LoL Wukong Jungle Guide

LoL Wukong Jungle Guide by MrGaash

Hi, I am a Wukong main with over 300 games on the monkey. I tried out a new build for him at the jungle that worked surprisingly well and I had a lot of fun with it, so I decided to write this guide for others to have fun. I’m writing here the very basics of Wukong so even guys who aren’t experienced with him could try this guide out.

Runes and Masteries

I take a standard AD rune page with AD marks, armor seals, scaling mr Glyphs and AD quints

For masteries I go 21/9/0 putting 4 points in Sorcery 1 in Butcher 1 in feast and the rest AD stuff.

The build

After the switch to the tank meta, building full damage on wukong doesn’t really cut it anymore. If you are not ahead and already started to snowball you won’t deal enough damage to the enemy team and you will be too squishy in team fights. for that reason I decided to try cinderhulk over the warrior enchantment for a much safer build path that will keep you relevant throughout the game and help you demolish the enemy team while being nearly unkillable spinning machine.

Stalker’s Blade > Cinderhulk: wukong has great clear time and he benefits the most from chilling smite.

Boots: It is situational, tabies against AD, Mercury’s thread against cc, and If you are ahead and wrecking faces go for boots of swiftness.

Black Cleaver: This item was made for wukong, he benefits from everything the BC gives, and he can stack almost instantly with his ult.

Frozen Mallet: Wukong’s passive grants him MR and armor meaning you should opt for stacking HP to utilize him the best. The mallet grants you 875 hp with cinderhulk, and gives you a 40% slow. Along with the BC you become extremely sticky to enemies.

Randuins/ spirit visage: pick one, I prefer the visage over Banshee’s for the 10% cd.

Hydra: It’s a nice item.

Build Path:

Stalker blade > Phage > Cinderhulk > BC > Frozen Mallet > tanky item > Hydra.

Switch between the tanky item and the hydra if you are ahead, or if you are behind take the tanky item instead of the mallet.

Early game and first clear

I almost always start on the Red buff side. Start with E and smite the Krugs as early as you can, try to kite the big golem. Level your W second.

Proceed to the chicken camp. E into the middle small chicken (very important to hit the middle one) to damage all the small chickens. W right after that and AA each of them once. All of them should die with you not taking any damage, kill the big chicken and drink a potion if you are below 70% hp.

For the red buff in order for you to take the least amount of damage it is important to keep track of your Krug buff stacks. Every 6th AA you will stun the monster, So You should wait for your stun to be over and only then W so they wont overlap. Smite the buff to get back HP and drink your 2nd potion.

Now you have to option to gank mid/top (red side) mid/bot (blue side). If neither of the lanes is gankable or your teammates are hugging the enemy turrets – Just go do the Blue buff and wolves and go back.

First Gank: At level 3 you don’t have any form of CC, so ganking a teammate with some sort of a lockdown is better.

Hide in the bush next to the lane, activate your clone to go into stealth and walk toward the target. DO NOT E INTO HIM. AA into a Q ( your Q resets the AA animation), wait for him to use his flash and only then E to him. This method works most of the times and even if you fail to kill the enemy laner you force him to back/ burn his flash.

Mid game

You should look for teamfights, your level 6 power spike is insane. I like to gank Bot right after I get level 6, the combo you should use this time is E>aa>Q>R and follow them with the R. you do tons of damage so there is no reason for them not to die.

However It is important not to get cocky, having your ult up doesn’t mean you can 1v3 (yet) you are still too squishy and you’ll die pretty fast if you get focused. In fights try to always focus the carry, with your armor shred you really hurt them, while tanks (obviously) are harder to kill.

Juking: between A and D there is special button called S, try to press it often, it saved my life countless of times. for detailed guide with tips and tricks I recommend watching Allorim.

Late Game

Laugh in the face of the misfortunate souls that were chosen to witness the monkey tornado. Your damage is bananas by this point, you can shred tanks and delete most carries. Look for teamfights. With your ult and black cleaver you can shred the enemy team armor in seconds. Also don’t be afraid to cancel your ult early into a W, You are not in a kamikaze mission every time you press R, It is usually better to save your ass over dealing a tiny bit extra damage. Another thing that’s important – remember to focus the carries. It will be more beneficial to hit the carries with the entire duration of your R over trying to spread your cyclone to hit all the enemy team members.

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