Bloodborne Complete Quest Triggers List

Bloodborne Complete Quest Triggers List by Djinnfor

Some of these are extrapolation based on my experiences and may not be exact. If you have better information let me know. The order of events merely reflect what you can do in terms of sidequests before it becomes necessary to advance the plot, I don’t recommend necessarily doing things in this order. Events which advance the plot are marked in bold, optional events in italics.

Main Game

Enter Central Yharnam

  • Can talk to Gilbert by the Central Yharnam lamp
  • Leads to the Cleric Beast Boss
  • Can Summon Father Gascoigne (or if you skipped the Cleric Beast Boss until you met Alfred, you can summon him instead) if you stand near a tutorial message that asks you to ring the Beckoning Bell and then ring it

Enter the Hunter’s Dream for the First Time

  • Iosefka locks the door to the 2nd Floor Clinic, where you started the game
  • Iosefka offers you an Iosefka’s Blood Vial if you talk to her (she’ll give you as many as you want if you return to the Hunter’s Dream and come back, but you can only carry a maximum of 1)

Gain 1 Point of Insight (by e.g. entering any boss room)

  • Can now level with the Doll (in NG+ must return after first visit cutscene before you can level)

Have 10 or more Insight when you enter the Hunter’s Dream

  • Can use the insight shop via the stump just outside the middle door of the hunters dream workshop; must have 10 insight every time you want to use it

Defeat the Cleric Beast

  • Drops the Sword Hunter Badge
  • Can no longer summon Father Gascoigne or Alfred in Central Yharnam
  • Can purchase the Hunter Chief Badge from the bath messengers.

Enter the Sewers

  • Can talk to Eileen the Crow for the Shake Off Cape gesture (or kill her for her Crow Hunter Badge, but you can get it if you complete her quest and you also miss out on her covenant if you kill her now); she’s located past the rafters of the Dry Dock area connected to the sewers, you can get to the rafters by rolling through the barrels stacked up against the right wall just as you enter the building after the dog cages, then you can get to her going through the barrels on the right wall inside that room to emerge outside
  • Can talk Viola’s younger daughter for the Music Box after climbing up two long ladders out of around the middle of the sewers area where all of the legless enemies pretending to be dead corpses are chilling; look for the window with burning incense and listen for the sound of a wind-up music box
  • Can find the Saw Hunter Badge near the Maneater Boar, which unlocks a few basic items at the shop.
  • Leads to the Father Gascoigne Boss

Defeat Father Gascoigne

  • Drops the Oedon Tomb key, which unlocks the gate leading forward into the Cathedral Ward.
  • Can no longer summon Father Gascoigne in Central Yharnam for the Cleric Beast boss fight
  • Can find a Red Jeweled Brooch off a dead woman nearby; take it to Viola’s younger daughter
  • Can find the Blood Gem Workshop Tool past the Oedon Tomb gate.
  • Eileen leaves her location in Central Yharnam
  • Iosefka no longer offers you an Iosefka’s Blood Vial because she’s killed by a member of the choir who impersonates her from here on
  • Can talk to Iosefka and offer to send people to her clinic; she’s actually an imposter from the Choir who just murdered the real Iosefka and who kills whomever you send in exchange for items, usually 2 numbing mists
  • Can give Viola’s younger daughter the Red Jeweled Brooch for some lore, or use it for a Red Blood Gem (Phys ATK +2.7%, Rally +1.8%)
  • Can send Viola’s younger daughter to a safe haven if you don’t give her the Brooch, the pig in the sewers eats her if you send her to the chapel or give her the brooch; kill it for a Red Messenger Ribbon.

