Bloodborne Getting a Blood Rock Guide

Bloodborne Getting a Blood Rock Guide by ten_dead_dogs

You might have noticed that upgrading a weapon to +10 requires a blood rock – basically this game’s equivalent of a titanite slab. They seem to be really rare, but last night, after some exploring and a lot of trial and error, I managed to find one. Spoilers below for names of bosses and areas, but no plot details.

In order to get this rock, you’ll need to be progressed in the Nightmare of Mensis all the way to the Mergo’s Loft (Middle) lantern. That means you need to beat Micolash. Afterwards, all it takes is three simple steps.

1. The setup – While fighting Micolash in the second maze room (the one where you end up killing him), you may have picked up an Old Iron Key. It’s on a body at (I believe) the top floor of the maze. You’ll need this to get the rock. Go back to the first Micolash maze (where the fight started), down to the first floor of the room, and look for a door in the hallway. It’s on the outer edge of the room. Open it using the Old Iron Key.

But don’t go outside! Remember at the beginning of the nightmare, when you had to run from rock to rock as some huge glowing thing gave you the Eye of Sauron and inflicted frenzy? This door leads to where the big glowing thing is hanging (it’s a huge version of the eye monsters), and the rock is actually right underneath it. You’ll get frenzied and killed for sure if you try to reach it from here. Instead, go back to the Loft Middle lamp and prepare for some tactical stealth action.

2. – It is an Old Monk reference – Go out the door by the lamp, up the stairs, and to the right – you should see the cage elevator leading to the Loft Bottom lantern. Step into it – you’ll notice it doesn’t have a door, so you can jump out whenever you want. That’s exactly what you want to do. Look for a small window on the way down, and when the cage passes it, roll out and land inside. Be careful not to roll too soon, or you’ll get caught on geometry and fall. Inside is a chest, be sure to loot it before you continue onward.

Now comes the hard part. You have to cross two bridges, and each of them has some of the frenzy-causing eye ladies. The first bridge has just one, but the second has two at once. Depending on your playstyle, you might want to sneak up on them and do a visceral attack, or you might want to just run past and use sedatives to keep your frenzy low. After the second bridge, there should be a door. Go through, run past the slow-moving spiders, past the hole in the next room, and onto the small platform outside. There is a lever. Pull it, and send the giant eye monster crashing into a bottomless pit.

3. Picking up the pieces – Go back to the door that you opened with the Old Iron Key. It’s a long trip, but the hard stuff is over, so relax and be satisfied. Head outside through the Old Iron Key door and go up the hill, collecting Great One Wisdom and Madman’s Knowledge at your leisure, since there’s no eye monster to frenzy you anymore. At the top, you’ll find the large stone latticed building where the eye monster used to be hanging. Step up to the edge and look down – there’s a second floor below you, surrounding the bottomless pit, and you should be able to see a shiny inside. Carefully step off the ledge and land on the second floor, run to the body, and collect your blood stone. Well done!

I hope this helps those of you who, like me, were excited to give your weapon that final upgrade. Put some good gems in it, pump the relevant stats, and go to town on everything in sight. Unfortunately, this is the only blood rock I’ve found so far, but I’ll keep searching (and dying. Mostly dying) in hopes of getting my gun up to max as well.

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