MH4U Tips and Tricks Compilation

MH4U Tips and Tricks Compilation by lsiloki

Simple things to make your life easier:

  • Crouching to carve and gather makes it faster
  • Sprinting when fleeing a monster then pressing B makes you do a dive with a long period of invulnerability and a hard-to-hit hitbox.
  • You can hold A to combine repeatedly.
  • You can skip the killing blow animation by pressing Skip on the touch screen (changed my life, discovered it last week after 80hours of game :x). Apparently, pressing Start works too.
  • If a progressbar appears in the middle of the screen when you fish/ when a monster eats you, make circles with your round pad. Pressing X or A repeatedly works too.
  • If a progressbar appears in the middle of the screen when a monster eats you, you can use a Dung Bomb to instantly break free without having to spin your circle pad.
  • The music when you walk past the shop and the prices are halved is different from the usual music.
  • If you do the drink gesture on the canteen table 10 times, you get the tipsy effect even without eating anything.
  • You can ping the map by going to the start menu and hitting x (you can also customize your screen to put the ping option there).
  • Pressing ‘right’ on the D-Pad when purchasing items will jump to the maximum amount purchasable instead of having to hold ‘up’.
  • In the forest map, there’s a hole next to base camp that if you jump into, it will take you straight to area 3. This is not shown on the map.
  • If a melynx steals something from you and you are unable to attack the melynx before it flees, the stolen item can be found again in the cat area
  • You can wave at the hot air balloon once per hunt. If you do, it will reveal the location of all large monsters on your map for a few seconds.
  • When you are sent flying, as long as you press nothing, your character will lay down (for 2 or 3 seconds). You have a very small hitbox in that state, so it is good sometimes not to press any buttons to avoid further damage :). In addition, if your HP fall under 1 but stay on the ground, your allies can cast a group heal and save you from the death.
  • When climbing, if you press B you fall straight down; if you then press the attack button (X) you perform a jump attack from free fall.
  • Use flash bomb in front of flying/fleeing dragons to make them fall. They’ll be either stunned or just blind for a moment so they’ll do movement like chain tail spining. Flash bombs can be thrown from climbing, they will activate point blank rather than flying a certain distance.
  • Portable steam bombs have the same affect as a nullberry and can be used more than once
  • Using the bed in a mission will set you full health no status
  • Attacks on a monster’s weak point have multiple tells. The weaker the part, the larger the blood splatter/crit marker and the longer the “delay” on hit. The sound also changes.
  • You can paintball and dungbomb small minions. Yes, even konchus will leave if you can manage to hit them with some poop.
  • Eating exciteshroom will give random effects. Eating one during battle is.. pretty exciting!
  • When a player has been seen by the monster, an eye icon will flash next to their names. You can use this to find which zone they’re in on the minimap rather relying on them to ping.
  • All bombs have innate sonic bomb effect. eg: you can use small barrel bombs to fish out a underground diablos.
  • If you have 20 resist of a certain element, you negate the blight from that element’s attack. eg: If you have 20 fire resist, fireballs wont set you on fire after.
  • Eating for elemental food skills with always give you POSITIVE 3 for any elemental resistance. NOT +3


  • Chameleos eyes are on the side of his head, flash bomb him on the side instead of the front.
  • Killed kelbis will get sent flying, KO’d kelbis will sink to the ground. This is useful if you’re trying to get KO for kelbi horns.
  • If you lose track of a Rathian or Rathalos, pick up one of their eggs at their nest. They will come running.
  • If you break a gravios’ back, it won’t be able to do the explosion after he shoots a beam.
  • If you break a gypceros’ head, it won’t be able to use its flash attack anymore.
  • You can catch bugs on Zinogre/Stygian Zinogre’s back when he’s knocked over.
  • You can get a carve or two from Dah’ren Mohran’s mouth when he’s fallen over.
  • You can break the rock launchers on Dah’ren Mohran’s back when you get up there, preventing him from launching the big spikey rocks at your balista/cannon.

Multiplayer must-know :

  • You can limit the targets for your Hunters for Hire by rank (low, high, G), area (Frozen Seaway, Volcanic Hollow, etc.) and monster size (large or small). You are limited to the ranks and monsters you’ve already reached.
  • If one of your hunting companions is asleep, stunned, covered in snow, stunned or a couple other statuses, you can kick them to knock them out of it. You can also kick players to shorten the item consumption animation.

