CS:GO Getting Better Guide

CS:GO Getting Better Guide by DerekCee

Hey! I started playing CSGO about 3-4 months ago, and ever since, I’ve been ADDICTED. With about 320 or so hours (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198095808897 ), I’ve accomplished Silver 1 alllllllllllllllllllllll the way to MG1, which is quite an accomplishment to me*. I’ve had a lot of great friends to teach me and guide me the ways of the game. I just wanna give back to the community and so here are the tips that I can give you that helped me climb the ladder!

  1. Lower your sensitivity.
    When I first started the game, I was rolling about 10 in game sensitivity with like 2000 dpi. I thought the higher the sensitivity, the better (thats how it was in call of duty, and i played A LOT of COD back in the day). Guess what, THATS WRONG! Literally, just by lowering my sensitivity my aim DRAMATICALLY improved it’s beyond my comprehension. SUPPPPER IMPORTANT! (My sens atm is 450dpi and 1.8)
  2. Put your ego aside A lot of the players I play with they get angry and blame their teammates as if they were the wrong and not them. Put your fat fucking ego away and think about what you did wrong, and what you should’ve done. If you did this every time you died I guarantee that you will quickly develop better decision making.
  3. “There is difference between playing the game and being a student of the game. People can only improve if they want to improve.” Very self explanatory. It ain’t easy to rank up having fun. You’re GOING to have to sit in private maps and practice your recoil, practice your aim, your reaction, etc. It’s not like you have to do that for hours endlessly every single day, I’d say about 15 minutes a day. This game is all about muscle memory. It takes time for your brain to learn flick shots and fast head-lock shots. For recoil, just know what direction the mouse should be moving, and thats really it. For me, it came to me naturally. At first you will get the spray pattern down, but actually doing it in a real game where you’re put into a 1v1 situation, that’s a whole different thing. You start to panic, and spray uncontrollably, or atleast that’s what I used to do.
  4. Warm up! Same thing as I said above, but warming up is different from actually training and developing your skills. Go into a custom headshot only deathmatch for about 15 minutes and I promise you that you will be a lot more confident and comfortable. However if you do stay in the lobby for quite some time, your warmup turns into building muscle memory (developing better aim).
  5. Watch the PROS! At around mid-Silver I had a STRONG desire for skins (i still do rip). I went onto csgolounge and bet on certain teams. The teams that I bet on, I watched them and rooted for my team. It was a great learning experience, and also FUN! It was something to do over the school days, while doing homework, I would have the stream playing in front of me and was completely DISTRACTED :D. But seriously, you dont have to take notes and stuff, just look at their movement, their rotations, how they shoot, how they spray, their decision making, etc etc. rip skins ( http://puu.sh/gCj6i/dee5fd6261.jpg)
  6. YOUTUBE! I watched a TONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN of videos, tips and tricks on youtube. Warowl, natosaphix, trilluxe, 3liksphilip, bananagaming, jamiew_ :THERES JUST SO MANY GREAT CHANNELS OUT THERE THAT MAKE YOU A BETTER PLAYER!
  7. Attitude/keeping calm I get on tilt VERY EASILY! I have a limit of around 7 losses in a row and i start to go on tilt. So many times have I came back to a 12-3 half, you want to be the motivator, not flamer. Communicate with your team. A lot of the times im the one saying “We can do this!” or “Ahhh dam, well get em next time!” even though deep down I feel like absolute CRAP! This really does help, but I’m not saying it works every game. KEEP THE SPIRIT HIGH! I used to have a habit of just giving up and playing really stupidly like rushing down mid with a shotgun. LOL DONT DO THIS! Keep your shit together and recollect with your team
  8. Gamesense There’s not much I can say here. It comes through hours of gameplay. When I’m trying to learn a new map, I usually google images like “CSGO Cache callouts” and I try to learn a few at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself as if you have a big exam the next morning, memorize 1-2 callouts at a time
  9. Equipment Don’t expect to get better playing with a simple 5$ dell mouse on top of your desk. The most important equipment I believe is the mouse and the mouse pad. It makes a huge difference but not so much the keyboard. If you have the money, then investing in a keyboard wouldn’t be a waste, but don’t expect to go up ranks because of that.


a) learn when to reload. This isnt call of duty, you dont need to reload every kill you get. Reload only when you KNOW your safe, and unless you have under 6-7 bullets.

b) know when you throw your grenades and how to throw them. so many people die with a grenade in their hand it makes me cringe. even i do it sometimes but its just something you learn over time. a good channel that i mentioned above to help with your smokes and flashes is (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2BdjE3neOf57xZRRnWgdUg )

c) make use of the man advantage. it TERRIBLE when you lose a 3 on 1, or even a 2 on 1. 3 on 1s should NEVER happen, and it only does happen because of poor miscommunication, or no communication at all. push together and be a synchronized team.

d) take advantage of bomb plant positions. plant the bomb that utilizes your teams positioning. very simple but game changing

e) keep your crosshairs on the head. be aware if your gun is pointing on the ground or at leg-level, because you BETTER STOP NOW!

f) don’t peek until your reload is COMPLETELY FINISHED! i fuckin do this way too much even now. i get in a really intense situation and start to panic, im in a rush and i peek when my reload animation is just half a second short and i die. RIP

g) buy as a team. not much to say here

I hope you guys appreciate this guide and in no way am I calling myself a great player. This guide is from my personal experience and thank you for reading

-a few screenshots that show my rank development- http://puu.sh/eZu7B/15c0bd681b.jpg

i wish i screenshotted every time i ranked up, but i never saw myself making a guide like this.

UPDATE: for all you saying that its fake because

  1. i have no medals (i honestly have no idea how to get them and i dont really care)
  2. it took me x amount of games to get from here to there but only y amount of games to get to here to mg1? (that doesnt mean shit honestly, i mean when i first started i thought i was the very best and i deserved nova atleast. back then i didnt practice in private lobbies and warmup etc. add me on steam if you think im a fake we can even play together)

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