Summoners War Light Ninja Hall of Heroes Guide

Summoners War Light Ninja Hall of Heroes Guide by Exowneon

This guide is intended to help newer mid/late game players to prepare and get to higher grounds in HOH. It will be updated throughout the event. The mini boss and boss stages are based on the past HOH.

Summary – TL;DR

  • Regardless of how useful the light ninja is and who you voted for, you should not miss this HOH, as it is a light HOH and it will likely be one of the easier/faster HOH for farming purposes. It’s a great place to farm if you can do it under 5mins or so, since HOH b3 gives you a better exp/energy than non-booster farming. If you can cut the time down significantly, then it would give you similar exp/time.
  • Dark and Water tanks can greatly help you in this HOH. Fire might be the best element in this HOH as DD since the best burst damage dealers in this HOH are wind and dark. Fire DDs like baretta and offensive support like Verd can help you greatly in this HOH.
  • Make sure your units are tanky still, although there isn’t alot of AOE in this HOH, the damage from these Ninjas’ second can be surprising.
  • CC units can be useful in this HOH bcause there is no immunity. Had trouble with your CC team in the past HOH? Rejoice!
  • Immunity can be helpful but not highly needed for this HOH. The stun/dot/atb reset they can put out is merely single targeted and is way easier to deal with than the previous HOH where you can get AOE stunned or get 2 turn disheal on multiple units.

About Light Ninja

If you’re on reddit you’ve seen enough complains about the light ninja. He does not have a good skill set to offer, but his leader skill can be helpful for mid/late game players who’s been very unlucky and are depending on their farmable light fairy / fairy queen / light trio / Aria / Eredas teams, as well as other early/mid game players who just started farming light dungeons. Even if he’s useless to you, his unique leader skill can prove his worth in the future when you pull better light units (like the light ifrit) so save one in storage nevertheless. If the HOH turns out to be very easy, it’s not a bad idea to farm it. This is not because it’s very efficient, but because you can be lazy about it and get a bunch of them in your storage for your 5 star food at the very least.

Intro and basics

After the past two HOH, you may find this HOH much easier, or at least, very straight forward. All of the ninjas focus on single target and don’t have that many irritating debuffs, and although they are capable of some burst damage, it wouldn’t be as bad as taking a 10k extortion from Arnold at least.

If you are new to HOHs, you should know the HOH has 6 stages and three difficulties.

  • Stage 1 – 5 unawaken Ninjas of each type.
  • Stage 2 – 2 unawaken Ninjas from two types
  • Stage 3 – Mini boss, two non-HOH related monsters. See section below.
  • Stage 4 – One of the tougher stage with 5 awaken Ninja of each type.
  • Stage 5 – 3 higher level Awaken Ninjas.
  • Boss stage – more on this in the session below.
  • B1 – Easiest, has only Light Ninja as boss. Gives you 0-1 piece, an average of around 0.45 piece per run ( Usually a 5 star ramagos fully runed can solo most of the B1 HOH.
  • B2 – Has two boss stage with two ninjas. Gives you 1-3 pieces, aveg 1.27 piece per run.
  • B3 – Has Light Ninja as the main boss plus 2 other ninjas. Gives you 2-4 pieces, aveg 2.89 per run. This is where you can farm 10+ units if you are farming all weekend (this HOH is much shorter tho, so not sure about 10+..). However if your team is not ready, it may take 4 times longer than B2. You maybe better off farming B2 with more DD on your team.

