Summoners War Lyrith Guide

Summoners War Lyrith Guide by KimhariRonso

I thought it might be useful to share some thoughts and general tips from my fight with her.

Skill 1 – Mental Break – Attacks the enemy with a strong mental force and removes 1 beneficial effect

Skill 2 – Paranoia – Manifests a horrible delusion and attacks all enemies and increases the defense for 3 turns. Damage increases according to the number of merges (reusable in 4 turns)

Skill 3 – Incarnation Split – Summons 2 of the 3 incarnations within and removes all harmful effects. Each Incarnation will have its own skill and characteristics and will merge with Lyrith after 5 turns. (reusable in 3 turns)

The Incarnation Within (Passive 1)

Incarnation of Greed – Recovers 100% of the damage done to the enemy

Incarnation of Vendetta – Instantly Counterattacks with Mind Break on every incoming attack

Incarnation of Protection – Defense Increases signifcantly

Incarnation Merge (Passive 2) – Merges with Split Incarnations and removes all harmful effects. Every Merged Incarnation will grant permenant stats, but will be stunned for one turn if there are no incarnations to merge with. Incarnation split will be reusable in 2 turns after this skill has been used.

When the Incarnations split, Lyrith looses 2 or her 3 passives from ‘The Incarnation Within’ and the Incarnations gain attacks of their own

Incarnation of Vendetta – Destructive Impulse

Attacks all enemies provoking them for 1 turn with a 50% chance. Instantly counter attacks with Mind Break on every incoming attack

Incarnation of Greed – Sign of Doom

Attacks all enemies with the power of Doom. Recovers 100% of the damage done to the enemy.

Incarnation Of Protection – The Words of Evil

Attacks with Pure Evil and stuns the target for 1 turn. Damage Increases according to defense. Defense increases significantly.

So that’s her entire arsenal. I think it makes for a pretty fun fight.

Essentially what you want to do is attack the incarnations as soon as they appear and kill them as quickly as possible. Whilst Lyrith has her incanrations out for you to attack she looses 2 of the 3 aspects of her 1st passive. This means the more time you have between you killing them and her recovering them, the more vulnerable she is. The incarnations are vulnerable to the entire array of debuffs it would seem so freezing, stunning and dots are an option.

Seems like a pretty bad idea to allow her to merge with the incarnations as it permanently buffs her stats.

Luckily the Incarnations aren’t too hard to kill. I would guesstimate around 80k hp on them so if you’re able to def break them then they drop pretty quickly.

The counter attack can be annoying as it removes your buffs but really the damage is minimal. As long you’re able to remove the def debuff (Veromos) you’re in for an easy ride.

My Strategy

Seems like a lot of teams would work here so not sure how much use it is posting up my composition. But here you go anyway.

Veromos (L), Perna, Bella, Camilla, Megan.

Overall I like the new boss, I feel like she’s got a really interesting set and can see how she might become a nightmare to deal with if you can’t take care of the incarnations quickly enough.

If you have any questions at all please let me know and i’ll do my best to answer!

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