Terra Battle 20-1 Farming Guide

Terra Battle 20-1 Farming Guide by Kivanc

This will be an in-depth guide on how to farm (seriously farm) 20-1 in less than 15 minutes using a 4-character team. There are two members that are required to reach to this status, and both of these characters are farmable, so anyone, regardless of their PoT rolls should be able to do this.

First, proof

This was actually a 12 minutes 40 seconds speed run (including the intro and outro, which takes quite a while). I will be honest, I have been running this team compositions for quite a while and I am very close to mastering it. So, you might not be able to see similar results immediately, however there will be in-depth solutions for each stage, so don’t worry.

Also, note the amount of XP I finished with. I believe that if you sweep everything, 20-1 gives around 263K XP. Considering that my team (main characters) are completely farmable, 248K XP is pretty good if you ask me.


You probably already guessed it from the screen shot, but:

  1. Bahamut, L65 on J1, L35 on J2, L70 on J3, 80% SB.
  2. Leviathan, L65 on J1, L35 on J2, L70 on J3, 80% SB.
  3. High matching capabilities. I am not kidding, when you see the solutions, you will see why.

That’s it The remaining two positions in the team are wildcards. The only requirement for this wildcards for faster and successful runs is that they should not immediately die. For example, they should be able to take 1-2 long-range random attacks and/or pincers. Ideally, you will not be in this situation. But in case you hand slips and/or you need to take a hit, it would be nice to know that you will still have 4 characters left.

Before, people start arguing that 80% skill boost is impossible and/or over kill: First, farming skill boosts on Leviathan and Bahamut is possible through their event dungeon. If you don’t want to grind skill boosts, just go and farm skill boosts there if you want faster runs. Second, yes, you are correct that 80% SB on both Dragons are over kill. I am currently farming this stage with Bahamut 100% SB and Leviathan ~25% SB, and I achieved 12:40 run with that combo. However, as you will see later in the guide, my solutions for the floors will assume that your Dragons activate all their skills at various stages. So, either save power points for these stages and/or pray for activation. I will specify which skills are needed for sweeping for each floor.

Rewards of Doing This

  1. Your sanity: At the beginning, I would spend more than 40 minutes for 20-1 runs. Before working on this, my average was around 25 minutes.
  2. Gold: 20-1 is one of the best gold/stamina rates in the game.
  3. Character XP: I assume Bahamut and Leviathan to be max-level already, so they are not gaining anything. However, if you execute this correctly, your other two members should be getting around ~60K XP each, so 120K XP per run.
  4. Rare ores: Do this long enough and you will never be in need of the following: animaton, dark matter, oxsecium.
  5. Common items: 20-1 also drops quite a bit of common items, so in time you will also accumulate/complete some of the common items you need to farm.
  6. Skill boosts: Again, I don’t consider Leviathan and Bahamut since they will be maxed pretty fast. However, your remaining two members will be gaining about 0.2% SB per run, assuming that they are not killed during the run and assuming that you were not extremely unlucky. I have only seen rare runs without skill boosts (or with one skill boost).

Floor by Floor Solutions
Apologies for the badly edited screenshots. My image editing skills, as you will see is very limited. Since she is everyone’s favorite, for wildcard, I have used Jaguna, so there are two of her. For mages, I use Bahamut and Leviathan and I will mention whether the placements are flexible or not. Obviously, the position of Bahamut and Levithan can change in each screen shot.

Floors 1-3
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
F1: Finish with upper Jaguna. Sweep. Requires Leviathan to activate cross skill twice.
F2: Sweep. Requires Leviathan and Bahamut to activate cross skill. For each pincer, mages can swap with Jagunas.
F3: Finish with Jaguna or Odin (sorry, forgot to edit Odin). Sweep. Pincers can swap with each other.

Floors 4-6
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
F4: Sweep. Pincers can swap with each other.
F5: This will require you to execute in two turns, take your time. Finish with lower Jaguna. Sweep. Particular cards are not important, you will sweep regardless.
F6: Use power point with Jaguna + Leviathan pincer. Sweep. This is a difficult to pull move.

Floors 7-9
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
F7: Cannot sweep yet. You need a mage at Leviathan’s place, that is the all requirement. Sweeps everything except the leftmost monster.
F8: Initial configuration depends on how guards move, so there is no obvious strategy.
F9: Each pincer need one mage, that is all. Sweep.

Floors 10-12
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
F10: Cannot sweep yet. This combination will kill all except the right bottom monster.
F11: Use powerpoint to sweep. Bahamut and Leviathan’s column AOE with power point is powerful to kill the rightmost monster.
F12: Sweep. Mages and Jagunas can sweep for each pincer.

Floors 13-15
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
F13: Sweep. Mages need to activate column skill.
F14: Sweep.
F15: Again, initial configuration depends on how guards move. I generally got combinations that are difficult to sweep, but this one is a sweep.

Floors 16-18
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
F16: Will require a few turns. Take your time. Sweep.
F17: Cannot sweep yet. Using power point with this configuration will kill everyone but the leftmost lock on.
F18: Cannot sweep yet. Finish with lowest Jaguna. Using a power point will kill everyone except the rightmost archer and spearman.

Floor 19-20
[​IMG] [​IMG]
F19: Finish with rightmost Jaguna. Powerpoint on the first or second pincer means sweep.
F20: Powerpoint to sweep. Jagunas and mages are interchangeable (as long as each column has one mage).

Screen shots are lame, just show me how!

(15:06, 243.5K XP) 4/2 characters: I meant to record this as a speed run. At the beginning Jaguna died due to a minor error. Then, at the end, I sacrificed Odin, so I finished with 2 characters only. Still, you can see, how I think, move, and obviously fail from time to time. I would like to get special attention to the perfect run where I got all rare ore drops.

(16:08, 248K XP) 4/4 characters: Another fairly screwed run. Screw up on floor 3. Major screw on floor 4. Nice sweep for floor 6. Another (failed) attempt for floor 7 (Grrrrr). Still cannot sweep floor 10. Last-minute success for floor 11. Bad luck (no Leviathan cross activation) for floor 12, another screw up. Good luck to sweep on floor 14 (if the second archer also died, I would have lost the second pincer). Note the perfect setup for floor 16, so that I can now sweep floor 17, too. Floor 18 is still way more complex than it should be and cannot sweep. Very bad luck (power point position) for floor 20. Tried to be hero and screwed very badly.

(16:24, 250.6K) 4/4 characters: Usual screw ups on floors 6 and 7. Still cannot sweep floor 10. Major screw up on 12, but nothing died, so no loss XP. Another big screw up on floor 15 after thinking like 2 minutes. Final screw up on floor 18. Perfect finish!

Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestion or questions, feel free to leave a comment. I hope that this will be helpful/valuable to especially people without SS-mages since farming 20-1 is something that most people should do a lot

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