Marvel Contest of Champions 3 Star Arena Strategy

Marvel Contest of Champions 3 Star Arena Strategy by turkeyjr

First, it is very important to get your 2 stars ranked to 3/1 so you can have an infinite streak. You can level them higher, but your points per match will go down. The amount of teams you use really depends on you. I used to use 4 teams of all rank 3 level 1, but the intensity has since then increased. I know use 8 teams of 3/1. The amount of teams you use, will translate to how many runs you need to do. With 8 teams I typically score 35-40k a run, with the exception of the first run. If I really want the charatcer, I will go to 350-400k, meaning I need to do about 11 full runs. I try to get 4 runs a day, which really helps with not getting burnt out. Now, as far as team construction goes, try to keep a class diversified team. I made the mistake of worrying about synergies rather than keeping different classes and it would cost me a couple matches. If you can get a class diversified team with synergy, great, but if not it is no big deal.

Points needed to be “safe” based upon bracket. In the top 12k bracket, you need to score anywhere between 340k-400k to be safe. In the old days you could score 250k and know you were getting the 3 star. As more players join and the and new characters are released the bottom line increases. I scored right around 325k for Dr. Strange and placed around 8900, but in the recent Daredevil arenas an alliance member of mine scored 345k and didn’t place high enough for the 3 star.

Xxxk and up=1-750 (3 star, 2 pc, and 2 tier 1 class catalyst)

490k-xxxk= 751-3750 (3 star and 2 pc)

340k-490k= 3,751-12,000 (3 star and pc)

220k-340k= 12,001-20,000 (2pc)

2500 bracket (if someone could tell me the different placements and rewards, that would help so much)

588-50th place

483k-228th place



The 12,000 bracket scores are all averages and may go down or up depending on the character. They are a relatively safe place to be. I need more info on the 2500 bracket before making a better placement guide and someone close to rank 750 in the 12,000 bracket to post their score. If anyone has anything they think should be added, let me know.

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6 Responses

  1. sudeep says:

    for 1 million which reward will claims?
    it will be 11% – 30%
    it will be 1% – 10%

    i want to know immediately😣😣

  2. David says:

    If you want to start this game this is the perfect info you need to know.
    If you start knowing that in the first 30-60 days you have incresed chances to win the arenas featured champs you will master the game easy.
    I would also suggest to buy crystals using all available units you get from quests to fast increase your no of champs to use them in arena.
    But then again to score good and win for sure you need to invest time and we are talking about a few hours a day.

  3. h3roe says:

    Brian is correct. Raj is still newbie i think, so in beginner or intermediate bracket. his score will get nothing in vets bracket (after 2+ months of play).

    rank them up as high as possible to obtain maximum points.

  4. Raj says:

    i have a completely different advice for you. do not rank up your champions. leave them as low ranked as possible. almost all my 2 stars are low ranked but i only scored 245k and won an antman and a yellow jacket. the lower ranked ur champions are the higher the chance of winning a 3 star champion with a lower milestone

  5. Brian says:

    I recently scored 490k and ranked ~11,800 for the Ant-Man 3* (plus x1 Premium Crystal). I’ve had the game since October 2014 (so about 10 months). My buddy who has been playing half the time scored 300k and ranked 853… let that sink in… won Ant-Man 3* (plus x2 Premium Crystals). So I emailed tech support to ask why he got ranked so much higher despite scoring so much less. They mentioned that the length of time you’ve been playing will determine what “bracket” you’re placed in. So it’s easier for newer people to win the prizes. And we’re in separate brackets. So my buddy didn’t rank 853 in my bracket. He ranked that in a totally separate bracket.

  6. Matt says:

    Holy crap, thanks this helps a lot.

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