Enter the Cathedral Ward

  • Can talk to Chapel Ward Dweller and offer to send people to the chapel ward; anybody you send to him will live and generally give you stuff
  • Can now send Old Lady to a safe haven
  • Can talk to Alfred for the Pray gesture and Fire Paper x3 if you accept his proposal
  • Can get Triumph gesture from the Chapel Ward Dweller after you send your first person to the Chapel Ward
  • Gilbert gives you a Flamethrower if you return and speak to him
  • Can find a Monocular on a corpse near the Hunter Chief gate; it’s sitting on a balcony-like area where the Cleric Beast jumps down from
  • Leads to the Vicar Amelia Boss, but you need to either take the back route by killing Blood-starved Beast to unlock the Healing Church Workshop, or open the Hunter Chief Emblem gate.

Open the large Gate locked by the Hunter Chief Emblem

  • Eileen spawns near the Cathedral Ward bonfire, just outside the building (go out the middle door and hook a left immediately), can learn her Shh! gesture. You must meet her either here or in the Central Yharnam Dry Dock area to progress her quest. You can open the gate either way you choose, using the Emblem or via the lever on the other side.

Open all three gates in the Cathedral Ward

  • Henyrk spawns at tomb of Oeden (if you’ve spoken to Eileen at either of her two previous locations) and the lamp there is disabled. He may leave at some point in the future, possibly as late as Rom.

Defeat One More Boss

  • Can now send Arianna to a safe haven, can learn the Curtsy gesture if she arrives safely; she’s located on the near left side of the large plaza you open with the Hunter Chief’s Badge (or, follow the stairs down from the Vicar Amelia boss to reach the plaza from the opposite side, it will be far right instead of near left). She’ll give you a blood transfusion which acts like a Blood Vial but also hastens stamina regen for a time; you can only carry one of these special transfusions at a time, even if they’re from different characters.
  • Can send the Skeptical Man near Arianna to a safe haven he goes to the opposite of whichever you suggest; he’ll reluctantly offer you “tips” as the game progresses, but he’s completely wrong about everything

Meet Henryk in Tomb of Oeden

  • He attacks you as you approach
  • Eileen leaves her spot near the Cathedral Ward bonfire (and you miss out on the Shh! gesture if you haven’t gotten it from her yet) and aids you in your fight against Henryk; speak to her for the Approval gesture. You must meet her once before (either in the Sewers or the Cathedral Ward) then keep her alive in the fight against Henryk to advance her quest.

Enter Old Yharnam from the Front Gate

  • Retired Hunter Djura is hostile; don’t kill him if you want his gesture, but if you do you get his Powder Keg Badge and his clothes will appear at the Insight Shop.
  • You can break a light a patch at the top of the church-like structure on fire, killing many of the mobs below, but be warned that doing so kills them every time you zone into the area, which prevents you from befriending Djura.
  • Can summon Alfred if you agreed to work together with him and stand near a tutorial message that asks you to ring the Beckoning Bell
  • Leads to the Blood-Starved Beast Boss

Defeat the Blood-Starved Beast

  • Drops the Pthumeru Chalice
  • Sack-wielding kidnappers spawn; getting killed by them takes you to a prison (see below)
  • Right side door in Chapel Ward is unlocked, leading into the Healing Church Workshop

Enter the Healing Church Workshop

  • Make your way to the very bottom of the tower to find a path leading to the Grand Cathedral, the area past the large gate locked by the Hunter Chief emblem; you can fight the Vicar Amelia Boss without needing the Hunter Chief Emblem this way.
  • Make your way about halfway down to find a slightly hidden path to the Abandoned Workshop
  • Make your way to the top to find the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge and a locked door leading into the Upper Cathedral Ward

Enter the Abandoned Workshop

  • Can pick up a 1/3rd Umbilical Cord
  • Can pick up Doll’s Clothes
  • Can pick up Small Hair Ornament (give it to the Doll for some minor lore and a Tear Stone, which can be used to grant you a Health Regeneration +2 Blood Gem).
  • Can find the Old Hunter Bone spell

