Destiny HoW Weapon Reforge Best Rolls Guide

Destiny House of Wolves Weapon Reforge Best Rolls Guide by icanhaznph

I put together a list of some of the best possible rolls over each weapon class. I tried to break free from style specific play and incorporate notes where some contention may be, but here is what I got:

Hand Cannons

I like to think there are two types of hand cannons: High Impact/Low Mag (<7)/Slow reload (Think Timur’s Lash) or Medium Impact/High Mag (>7)/Medium Reload (Think The Devil You Know). I’ve only reforged 1 HoW hand cannon, so I’m unsure if there is a speed reload perk for tier 1 perks, BUT I have reforged my timur’s lash (Yes, IB weapons are reforge-able) to have outlaw/feeding frenzie/increased reload speed. That said reload speed for hand cannons is the most noticeable perk available and should take priority over any other.

High Impact/Low Mag/Slow Reload

SightsPerk 3
Sureshot ISTriple TapFlared MagwellExtended MagReinforced BarrelSpray and Play or Outlaw

Medium Impact/High Mag/Medium Reload

SightsPerk 3
Sureshot ISTriple TapFlared MagwellExplosive RoundsReinforced BarrelSpray and Play or Outlaw

*Note: using low mag hand cannons in combination with Final Round, smallbore, and LitC seems to, at least on paper, turn a regular hand cannon into a mini-hawkmoon. Food for thought in PvP.

Auto Rifles

HoW brings back High Impact/Low RoF auto rifles! Honestly, if you’re running with a low impact/high RoF AR, then you are doing it wrong…but in order to be concise I’ll list both:

Low Impact/High RoF

SightsPerk 3
Red Dot-ORESCrowd ControlExtended MagFlared MagwellInjection MoldGlass Half Full

*Note: High RoF AR’s are all about putting as many high damaging bullets downfield as possible. For that reason I love crowd control and glass half full. You could just as easily justify Rangefinder, Counterbalance, or Persistence for tier 3.

High Impact/Low RoF

SightsPerk 3
Sureshot ISFocus FireExtended MagFlared MagwellRifled BarrelHidden Hand

*Note: I love hidden hand on this archetype. Focus Fire will give the damage bonus you want, but Hidden Hand in combination with Sureshot IS will give you the best aim assist available.

Scout Rifles

HoW’s scouts have a big range in terms of Impact rating. The difference between the highest and lowest impact ratings is 23 points. However, scouts haven’t suffered from the “I’m an AR” nerf, so the damage output (unless I’m wholly mistaken) isn’t that noticeable. However, the mag size is. Honestly, if you have a scout with small mag size (14 is the lowest I’ve seen, 13 might be absolute zero) then it’s definitely not viable in PvE and you could do better in PvP. You also will lose out on major tier 2 perks in order to accommodate larger mag sizes for this type of scout. I highly recommend finding or purchasing better. That being said:

High Mag ( >/= 17)

SightsPerk 3
Red DOT-ORESFull AutoQuickdrawExplosive RoundsHand-Laid StockFirefly

Low Mag (<17)

SightsPerk 3
Red DOT-ORESFull AutoQuick DrawExplosive RoundsCasket MagFirefly

*Note: The biggest difference here is the use of casket mag over explosive rounds. You can still use explosive rounds on low mag scouts, it just won’t be as effective because you lose several bullets. I’d actually roll with Rodeo and make every shot count.

*Note 2: after further testing on low mag scouts, triple tap is a much better option than full auto. You burn through ammo with full auto.

Pulse Rifles

Pulse rifles can either be amazing (red death) or underwhelm (Coiled Hiss). The biggest thing for me is the ratio of Impact to mag size. HoW introduces a greater # of higher impact PR’s than what we’ve seen so far in legendaries (7 in HoW to 2 in TDB). For that purpose, I’d like to focus on those. Full auto is also unavailable for HoW PR’s…sad day.

SightsPerk 3
Sureshot ISRodeoArmor Piercing RoundsLightweightAppended MagazineGlass Half Full

Well, this is what I’m looking for in reforged primaries. Below is a list of commonly selected perks and my reasoning behind those.

Sureshot IS: Highest aim-assist sight in the game. If it’s available on the weapon, you can beat your ass I’m looking for it.

Red DOT-ORES: When I’m not using Sureshot IS, I prefer this for my higher zoom scope. I have no real reason to prefer it. I just like saying oreos.

Flared Magwell: I prefer this to speed reload, as it seems to have a faster reload animation. Some testing may be required for me to be fully sold on using it.

Triple Tap: For low mag weapons, Triple Tap is a godsend – specifically in PvE. If you’re more focused on PvP, there are better alternatives.

Rodeo: My go-to stability mod. Perfect Balance is nice, but knowing that the movement will only go up and down is amazing.

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