Warframe Operation False Profit Easy Solo Guide

Warframe Operation False Profit Easy Solo Guide by Luckyio

Purpose of this post is to help players who are struggling either with the mission mechanics or those who dislike how long it takes to do this in groups. Doing this mission solo makes counter move much faster, but earn about 75% of the points you would earn with a full group.


Trinity – Redirection, Vitality, (P.) Continuity, (P.) Flow, Constitution, Fleeting Expertise, Intensify, Quick Thinking. QT can be replaced with Narro Minded or Natural Talent if you feel you do not need the insurance that QT provides solo or Streamline if you feel that you need more energy efficiency.

Crit+Radiation specced Soma P as a weapon.

Tipedo – (P.) Reach, Fury. No other mods (important – you want to minimize Tipedo damage!)

Take your favourite sentinel along but remove its weapon or remove the weapon firing mod from sentinel itself (important – you do not want your sentinel to do damage to Bursa!)

How this works: 1. Buy and equip 1k offering. (Corrected – same mission score, less time to transfer).

  1. Go to Pluto – Hades (assassination).
  2. See if you get Nef Anyo’s message within first minute or so of the mission. If you do not, abort and go to step 2.
  3. If you received Nef Anyo’s message, proceed to find the Bursa while harvesting energy from Trinity’s #2 on the way so you’re maxed on energy when you find Bursa.
  4. Run to Bursa and do a jump slam melee attack on it. This will knock it down and stun it. Note: Some types of Bursa go into defensive posture and you may need to run around it and do jump slam from behind it while it’s turning to face you.
  5. Hack the panel that lights bright green on its back when it’s stunned.
  6. Stand in front or on the side of Bursa and spam #1 on it until “transferring funds” counter in white font finishes. Note that some Bursa types will show “out of range” if you go behind them. You must remain in front of the Bursa to keep the counter going. You may need to occasionally kill entering corpus minions while doing this.
  7. Once counter finishes, message will change and message font will turn red and Lotus will announce that you need to kill the Bursa. Wait and keep spamming #1. Do NOT kill Bursa yet. Doing so will cause you to lose the offering and not get mission completion at times (possible bug?)
  8. After a few seconds red message will switch to another percent counter that starts counting up. This counter is in red font. Kill the Bursa before it runs to 100%. Some Bursas go into defensive posture, so you may need to run around it and shoot it in the back. The faster after start of count you kill it, the higher mission score you’ll get.
  9. Finish mission normally by killing Ambulas and extracting. You will get ~75 mission points and around 110.000 credits + normal mission rewards.

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