Get Killed by Sack-wielding Kidnapper

  • Get taken to Hypogean Gaol prison

Enter Hypogean Gaol

  • Can send Adella the Nun to a safe house by speaking to her with any Church Attire chest piece equipped (Black Church, White Church, Father Gascoigne, Tomb Prospector, Yahar’gul Black, Executioner, or Choir; in short, anything listed under the Church Attire heading of the storage bin, if you forget) gain the Church Bow (Female) gesture if she arrives safely. She’ll offer you a special blood transfusion that acts as a Blood Vial but also provides rapid health regeneration for some time afterward, but you can only carry one of these transfusions at a time, even if they’re from different characters.
  • Note that if you accept blood from Arianna in Adella’s presence multiple times – three times typically does the trick Adella will kill Arianna on the next load in out of jealousy, so you miss out on the 1/3rd umbilical cord you get from Arianna later
  • Leads to the Darkbeast Paarl Boss

Enter the Darkbeast Paarl boss room

  • Retired Hunter Djura is flagged as friendly, though this is likely a bug and it’s intended for you to defeat the boss first. If you want to speak to him before beating the boss, warp to the Church of the Good Chalice lamp and make your way to him without entering the area in front of his Gatling gun to speak to him. Alternately, if you have the shortcuts open, you can go to him from the Old Yharnam lamp, just avoid crossing in front of him. See the section immediately below for what that meeting entails.

Defeat the Darkbeast Paarl Boss

  • Drops the Spark Hunter Badge
  • You can enter Old Yharnam through the area past the boss to speak to Retired Hunter Djura. Accept his proposal for the Brush Off Dust gesture and his Powder Keg Badge; don’t attack him or walk to the area in front of his gatling gun or he becomes hostile.

Enter Hemwick Charnel Lane

  • Leads to the Witch of Hemwick Boss

Defeat the Witch of Hemwick

  • Can find the Rune Workshop Tool shortly after, which allows you to equip Caryll Runes at the Hunter’s Dream Altar

Defeat Vicar Amelia

  • Approach the skull sitting on the altar to see a cutscene which awards you the password to enter the Forbidden Forest
  • Most NPCs who’ve locked themselves inside their houses go insane, including the houses to the right of the Vicar Amelia boss and the NPC in Hemwick Charnel Lane which you may have missed (but it’s okay, they have nothing important to say).
  • The Old Lady goes crazy
  • Alfred moves to near the door that leads to the Forbidden Forest

Enter the Forbidden Forest

  • Can speak to Patches who temporarily replaces the ordinary dialogue of any residence with a still-living NPC to obtain the Tonsil Stone; bring it to the dead end to the right of the Grand Cathedral and have the large creature snatch you up to enter The Lecture Building
  • The Old Lady goes senile and now offers you Sedatives if you talk to her, she’ll die at some point in the future if you ask for too many in a row and she has to leave to get more, though I’m not sure what triggers it
  • In the area with the dog cages there’s a passage way which leads into a cave, which leads all the way into the back door of Iosefka’s clinic.
  • Can loot the Beastial Roar spell off a corpse in a decrepit building near the dog cages
  • Can speak to and send the Hobo (located off a slightly hidden drop inside the Windmill) to a safe haven he slowly kills everyone at the chapel over time as he is a cannibalistic werewolf, or dies to Iosefka for 2 beast blood pellets; drops a Beast rune if killed either by you or Iosefka, but if you take him on yourself be prepared for a tough fight
  • Leads to the Shadow of Yharnam Boss

Enter Iosefka’s Clinic

  • Iosefka will have moved up to the 3rd floor and will warn you not to approach her. If you anger her, she will attack and you can no longer send any NPCs to her.
  • All NPCs you’ve sent here to die will appear as Kin, including the real Iosefka; each will, generally speaking, drop anything they’d normally drop when they die, including the Beast rune off the Hobo, Arianna’s shoes off Arianna, and Iosekfa’s Blood Vial off the real Iosefka. You can kill the Impostor Doctor for an Oedon Writhe rune, which gives you 2 QS bullets per Visceral Attack, but you miss out on the Umbilical Cord she drops later.
  • You can find the Cainhurst Summons here, which allow you to enter Cainhurst castle if you go to the area before the boss in Hemwick Charnel Lane (assuming you’ve beaten the boss there).

