Bloodborne Killing Rom Safely Guide

Bloodborne Killing Rom Safely Guide by HealthyandHappy

Video here

After having a disastrous time against this boss going through as a level 17 on my first play through, I figured out a fool proof method for killing him.

After killing all of the spiders, don’t bother with lightning weapons. Pop a bone marrow ash, switch to the flamethrower, and have your way with him. If you get into a specific spot behind his head (demonstrated in the video), he’ll constantly turn while you do damage. If your dps is higher than mine, which it will be if you aren’t level 17, you’ll kill him in seconds.

Went through and tried it on my higher level and it took me less than 4 seconds to take him out.

EDIT: You might be able to do more damage pregaming with an oil urn? Can someone going through him at this point in time confirm?

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