Bloodborne Boss Tips

Bloodborne Boss Tips by MMORPGLife

Hi everyone,

I wrote down some tips for everyone who have problems with finding bosses and defeating them. I’m fighting the third boss at the moment, and I will add more information as I progress through the game. If you have any suggestion, or if you have already come across any other boss please live your tips in the comments below.

First boss – Cleric Beast

Location – Central Yharnam (Great Bridge)

Before you begin the battle, make sure you have 20 Blood Vials, 10 Molotov Cocktails and 20 Bullets on you. Having some Oil Urns would help, as it doubles the amount of damage Molotovs do. There’s no way to buy it yet, but you might stumble upon it. As for Molotov Cocktails – you can buy them for 180 Blood Echoes a piece, but you can only hold up to 10 at a time. You can collect Blood Echoes by killing as many enemies as you can in the beginning of the game.

Right from the beginning, run to the boss and enter melee range. You’re going to notice a pattern – first he swings the weak arm, then the strong one. After that, use the jump attack on him and pull back a bit. He’s going to retreat a little – you should follow him. Keep doing this until he changes his pattern. You need to keep dodging during the entire fight, so be sure to avoid the walls. Sticking to the middle of the bridge is your best bet.

Now, he’s going to swing the weak arm, then thrust the strong one. Try not to get too far away, because that will provoke him to jump at you, which is hard to dodge. At this point, you should start spamming him with Molotov cocktails. If you run out of them, use bullets.

If you manage to sneak in a Molotov while the boss is glowing red, it’s going to make him falter and stumble, putting his head low enough for you to give him a couple of smacks. If you start soon enough, you should be able to sneak in two heavy attacks.

Sword Hunter Badge, 4000 Blood Echoes, 3 Insight
Defeating him will also unlock the following items in the shop:
Repeating Pistol

Second Boss – Father Gascoigne

Location – Central Yharnam

You shouldn’t fight Priest Gascoigne withouth the Tiny Music Box. This item helps you stun the boss. You can get it from his daughter – she lives above the sewers. When you come to the mouth of the tunnel with the giant pig in it, climb the ladder out of the sewers. Follow the road – it will lead you to an ogre, guarding another ladder. Once you’ve dealt with the ogre, climb the ladder. The window to your right, the one with the lantern, is where you’ll get the Tiny Music Box.

The priest-gone-beast has three phases – two of them in human form, one as an animal. In the first phase, you should make sure there are some tombstones between you and the boss. He won’t be able to reach you, but you will be able to reach him. Just remember to transform your trick weapons so that it has the best reach possible. Keep hitting him while walking in circles, always making sure he’s on the opposite side of a tombstone.

When his health drops to around sixty percent, he’ll extend his axe, giving him more reach. Your tactic shouldn’t change much – just stay a bit further away, and wait for an opening. He will tire at some point – this is when you bring on the beating. Alternatively, you can use the Tiny Music Box on him to stun him.

At thirty percent health, he’s going to turn into a beast, much faster and smarter than he was before. You won’t be able to hide behind tombstones anymore. Wait for him to throw two consecutive punches, then quickly turn around and smack him. Make use of the Tiny Music Box too – it can stun him for a few seconds, letting you dish out some real damage.

Oedon Tomb Key, 1800 Blood Echoes, 3 Insight

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