Main Opponents

  • Fire Ninja (Garo) – Regarded as the worst of the 3 elemental ninjas, his second can actually do surprising damage in HOH due to scaling of HOH monsters giving him more atk% than a regular fire ninja can get. His passive isn’t going to help him survive much longer, so it’s not something you need to worry about.
  • Water Ninja (Susano) – The tanky bruiser shouldn’t be a problem here. His second doesn’t do alot of burst, and the reset is only 30% ATB, just don’t focus on him before others are down.
  • Wind Ninja (Orochi) – The best ninja is also capable of doing alot of damage to your water unit with his third. He might do less dot damage and more flat attack damage since he doesn’t have 100% crit rate and shouldn’t be applying alot of dots. If you somehow have trouble with your difficulty, bringing a common water tank, like Rina, or even Dagora may help neglect some of the damage, although I wouldn’t recommend doing so unless you can’t seem to clear where Orochi is one of the units/mini boss.
  • Light Ninja (Gin) – He has the worse of the second and his third’s scaling isn’t that good, but being a stage boss he can deal good damage. bringing a dark tank like yeti/werewolf/veromos and even Dias from the past HOH can help reduce some of that damage and make the run even easier.
  • Dark Ninja (Han) – Second to Orochi, also capable of doing a good amount of burst, he might do more than Orochi in this HOH since his 3rd is based on attack damage. If you’re bringing Ahman/Bella to this HOH and you want to pursuit B2-B3, make sure they have a little more HP to survive Han’s attacks.

Unit Recommendation

  • This HOH is quite easy and doesn’t have alot of big AOE damage dealers. You can afford to bring a Fire DD to make the run alot faster. CC units are also great for this HOH as there is no immunity of any kind.
  • Dungeon Leader – Speed leaders are the best here unless you have trouble surviving under one. If you do then instead use HP/resist leader. If your’e doing very good, accuracy/atk leaders can also be of used.
  • Healer – There really isn’t much weakness in healer for this HOH. You can bring any healer you like. You may face some burst damage if the healer is water or light, but they should be able to handle the healing.
  • Support – Immunity can be useful, but not critical. Cleansing shouldn’t be needed at all for this HOH. Just bring your spd/atk buffers so they can help you make the run faster. As long as they can survive a hit or two they would be fine. If you have trouble, bringing a water/dark tank along with your buff support could help.
  • CC – CC support like Shannon and CC damage dealers are great and highly recommended for this HOH. It can make the run faster and safer.
  • DD – If you are able to get through the stage, then bring more DDs to your team. As long as everything is tanked by your sustain, you can bring more DD as there isn’t alot of splash damage.
  • Elemental advantage – Fire should be the best element for this stage and has no major disadvantage unless maybe when Susano is a stage boss. You should be able to out heal him as long as you bring enough tank/sustain to keep your fire DDs up and running.
  • Personally I’m using a similar setup from the last HOH. I would be using Verd lead, Veromos, Acasis, Ahman, Darion. I suspect I can swap Darion/Acasis for bernard or shannon or baretta for faster clear if the rest of the units can sustain.

Mini Bosses

B1 – Water Joker and Fire Pierret. The easiest of them all… focus on Fire pierret and you should be fine. Water joker is annoying but shouldn’t do much to your fire DD if you have any kind of sustain.

B2 – Light Joker and Dark Pierret. Very easy. If you have trouble, focus on Dark Pierret as she’s the DD.

B3 – Dark Joker and Wind Pierret. This team com may cause problem if you can’t sustain it or don’t have a cleanse like Veromos, Vela, Delphonei etc. Wind Pierret hurts on water mobs, but you’ve been hurting from Orochi as well so I bet your water mob is tanky. Try to focus on Dark Joker if he’s the problem, but be careful as the counter attack can lower your HP enough for wind pierret to kill, so if the bombs are not a problem, focus on pierret instead.

Boss Fight

  • B1 – Light Ninja. Straight forward match. If he’s giving you trouble, you can bring a 5 star max ramagos to 1v1 him. You need around 18k hp on your ramagos and your team need to clear the previous stages with ramagos in it. Or you can also bring a dark tank. If you happen to get a dark tank from a previous SD, wish, or LD scroll, bring him in and have him tank Gin.
  • B2 – Light + Light. Double light ninja is a strange setup for B2, but it should be easy if you have a dark tank. Also, a shannard team can get through this stage easily.
  • B3 – Light + Wind + Fire. Alot easier than Light + Wind + Dark, but you need to make sure your wind support can sustain this or else you have to put provoke on Fire Ninja instead. If your wind sustains are fine or if you already have a dark tank to make sure light ninja won’t turn on your wind mobs, then focus on Orochi and kill him asap. If tanking isn’t an issue anyway, then you can go straight for Gin.

Useful Links

Please feel free to leave your own tips and ideas. Feel free to ask questions of your team vs this HOH and I will do my best to help.

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