Palico-related tips :

  • Crouching calls off your pallicos. They will then come stand by you. Useful for luring a monster toward a trap.
  • Using the ping will make your palico come to you. Very helpful if you want a monster in a trap but your palico is distracting them.
  • Palico 1st stringers can change how your two Palicos act when out on hunts. The icons next to the Palicos when setting first stringers give abilities.
  • Palico types tend to show up on particular maps. Here’s a guide for which types show up where and at what rank.
  • Using the bed in a mission will revive your palico.

Animation canceling :

  • You can cancel the sheathing animation by walking off a small ledge shortly after you pressed Y.
  • You can quick reload by hitting Y when jumping off a cliff as a gunner. Switch axe works in a similar way, except you hit R.
  • You can do an even quicker reload as a Light Bowgunner by hitting R+X+A (from sheathe) just before running off a ledge. The momentum will carry you forward and the fall will cancel the animation.
  • If you roll into a climbable wall with your weapon drawn you can hit A towards the end of the roll to climb it. if a monster is close, you can press A again to jump and mount him.
  • If the animation of sheathing has begun when you’re interrupted by a shout, the game will consider your weapon is holstered. Works with reload for CB and gunners too.

Status-related stuff :

  • The more you inflict a status to a mob, the less it will be effective (Paralyze, poison, traps, etc. For some it’s the duration, for some it’s the amount of damage you need to do to get another one.. It is capped at a maximum, see kiranico for more details on actual numbers).
  • For melee, about 33% of hits actually proc status damage, and you can tell which ones they are because the status visual effect plays on those hits.
  • When a monster falls asleep, the next hit it takes does 3 times the damage it would have normaly take from bomb and range attacks, twice from melee attacks.
  • Energy drinks stop you from falling asleep
  • Eating a well done steak stops you from bleeding
  • Having blights adds incremental damage of that type. Ie having Dragon Blight gives you small amounts of Dragon damage or being on fire allows you to do some fire damage with each attack.
  • Monsters struck with the paralyze status takes an additional damage bonus (5~10%)
  • Rolling 3 times when suffering from blast or fireblight will remove the debuff. Rolling once in shallow water will remove fireblight
  • When an attack hits multiple times with one button press, they will (generally) all crit/proc status, or all fail to do so.
  • Since status effects proc based on number of hits, that means that if you really want to apply a status (rather than deal damage), you should aim for a strong point you won’t bounce on so you get the most hits possible. Doing less damage to apply status faster is probably only good with other hunters though, or to paralyze/sleep for hard to get breaks.
  • Elemental damage does 0 damage to enemies resistant to it, so no use brining 100raw+10000000fire against a akantor

Weapon specific :

  • SWITCH AXE : If you press R while falling off a ledge/cliff, your weapon will switch to the other form and do an attack of that form. Just tiny ledge falls result in an ultra fast mode switch.
  • INSECT GLAIVE When using IG, use the pole vault shortly before a roar. You will get flown away and do the quicker stand up animation instead of covering your ears.
  • INSECT GLAIVE Kinsects will bounce off Apex Monster’s bouncespots, preventing them from extracting essence. The drive Wystone does prevent that.
  • INSECT GLAIVE IG users can jump over the first wall of Dahren Moran back to get straight to the second one. This can help get the break faster, which can help you get to the horn faster, which will speed up breaking it (though you’ll probably need minds eye not to bounce). The horn break rewards include sphires so it’s worth doing.
  • LANCE Lance users can hold forward and press b during a charge to jump, instead of stopping the charge by just pressing b. If they attack Mid-jump, a monster can be mounted. This is super useful if there are no IG users or ledges nearby.
  • GUNLANCE You can use the gunlance’s wyvern fire to break the large rocks Dah’ren launches on to the ship, the ones that stop you using the things like the gong and cannons!
  • GREATSWORD Felyne Cool Cat can be a pretty useful food skill for GS users. If a monster falls asleep, kick back and get the temporary attack boost for your double damage swing.
  • LONGSWORD LS auras only benifit raw, not elemental damage
  • LONGSWORD hitting a moster with the close half of your blade deals an extra 30% raw
  • Seregios blademaster weapons will sharpen themselves if you evade 5 times (9 times with Lance) with the weapon out. Seregios guns will load a single bullet every time you evade. Seregios bows with close coating gain the power coating effect as well.
  • Chaos Gore Magala weapons have both positive and negative affinity. The negative affinity is converted to positive if you get the buff from overcoming the virus.

Advanced mechanics – Evasion+2 will allow you to dodge through roars that normal earplugs can block, but you need to time your dodges – Acrobat (nimbleness) skill allows you to panic dive towards a monster, usually dodgeing towards a monster only allows you to roll – Every weapon has a true raw multiplier, divide your weapon’s raw by the classes multiplier to find out the actual raw damage ur doing

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