MH4U G1 Charm Farming Guide

MH4U G1 Charm Farming Guide by alacer807

I’ve seen numerous charm farming guides, but they all seem to rely on having felyne hairband X and G2 or higher. I wound up stuck at G1 for a while (while waiting until I could play with my hunting partner), so I took to charm farming there. This is just a general run through of how I did it, in case anyone else is interested in doing the same.

Skills- I’m running a set with the top four pieces of the butterfly X set, with Excello feet. The pieces of the butterfly set are mainly just for points towards gathering god. Excello for some added defense, since I had all the skill points I needed. I have a charmer+9 dragon talisman, so I was able to gem it to +15. With even a decent charm though, you should be able to have gathering god and +10 charmer. – as anyone will tell you, this isn’t ideal, this is for farming Heavy Spheres and Enduring Charms while you’re stuck at G1.

Personally, I’m fond of the Primal forest for this, though the frozen seaway would also work (And would provide a chance of ancient shards).

Obviously, you need to make sure you get Explorer (Fish+drink). The two quests I use are “Death and Taxidermy” and “Bad Hair Day: Iodrome” The former is unlocked after you do your first batch of G1 quests, and the subquest is just to kill 5 slagtoth. Definitely the easier one, but requires a little bit to get to. Bad Hair Day: Iodrome on the other hand, is caravan, but requires a bit more fighting to break the Iodrome’s head. Take your pick.

Once you start, gather both spots in the secret area, and hop down. Head straight to two, mine the spot to your left if it’s blue, if not, skip it. Hop down to three, if either of the mining spots along the wall are blue, mine them, then kill the two slagtoth here. Climb up to 8, check if that mining spot is blue, and mine it if it is. Now just head down to the area just outside base camp (I believe area 1), and kill slagtoth there. Finally head back to 3 to finish the subquest.

I’ve gotten anywhere from 1-7 enduring charms doing this with charm collector, but honestly, I feel like the primary draw is the heavy armor spheres, so you can get your armor up to snuff quickly.

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