Heroes of the Storm Playing Raynor Like A Man Guide

Heroes of the Storm Playing Raynor Like A Man Guide by BruceSwain

After the rework of Raynor, I grew disheartened of the Commander in multiple game. During this time, I grew into a depression and retreated from society with my heavy heart from the loss. I grew a full mustache and beard during this time. I began to watch all the Sylvester Stallone movies and play all the From Software games to perk myself up. After this binge, I re-emerged into society as a hardcore, grizzled man. I went back into my HotS and picked up Raynor again, and found out that Raynor is a practitioner in man-fu as well.

I knew it was my duty to spread to all the other Raynor players how to play him like he’s supposed to be played.

Objective of the Guide: To be the manliest hero possible. Out manning Muradin, Tychus, Malfurion, and the Lost Vikings. This includes also making LoL champions like Braum and Pantheon look like little school girls.

Preferred Skin: Commander Raynor. Raynor doesnt need any battle armor because he is a man and not afraid of magic, swords, bullets, and demonic powers that destroy the manliness of HotS.

Talent Build:

Level 1: Give Me More!- You are a strong man, you need more things that those other puny marines and soldiers. Raynor needs more health as he is going to become the front line of his team and radiate manliness to scare of his enemies.

Level 4: Activated Rush- Screw the rules. These stimpacks wont go off before I reach a threshold? !@#$ ’em. Raynor gets special rules where he can use his stimpack whenever he feels like.

Level 7: Revolution Overdrive- You’re in the middle of battle, you got your blood pumping. With this trait, Raynor becomes Rambo. Run through those puny tanks and healers with your leadership and pump those cowardly ranged DPS champs full of lead. Literally unstoppable.

Level 10: Whatever you choose makes you a badass. It just depends if you want to command a giant spacecraft or two aircrafts which give a giant middle finger to those cowardly DPS heroes.

Level 13: Steel Resolve-

“But Bruce……Double Barrelled is a better talent which increase-” *slaps you across the face*

With this talent, Raynor goes from Rambo to Superman….the universe’s superpowered hero. You do more DPS and also activate your stimpack making you virtually a superhero in this game. Literally made of steel.

Level 16: Relentless Hero- Ever had that moment where a Muradin stuns and jumps on you chipping away at your life. I dont, because I got this trait. When this happens, Raynor grabs Muradin by his beard looks him dead into the eyes and says:

“This is your one and only warning punk,”

and proceeds to rip off his beard and throw Muradin away from him. Raynor is too much of a man that Blizzard had to put this trait in the game to stop any puny hero from jumping on him and getting beaten to a pulp by Raynor’s fists.

Level 20: Bolt of the Storm- I hate it when people escape from my manly fists, so at level 20 I take this talent. Now, you cant hide from the most manly commander in the solar system. There are two ways to use this talent only:

1) To catch escaping cowards. Teach them to stand and fight like true men.

2) Initiate fights. Teleporting into the middle of the full enemy team is always the best idea to display your manliness in full.

But remember: You arent stuck in there with them, they are stuck in there with you. So proceed to show no mercy and pentakill their team.

NEVER use Bolt to escape a fight. If you do, then you are not man enough for this guide and are banished back to the “Press Q to Kite” Cowards Build.

This guide will help you discover the manliness in Raynor and will hopefully help you play like a man.

(Side effects may include uncontrollable growth of facial hair, increase of testosterone, quoting action flicks, and the uncontrollable desire to watch all the Rambo films.)

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