Destiny Crota Solo With Dragon’s Breath Guide

Destiny Crota Solo With Dragon’s Breath Guide by Multiple_Cows




Hunter (invisibility is optional, main tactic works just as well.)

Info and Prep

First things first, prepare for a wall of text if you want to read a text guide, secondly you will need to have some good weapons before you attempt this, namely a decent shotgun (dosen’t have to be 331, I used found verdict in my titan vid) and a Maxed Dragon’s Breath, thats about it. But other helpful info to know is that Crota only has 11 slams of health so long as you’re 32, so getting only 2-hits on a kneel doesn’t necessarily force a 3rd sword/wipe.


Since some people can’t view videos for various reasons (slow internet, work, etc.) I’ll write about the strategy used in this part. The strategy is can be used on any class (some easier than others) and is flexible, meaning it doesn’t have to go perfectly. In my warlock video, I actually mess up the second kneel on the second sword and end up going for a third sword, and it still works.

Crystal Room

The first part of any fight is the Crystal room, it really doesn’t matter how you clear it, you just have to have at least 6 rockets when you leave, and a way to get 6 more by the time Crota rotates back center. You should also enough shotgun ammo to kill the swordbearer (usually around 5-7 shots on a decent shotgun). Once everything is cleared you can leave out of either side and begin heading towards the chalice.

The Chalice and 1st swordbearer down

Once you have the Chalice of Light, jump up on the platform where is spawns, you have to be careful here because ads and swordbearer can still hit you while you’re up here, a good way to avoid this is to jump up and down as much as possible until swordbearer spawns. When swordbearer spawns continue jumping, but once swordbearer is close to the platform you should start dealing damage to him. The best way that i’ve found to do this, is to jump up, shoot him while you’re in the air, and repeat. Once hes down you’re going to want to grab the sword. You can usually pick up the sword from the platform, but if you can’t fall down next to it and grab it. After you have the sword, jump up, and swing away from the ads that have accumulated below you, and head towards the right rock.

1st Sword and 1st Kneel

What you’re going to want to do after you head toward the right rocks near Crota’s platform and jump up on the lowest rock. Turn right and immediately double jump/Lift/Glide onto Crota’s platform, while you’re in the air hold Y/▲ to drop the sword and pull out dragon’s breath. (When you drop the sword, make sure it’s not too close to the edge, as it can fall off.) When you land turn toward Crota, jump and fire a Dragon’s Breath shot mid-air, when you land fire another, then jump again and fire the third shot mid-air. Immediately after firing the third shot, hold X/■ to pick up the sword. When the sword is in your hands jump up, swing towards Crota (only once), and get 3 slams on him. (When slamming him, hold forward on your movement sick forward to swing faster). After you get 3 slams, double jump/Lift/Glide up enough so Crota is not visible on your screen, and swing 2 times toward the left bridge.

1st Sword, 2nd Kneel

Once you’re a safe distnace from Crota hold Y/▲ again to drop the sword and pull out Dragon’s Breath. Lightly tap X/■ to start the reload manually, as it is slightly faster. Make sure to not tap reload for too long, as you may accidentally pick up the sword. When you begin reloading, start jumping up and down to avoid boomer fire and Crota’s fist of darkness. (You will need enough health to withstand some boomer fire when getting slams on him). Once his shield goes down, start firing while jumping up and down and staying near the sword. Once the third rocket is fired pick up the sword and jump and swing toward Crota, 2 swings is fine as long as you’re in the air when you do it. Once, your near Crota, get 3 slams and double jump/Lift/Glide in the air and swing off of Crota’s platform toward the Ogre room.

Intermission and 2nd Swordbearer

Replenish you heavy in any way possible, whether it be a heavy ammo synth, or picking up ammo from the crystal room, make sure you have 6 rockets. Once you have 6 rockets, head back to the Ogre room pit (below the center ledge) and hug the right wall so Crota can’t shoot you. Now you take out as many thrall in the center as you can (to make second swordbearer easier) until Crota rotates center. Once he rotates center, head to the same platform you used before and to kill swordbearer and use the same strategy as the first time to take down swordbearer. This round should be considerably easier because of the lack of thrall. Once you take down swordbearer, pick up the sword, jump and swing toward right.

2nd Sword

The Second Sword is the same as the first, but the only difference I noticed is that Crota is more aggressive after the 1st kneel on this sword in particular. (Probably because he’s low on health) Crota may swing at you earlier and catch you off guard. Other than that it’s the same.

Ogres and 3rd Sword (Optional)

If you managed to mess up one of the kneels/swords you can still kill Crota. You just have to go through Ogres. The best way to deal with Ogres is to head into the right Ogre room, having heavy ammo isn’t required, but is recommended for an easier take down of the 2nd Ogre. You’ll want to wait on ground level near the Ogre door, and keep watch on the radar while killing thralls trying to assault you. Once the 1st Ogre spawns, pullout your shotgun and fire a full mag into him this should take down a majority of his health, then reload and repeat until he’s dead. A shotgun isn’t required, but is highly recommended as it does insane DPS and stuns the Ogre. For the second Ogre, you can stay in the same room, but use Heavy/primary/grenades to take him down, I wouldn’t recommend charging him (or her) with a shotgun, but whatever floats you’re boat and takes down the Ogre. Once you’ve killed the Ogres, make sure you have enough heavy to take down Crota. (3 rockets = 1 kneel, 1 kneel = 3-2 hits, Crota has 11 hits of health, do the math) Then use the same tactic as the other swords on the third sword. The third sword is more difficult then the other swords to take down because lots of thralls (cursed and regular) spawn during Ogre’s, but it’s mainly the same strategy.

4th / 5th Sword

Theoretically possible, but you will need alot of heavy. You can do a 4-sword, 1-kneel method, just beware that missing a kneel will make you have to go to the 5th sword, which is nearing the Enrage timer, and you will have to deal with more Ogres.

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