Bloodborne Blood Starved Beast Guide

Bloodborne Blood Starved Beast Guide by BoneFistOP

Targets Name: Blood Starved Beast

Name of the game: FUCKIN’ POISON.

Achilles heel(weakness): Fire

Firsts up, how to easily make him yo’ Bitch.

  • Git rekt! You can parry this guy for days, DAYS! If you have fire paper active, get ready for a riposte from hell. Super easy this way.
  • WE BE BURNING NOT CONCERNING.. Well, if you so happen to have fire papers from Solaire, uh I mean that guy, they work wonders! This thing is WEAK to fire, I mean really wimpy…. Unfortunately that won’t stop you from being poisoned and not having any the next fight. Keep by him, and make the most of that fire, he can go down super quick, allowing you to heal and remove poison after the fight. They also hid cheeky poison cure items behind the statue.
  • THE SALT PILLARS: Fighting him by the pillars in his first stage is highly recommended, unfortunately when he hits super-poison saiyan he becomes much faster and more aggressive, dashing with a flurry of strikes that poison you in one hit. If you can corner the beast, you can unleash a flurry of strikes, especially with fire paper active, and slay it within moments. Seriously, you’ll absolutely wreck it
  • THE SUMMONS: If you talk to a certain praying man around the corner from the switch that unlocks Old Yarnham, who may or may not be Solaire, not only does he give you fire paper, but is right to the stairs before the boss fight. Its a message on the ground that says of you need help, only ring the bell. Upon ringing the bell, ON TOP of the sign, solaire will show up for jolly Co-operating, giving you time to heal and apply Antidote.


  • Stage 1: Hes a pushover, you can easily wreck him.
  • (50%)Stage 2: He goes NUTS, he’s faster and can poison you in a single hit, still a glass cannon though.
  • (30%)Stage 3: Full powered destruction, unbelievably fast, and will most certianly ruin your day. Take him out as quick as possible.

Some crazy moves, dude!

  • Lemme hold you tight. So I figured I’d tell you about this anorexic dicks’ grab. He rears up, just like his charge attack, which sucks because you have to dodge left/right for that, and dashes to you for a grab if he is in range. DO NOT DODGE LEFT OR RIGHT, it will grab you even if it whiffs. You need to dodge as far back as you can, because if he is in stage 2, not only will it most likely just kill you, regardless of stage, he with poison you AT THE START OF THE ANIMATION, meaning your health is draining while he takes off chunks, and while you’re on the ground with freshly torn apart anal cavity. This is a death move, avoid at all costs. It has come to my attention that after seeing it more than once, or twice, it has its own tell, while true, you may not be able to discern this on your first fight. It still stands that you DO NOT risk it for the biscuit, the biscuit is slightly stale. They also hid cheeky poison cure items behind the statue at the end.
  • Flurious Flurry Fight! He will slash around 5 times, before doing a big overhead. Not too tough until he hits stage 2-3, where he moves to you faster, any hit can poison you, and the overhead has excellent tracking. He leaps back after he is done. If you are SUPER BALLSY you can stun him out of a power up with a charge attack! Make note.
  • Transformation Explosion. Want free hits? LOLNO. If you attack him while he’s going all poison power, he explodes outwards knocking you back and filling your poison meter up half.
  • Charge! By far the easiest to dodge, he rears back and dashes to you, but can be easily sidestepped and punished.

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