Enter the Lecture Building

  • Leads to the Nightmare Frontier
  • Can find the Lecture Theatre Key, use it to enter a large lecture hall filled with mutated students to find the Augur of Ebrietas spell.

Enter The Nightmare Frontier

  • When you approach a particular item on a ledge, Patches will boot you off into a pit. Did you even need spoiler tags?
  • Find the Messenger’s Gift spell down in the swap area
  • Leads to the Amygdala Boss

Defeat Amygdala

  • Drops the Ailing Loran Chalice

Enter Cainhurst Castle

  • Can find the Executioner’s Gloves spell in a chest if you jump down the window on the second floor in the library
  • Leads to the Martyr Logarius boss

Defeat the Martyr Logarius Boss

  • Will obtain the Crown of Illusions, wear it to enter the throne room
  • Can join the Vileblood covenant, obtain the Cainhurst Badge, and learn the Respect gesture by speaking to Annalise
  • Can learn the Deep Respect gesture by giving Annalise one Blood Dreg
  • Can grab the Unopened Summons off the table next to Annalise; bring this to Alfred for the Wheel Hunter Badge, the Church Bow (male) gesture, and to continue his quest line he’ll go and kill Annalise (you can loot Queenly Flesh off her remains, and revive her later), meet him in the Cainhurst throne room to witness the aftermath and obtain the Roar gesture, & then either kill him there or return to where you first met him and he’ll be dead; you can join the Executioners covenant by looting his corpse

Defeat the Shadow of Yharnam Boss

  • Leads to Byrgenwrerth

Enter Byrgenwerth

  • Loot the Lunarium Key near the top floor of the building to access the door to the boss
  • Can find the Empty Phantasm Shell spell in a chest
  • Leads to Rom, the Vacuous Spider Boss
  • Master Willem will point towards the boss, can kill him for a Eye II Rune.

Defeat Rom the Vacuous Spider

  • The environment changes to what it would look like if you had 40+ insight, moon turns red
  • Most NPCs locked inside their houses go silent, presumably dead; NPCs not yet rescued disappear from the game.
  • Viola’s elder daughter can be found in the same house you met Viola’s younger daughter;give her the Bloody Messenger Ribbon that you find on the Maneater Boar after you give the younger daughter the Red Brooch or send her to Oedon Chapel, then return after any loading screen to find her dead body nearby with a White Messenger Ribbon on it
  • Eileen the Crow can be found outside the Grand Cathedral; or, if you haven’t helped her in Tomb of Oedon, she’ll be inside and hostile. If you did help her earlier, you can obtain the Wait gesture by speaking to her, then finish her quest line by taking out the hunter inside the Grand Cathedral; she’ll let you join the Hunter of Hunters covenant upon success and grants you her Crow Hunter Badge. At some point after the Rom fight, possibly upon killing any other boss, she may become hostile again, as if you failed her quest line.
  • Hypogaen Gaol lamp is destroyed, preventing your return until later in the game, and the gank squad of Hunters spawn nearby.
  • Adella & Arianna will no longer offer you transfusions.
  • Iosefka is now pregnant with a child of the great ones and can be killed rather easily now, for a 1/3rd Umbilical Cord, but you miss out on the rune she drops if killed in battle.
  • Gilbert transforms into a werewolf and can be killed.

