Aura Kingdom New Player’s Guide

Aura Kingdom New Player’s Guide by cvillejin

Table of Contents

1) What is the best class?
2) What’s the fastest way to level?
3) How to get items and what are the best items to use?
4) How to get Loyalty Points, Dragon Points, and Eidolons
5) Paragon Table / Item Mall
6) Tips and Tricks

I decided to make a comprehensive noob friendly guide. I ran into many problems and questions when I first started this game, and no one was really around to explain things to me until it was already too late. So here it goes


I will start off by saying…in this game LEVEL means EVERYTHING. No matter how good your items are… even if you have THE BEST items in the game, if you are low level, you will get DESTROYED. So first thing first, level up..and do it as fast as you can. Once you reach level 60, you will be able to do Sky Tower 40 Man Raids, 50 vs 50 pvp , 100 vs 100, etc….the game gets fun here.

1) What is the best class?

Every class is strong and can clear dungeons solo, but the best/fastest DPS are the Ravager and Wizard. The only TRUE support is Bard MAIN, Sorceress Support is pretty good as well. For TANK Choose Guardian. (Read the character description in character select for more information) Just choose what you like and give them all a try. If you don’t like the character you chose, then restart before level 40 because after level 40, the EXP will start to slow down. Additionally, at level 40, everyone will be able to choose a “subclass” which allows you to receive SOME of the abilities of another class. This can be obtained at level 40 in NAVEA. Just follow the main quests and the notification for choosing a subclass will pop up.

Tl/dr: all classes are good as long as you have a life leech item. Aka “nocturnal”

Support = Bard or Sorceress, Tank = Guardian, DPS = Everything else

2) What’s the fastest way to level?

Before we start, levels 1-40 will fly by very smoothly. Levels 40-50 you will notice a small drop in exp. Levels 50-60 exp will slow down tremendously. With the new level curve implemented, leveling to 60 is SUPER easy and should take only 1-2 daysLevels 60-65 will fly by fairly quickly again. Levels 65-70 exp drops again. Levels 70-74 goes up a little bit. Level 74-75….good luck! (Side note, joining a party will increase exp by 5% for each member in the party. This effect only takes place if you are all in the SAME map. You will occasionally see people making “EXP” parties. This is a lie and will not work and is something that noobs have come up with for who knows what reason. Also, joining a guild gives bonus 5% exp as well)


(Do MIrabelles Daily quests, which can be found on bulletin boards for good EXP as well. Click “M” to open maps and search for Mirabelle in almost any town)

You can check your main quests by clicking the letter “L” button. Scroll around to find “Main quests” and “Quests not taken”. Use this method whenever you cannot find an NPC with an exclamation mark indicating your next quest. The beginning of the game will be straight questing from level 1-53. The main quests are by far the best EXP for this level range and I recommend you do this to get your character level as high as possible. (Level is a huge deal in this game in regards to soloing dungeons in party/hell modes)

Once you hit about level 25, you are able to join “Dungeons” which are the same thing as “Instances” in other MMOs. You can check the status of Dungeons by clicking the “J” button. Once you hit the ‘J” button a list of level-appropriate dungeons will pop up. You can recruit players to join a dungeon by clicking on the dungeon name, then clicking the “Recruit” button on the bottom of the pop-up. You then click “Broadcast” and a new chat window will pop up with orange text indicating that you are recruiting members to join you in the dungeon raid. Click “broadcast” again to repeat the announcement or click “Suspend” to end the recruitment. Also, you can see if other people are recruiting for a dungeon party by clicking on the dungeon name. If someone is recruiting, you will be able to see his/her name and the members in the party. To join their party, click on the dungeon name, then hit the “Apply” button and wait for them to respond.

Dungeon monsters are much stronger than normal field monsters and they will give more EXP. Dungeon bosses have a chance of dropping rare items and costumes. At this point in the game, I still recommend doing quests and doing Alabastren Dungeon maybe once or twice to get stronger equipment.

When you hit level 53, you will be able to enter the following dungeons: Wrathborne Temple, Oz Temple, Ghostweep Cave. These dungeons are the best way to level up and I recommend doing this until level 60. Once you hit level 60, you will have access to the “Otherworld” Dungeons. Do the otherworld dungeons until whenever you want, or until new content shows up for the remainder of your leveling days and high quality loot drop.

tl/dr:Do quests to level until 53, then do dungeons until 60, then do otherworld dungeons until you feel like stopping. Click “L” to view your quests and click “J” to view available dungeons. Parties and guilds give bonus EXP.

3) How to get items and what are the best items to use?

