Guild Wars 2 Powerful Venom Sac and Heavy Bag of Supplies Farming Guide

Guild Wars 2 Powerful Venom Sac and Heavy Bag of Supplies Farming Guide by Hylek_Massacre

Hello fellow Guild Wars 2 players. Like many of you, I set out on a quest to find the Portal to the Heart of Maguuma. Instead I discovered a great spot for farming T6 Bags of Supplies and Powerful Venom Sacs at the same time! I made around 9 gold an hour using this method of farming. Instead of opening the bags, I simply sold them.

Go to the Silverwastes and check the map to see if the Skritt Tunnels are open. You will need to complete the Bandit killing event in Picaroon Scratch if they are not. Once they are opened, enter the tunnel that is to the south-east of Blue Oasis. This tunnel will take you to the Far Silverwastes. You will then go to the south-east, and end up in the Charnel Grounds. Here is where the Hylek massacre (T6 Bag of Supplies and Powerful Venom Sac farming) will occur. This spot is a great place to farm Hylek slayer while making a decent profit as well.

There are 13 neutral Hylek’s and 1-3 Arid Devourers in this area. The respawn time of the Hylek’s is 1 minute and 40 seconds. Some classes can stand in the circle of 6 Hylek and pull the two smaller groups together to kill all at once. Once these are dead, kill the beetles and devourers near the entrance of the Far Silverwastes to get more loot while you wait for the Hylek’s to respawn. I was able to kill all 13 Hylek and devourers at once with my thief. I ran S/P, SB with 5/6/0/0/3. Haste was a required utility skill so I could spam Pistol Whip. This allowed me to evade most of the damage the Hylek’s would have done. The CD of Haste is only 60 seconds so it was up every time the Hylek’s respawned.

I farmed this for an hour with 250% magic find and then recorded the loot. I did this four times throughout the day. The average items per/hour I found were as follows:

Heavy Bags of Supply: 45

Powerful Venom Sac: 20

Valuable Metal Scrap: 6

Hylek Tongues: 2

Black Lion Chest


Level 80 Rare Weapon

Potent Venom: 50

Large Fangs: 5

Large Scales: 4

Armored Scales: 3

I would suggest joining the rest of map in completing the meta events once the breach occurs. It helps the other players on the map complete their goals while earning you a decent amount of gold. I used a timer to exclude the amount of time I was breaching from the 4 hours.

Both T6 Bags of Supplies and Powerful Venom Sacs may be more abundant elsewhere. However, I could not find any recent or updated guides explaining where to farm either of those items. If you know any better locations for farming these items add it in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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