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Bloodborne Chalice Dungeon FAQ by BRBGTGBOWFLEX


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I am BRBGTGBOWFLEX and I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in Chalice Dungeons. I wanted to provide answers to common questions and some resources to the community to share what I have learned and to encourage more chalice dungeon exploration.

Q: What are Chalice Dungeons?

A: Chalice Dungeons are procedurally generated instances that contain the hardest encounters and the best loot that the game has to offer. They are a very complete offering with unique art assets, new bosses, and opportunities for Co-Op.

Q: How do I unlock Chalice Dungeons?

A: Three chalices are unlocked by defeating bosses in the main game. The Pthumeru Chalice is obtained by defeating the Blood-Starved Beast, the Ailing Loran Chalice is from Amygdala, and the Isz Chalice is from Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos. All other Chalice and Root Chalices are unlocked within the Chalice Dungeons themselves. See the Chalice Dungeon Flowchart for a complete list.

Q: Huzzah! I have the Chalice! Now how do I get started?

A: There are six Altars near the Messenger Shop in Hunter’s Refuge. You may place a Chalice at any of these, but are limited to having six out at any given time. You will also need ritual materials, they can be found in the game world, at the messenger shop, and at the insight shop. In general, chalice dungeons provide copious amounts of ritual materials.

Q: What is the difference between a Storyline Chalice and a Root Chalice?

A: Chalices without the word Root in them are called Storyline Chalices. They are pre-generated instances that are identical for every player. While they contain great challenges, they do not provide unique loot, and are primarily used to unlock Root Chalices.

Root Chalices are randomly generated instances that are created when a player conducts a Root Chalice ritual. They contain unique weapon variants (Lost and Uncanny), Powerful Runes, and a whole host of other goodies. Your goal is to unlock these chalices and then pillage them for loot (also post your finds to the Chalice Dungeon Code List).

Q: How are Chalice Dungeons laid out or how can I navigate them?

A: Each chalice dungeon is divided into layers and each layer has three parts. Part A, the beginning hallway to the first door at the end of that hallway, Part B, the middle part which contains the lever and the boss hall door, and Part C, the path from the Boss hall to the boss. Part A and Part C can have an additional Bonus Door that leads to treasure! Part B contains the lever which must be pulled to gain access to the Boss. So, an ideal way is to check the first hall for a Bonus door, clear to the treasure if one exists, then move to Part B, find the lever, pull the lever, go to the Boss hall, check for Bonus doors, clear to the treasure, and then face the Layer Boss to proceed to the next Layer and repeat until you reach the end. If you are just hunting for weapons, you can skip the very last boss.

Q: What does Chalice Dungeon Depth mean?

A: Depth is the difficulty level of the Chalice. Each number roughly corresponds with 25% of the game completed. I.E. Depth 1 is the first 25% of the game, Depth 2 is the second 25%, 3 is the third, 4 is the fourth, and 5 is harder than the actual game. However, I feel like around Depth 4 it gets harder than anything in the main game.

The level minimums I would recommend are:

Depth 1: Level 25

Depth 2: Level 35

Depth 3: Level 60

Depth 4: Level 80

Depth 5: Level 100

Q: I’ve done my first chalice, it wasn’t that hard or rewarding.

A: They start out easy and get progressively harder. Also if you come in at a high level, you will be overpowered until you get deeper. Do not give up because the first few are easy, it changes dramatically. Also, be sure you are checking Root chalices- many people do not do the Root chalices, so they do not get loot and get discouraged.

Q: What are Fetid, Rotted, Cursed, and Sinister Rites?

A: Fetid, Rotted, Cursed, and Sinister Rites can be applied to Dungeons to increase their difficulty and rewards. Fetid offerings empower creatures that are already in the instance by giving them a damage buff. Rotted offerings introduce new creatures to the dungeon and raise the possibility of traps. Cursed dungeons cut your HP in half while in the Dungeon and all gems that drop will be Cursed gems. Sinister Dungeons allow others to invade your dungeon. Each of these appears to improve the Quality Level and Drop Rate of gems. Until many more dungeons are added to the list or until revealed by an official guide, we will not know all of their benefits. It should be noted that Cursed Gems with the right stat lines are the best gems in the game and can exponentially increase your character’s power.

Q: What types of gems drop in the different Dungeons?

Pthumeru – Radial Gems

Loran – Crescent Gems

Isz – Triangle Gems

Q: I have found an awesome item in a chalice dungeon, how do I share it with others?

A: First, go to the Altar for that chalice, hit the Square button, and set the Dungeon to Open. Then, submit your Dungeon using the Chalice Dungeon Submission Form. Try to make note of what Layer the items are on as you proceed through Dungeons.

Q: I want to find a Chalice Dungeon that contains a weapon I’m looking for—how can I find it?

A: Check the Chalice Dungeon Code List. To access the dungeon, go to an empty Altar, and select Search by Chalice Glyph. You enter the code there. Remember that the list entirely depends on the community to keep it updated and to provide new dungeons, share and share alike!

Q: I can’t enter the dungeon I want to enter, why?

A: In order to access a Chalice you must place a Chalice of that type first. So if you want to check out an Ailing Loran Root chalice, you have to build one yourself first. For Cursed, Rotted, and Fetid, you need only make one dungeon with the modifier in order to access others.

Q: Do I need the ritual materials and blood echoes to enter other people’s chalices?

A: Nope. As long as you have already made that type of chalice once, you can enter others free.

Q: I want to help out the community, what should I do?

A: Run Chalices and post Chalice Dungeon codes with your finds. There are things I would like to assert but cannot because we don’t have information. The more dungeons we get, the more we can help the community. Additionally, if you contribute a significant amount of chalice dungeons and are active, I could use help maintaining and updating the list, so feel free to volunteer!

Also, post additional questions in this thread, I’ll update with any questions that are added. Or feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on any point.

Q: Do Chalices scale off of New Game +?

A: Nope. They are their own thing. Your chalices will all carry over into NG+ and they do not scale or change.

Q: This is ridiculous. They can’t really expect me to do this fight in that room at half HP. This is totally unfair!

A: Yes. Welcome to Chalice Dungeons.

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