Dungeon Fighter Online Chain Rush FAQ

Dungeon Fighter Online Chain Rush FAQ by ClearandSweet

Since most of you Elven Knights are hitting level 30, let’s go over Chain Rush.

Chain Rush is a key skill and one of the hardest to understand. Here’s how it works.

  • Chain Rush is first a buff. You must cast and recast it every two minutes. The skill key will then change to an attack.
  • After using any non-buff skill, the chain bar will appear. Press the button for Chain Rush when the glowing line is contained within the blue bar, and the chain will continue, interrupting the skill’s animation.
  • You then have a very short time to use another skill and repeat the process with a consecutively smaller blue bar. The timing is tight – about half a second. Do not backstep or use other attacks during this timeframe. Use them when the blue bar is above the Elven Knight’s head. That timeframe is much longer.
  • When pressing the button for Chain Rush you can do one of two attacks. When standing still, the Elven Knight will swing her shield. When dashing, she will tackle. Both can be used for continuing the chain. The tackle is good for staying close to hit with your next ability. Note that Chain Rush itself has no cooldown.
  • If you miss either Chain Rush or your skill, you will drop the chain. You must hit something to keep the combo going. Using two skills in a row will also drop the chain.


  • Bind Chain Rush to a key you can hit easily and often with a stronger finger. Space bar is a good option.
  • Learn the cooldowns on the melee abilities you’ve chosen so you don’t need to look at the skill bar.
  • Boar is great if Chain Rush hit them out of melee range.
  • Work into a rhythm so you don’t even need to look at the chain bar.
  • Punjin will let you practice on high-health PvE mobs. Start off slow with skill -> waaait -> CR button followed immediately by a different skill -> wait -> CRskill -> wait -> ect, then decrease your wait times.
  • “You can weave in Shield Defense in your Chain Rush combos. It has 2 second cooldown so you can weave it in every one or two abilities depending on how quickly you cancel them with Chain Rush. This way you don’t run out of cooldowns too quickly.” Or, perhaps, “between Shield Uppercut and Stark Shield you should be able to keep a combo going without having to use Shield Defense.”
  • “Keep using your SA buff when you go into a room full of mobs so you can start your combo without worrying.”

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