then Reboot the mission and do it again, and again, and again.

Solo Method:

Zephyr is my Frame of choice as her Turbulence keeps her alive as well as the Excavator, as long as she is close to the Excavator. Turbulence deflects all projectiles and Corpus only use projectile based weapons. I do not use a Frost due to him being inherently slow. While a Tipedo can bring you up to speed, Zephyr’s Tail Wind+Tipedo only makes navigating the map, even faster.

  1. Start Mission
  2. Wait for 1st Excavator
  3. Collect a Power Cell from the Corpus and proceed to excavator
  4. Stay close to the Excavator and activate Turbulence (in case of Frost, position Snow Globe accordingly)
  5. Wait for Power Cell Corpus Crewmen to come close to your Excavator. Kill them when they do so and quickly collect their Power Cell and return to your Excavator. Do this every time you need to restore Power to your Excavator OR restore shields to maximum amount (500).
  6. Watch out for melee crewmen who will still damage your Excavator while Turbulence is on.
  7. After 1st Excavator is done, go to 2nd Excavator and do the same as above.
  8. Now, if you got 5 or more R5 cores, proceed to extraction. If not, Abort Mission.
  9. Repeat as many times as you like.

One run takes an average of 5 mins, based on how fast you can make it to extraction and Power Cell Sentry spawns.

Duo Method:

Doing the same thing with 2 like-minded players is theoretically faster.

  1. Start mission.
  2. Wait for 1st Excavator.
  3. 1st player does 1st Excavator. 2nd player waits for 2nd Excavator.
  4. 2nd player does 2nd Excavator. 1st player proceeds for extraction while 2nd extraction is in progress.
  5. 1st player enters extraction as per the timer on the 2nd Excavator and starts mission extraction timer.
  6. 2nd Extraction is completed and shortly after, Team extracts from mission by virtue of timer.
  7. Repeat as many times as team likes.

Advantages of using the Prescribed Method

  1. More chances to challenge RNG for R5 Cores, statistically earning you more cores for time spent. I’ve ended up with 30 cores in 30 mins (Timed and verified)
  2. For solo runs, eliminates the need to find a squad.
  3. Enemy level is kept to a minimum, ensuring Excavator is not burst down.
  4. Zephyr is fairly easy to obtain (through Clan Research)
  5. Good way to farm Zanuka Hunter.


  1. People do not prefer the idea of launching a method several times, despite it being obviously more efficient.
  2. Solo runs can get a bit lonely Q__Q (Which is why you can be extra active on clan chat)
  3. People don’t like playing solo/want to be carried/carry others.

Zephyr Build:

Zephyr needs Duration and Efficiency. I rarely use whirlwind, but you can base a build around it to allow them to temporarily CC enemies while you fetch power cell.


Seems a lot of players tend to run a very shabby farm, going with a full squad of warframes in the name of “Core Farming”. And sure, people might just prefer their method anyway, for the fun of playing in a squad and the challenge of enemies scaling with every Excavator, but I thought I’d just put this guide here, in case I ever need to reference to a player who wasn’t aware of this method.

Good Luck Core Farming. And Hope Triton stays alive past the Star Chart Rework!

PS: Any questions are most welcome. Any suggestions, even more. Contact me in-game (IGN: ZedSaint) or post a reply below.

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