Enter Yar’Gul the Unseen City

  • Can drop off a ledge near the laser-shooting monster to pick up the Upper Cathedral Key on a dead body locked behind a cage, the Tiny Tonitrus spell is also nearby
  • Eventually leads back to the Hypogaen Gaol and the One Reborn boss

Enter the Upper Cathedral Ward

  • Find the Cosmic Eye Watcher badge off a body on the first floor side hallway of the large, dark hall; it might be hidden behind a pillar depending on which side you come from.
  • Obtain the Orphanage key by killing a Brainsucker in the second floor of the large, dark hall.
  • Find the Make Contact gesture on a dead body behind a large set of double doors on the second floor of the large dark hall.
  • Use the Orphanage key on the smaller door in the first floor of the large dark hall; leads to The Celestial Emissary Boss

Defeat The Celestial Emissary Boss

  • Drops the Communion Rune
  • Can break the window nearby to enter the 2nd floor of the Grand Cathedral, find the A Call Beyond spell, and take on the Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos Boss

Defeat Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos Boss

  • Drops the Great Isz Chalice
  • If you have the Queenly Flesh item, you can revive Annalise back to life via the Altar of Despair, in the boss fight room

Defeat the One Reborn boss

  • Can enter the Nightmare of Mensis by approaching the dead body with the cage on its head

Enter the Lecture Building 2nd Floor

  • Can get the Beg for Life gesture and the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis II rune (+15% stamina regen) from Patches the Spider if you break into his room (kill the giant guarding it then take the ladder down); choose to spare him or not, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Enter The Nightmare

  • Leads to the Micolash: Host of the Nightmare Boss
  • Can find the Iron Door Key in the boss fight room; it’s in the basement of the second area you fight it in. It can be used to unlock the door in the very first room of the boss fight, but it’s better to take the path mentioned below.
  • Can jump off the second cage elevator (the one with the broken door) mid-transit and into a window; make your way past everything to a lever and pull it to dump the eyeball creature into the abyss; loot the Choir Bell spell out of a chest soon after near a patrolling Brain Trust, drop into the area where the eyeball creature was to find the one and only Blood Rock outside of Chalice Dungeons, then make your way all the way to the other side of door mentioned above and exit back into the boss room.
  • After dumping the eyeball creature off, make your way to the area just past the Hunter wielding Ludwig’s Blade (or where he was before you killed him) and passed all of the wandering blue dudes to an area with a bunch of fissures in the ground; you’ll find a cage elevator that will take you down into the Abyss. Use the Make Contact gesture for around 15 seconds right in front of the eyeball thing for a Moon rune, then kill it for a Living String.

Defeat Micolash: Host of the Nightmare

  • Arianna moves to the sewer area between the Tomb of Oeden and Cathedral Ward bonfire, andgives birth to a baby alien which can be killed for a 1/3rd Umbilical Cord
  • Leads to the Mergo’s Wet Nurse boss

Defeat Mergo’s Wet Nurse

  • Adella will be completely insane, and will attack you if you approach her
  • Drops a 1/3rd Umbilical Cord
  • The endings are now available, see below


  • Accept the offer of the final boss Gehrman to avoid a fight and receive the first ending.
  • Alternately, refuse the offer to fight it; upon success you receive the Old Hunter Badge for use in NG+. You’ll get the second ending if you defeat it before obtaining at least three (of four) 1/3rd Umbilical Cords.
  • Lastly, obtain at least three (of four) 1/3rd Umbilical Cords and use all of them at any point before defeating the above mentioned boss to receive the third ending.
  • There is no good/bad/true ending, just three different ones. This is a Miyazaki game.

1/3rd of Umbilical Cords (in case you missed them mentioned above)

  • Defeat the mandatory Boss Mergo’s Wet Nurse
  • Locate the slightly hidden entrance to the Abandoned Workshop about halfway down the Healing Church Workshop tower, you’ll find the cord lying around in there.
  • You can obtain one from Iosefka after defeating Rom, the Vacuous Spider – reference the Rom section above for the details; this is missable if the NPC dies earlier in the game.
  • You can obtain one from Arianna after defeating Micolash, Host of the Nightmare – again, reference the Micolash section above for details (contains spoilers); this is missable if the NPC dies earlier in the game.

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