Do not worry about items or gold until you are level 50-60. You can pretty much get through this entire game to level 60 with just regular items you find along the way. If you REALLY want items, the best gears will come from CRAFTING which requires you to obtain the RECIPE either through finding loot, Auction House, or your friends/guild members. Once you have the recipe, go to either the blacksmith “Analisa” or the blacksmith in your guild hall. The main items you want to craft are “Aria Set” for level 50 (Which I don’t think you need at all because crafting pre-60 is as I said, pointless)

For level 60, you have a few options. You can craft the Titan’s set (TANKY HP + DMG Reduction), Devourer’s set(DMG+EVA+BOSS DMG), or the Revelation’s set (DMG+SPD+BOSS DMG+ HEAL). Use your judgment and craft what you like. Note that TOP (Helmet and body armor) set bonuses are different from the BOTTOM (wrists, waists, and boots). This means you can obtain set bonuses from multiple set items. Meaning you can get Devourers TOP and Titans Bottom. Once again, use your discretion. (I, along with many other high level players prefer devourer’s top and level 65 rare items for the bottom)

For your weapon, you can craft a level 50 secret recipe for your class and you can do the same at level 60. This will be your strongest weapon until you find better recipes in higher level dungeons. Check the blacksmith to see the recipe ingredients or simply use GOOGLE.

You also want to FORTIFY your equipment so you can get BONUS defense and attack damage. This can be done by obtaining fortification scrolls through quests and obtaining FRAGMENTS through SALVAGING. You can salvage and fortify by clicking the “B” button and looking at the buttons at the bottom of your inventory. I recommend obtaining ARMOR FORTIFICATION scrolls from your quest rewards because you can obtain ATTACK FORTIICATIONS easily in otherworld: port Skandia at level 53 or 55 I believe. Side note: You can obtain fragments by “AFK Fishing”. This is where you go fishing by throwing your lure, but not clicking on the fish bait. You simply let your character fish by itself with the cheapest lure and they will collect “Fish”. These fish contain item boxes which you can salvage.

Tl/dr: craft items from the blacksmith appropriate for your level and FORTIFY your gear. Obtain fortification scrolls through main quests, side quests, as well as otherworld: port scandia. AFK fish to get fragments.

4) How to get Loyalty Points, Dragon Points, and Eidolons

You can obtain Loyalty Points by simply playing the game. If you’ve played the game for a few days, you should have noticed that you receive a gift for every day that you are logged in the game. At day 10 you receive 1000 loyalty points.

Killing Eidolons at the Eidolon temple gives some LP as well (random chance). The Temple of Eidolons is located just outside of Navea and is available every 6 hours starting at 12 AM Eastern Time (Server Time). This also gives you a chance at getting an Eidolon Key Fragmet. If you combine 10 Key Fragments of the same Eidolon you can get a Key for that Eidolon and capture it. I recommend doing this temple whenever the cooldown is up.

Another great way to obtain LP is to kill the World Boss “Banoleth” or “Bisolen” which is accessible once you are level 60. World boss gives anywhere from 500-1000+ total LP and is by far the BEST way to obtain LP. You can gain anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 LP a day depending on how many world boss events you attend. The World Boss spawns every 4 hours at Vulture’s Vale and Blizzard Berg in EVERY channel. (He shows up randomly on a timer.. so search google for worldboss banoleth timer)

Dragon Points are points awarded through killing monsters and bosses. You can purchase awesome items (costumes, mounts, weapons, armors, enchantments, etc) with Dragon Points. You also receive special rewards by having a certain amount of Dragon Points. You can check this by clicking on the Encyclopedia which is located on the top right of your screen. It will look like a globe. (You can hold up to a total of 200,000 Dragon Points, but the reward points will continue to count upwards of 300,000. Dragon Point counter (meter bar) will reset the 1st of every month. You will still keep the Dragon Points you earned.

5) Paragon Table/ Item Mall

The Paragon Table is basically like playing roulette. You obtain Ruby Coins either through purchasing it with AP or purchasing it with LP (Loyalty Points). Once you have ruby coins simply hit the letter ‘I” then click the “Paragon Table” tab. Start playing the paragon table for a chance to win the item of your choice. The way this works is you start from the bottom row and slowly work your way up until you reach the item you want. If you land on an item you want, click Receive item now and end the paragon game. If you want to go higher up, then roll again to go up a level in the paragon table. The game will keep going until you either 1) Land on Emerald Shards or 2) Select the item you want. If you choose emerald shards, you can later use those to bypass the bottom rows of the paragon table. It will say on the left side for example “10 Emerald Shard”, which means it costs 10 ES to play that row without using Ruby Coins.

6) Tips and Tricks

You can “upgrade” your skills and masteries by purchasing Theories or Analyses of your skill/master from the Masters in Navea (located in the military district). Theses “upgrades” will increase the overall effectiveness of your skills/masteries. You can also purchase these in your Guild Hall from the NPC to the left of the AH. You can even purchase these with Dragon Points in the Encyclopedia.

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  1. whitechamelia says:

    Thank you so much for this guide! It’s definitely really helpful, I’m playing as a duelist (sub class: gunslinger) and this certainly helped me out a lot. I’m so grateful you took the time to make this guide and once again, thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Chadesiel says:

    I really like your guild! Just by reading it I already understand the game by a lot. Wish I had read this earlier. Anyway, if you see this may you email me and give me some tips? I currently joined this game playing as Ronin (sup class: Gunslinger). I’m having some trouble with my e-path (don’t really know what to add), and my stats (my defence stats are all eva-89% right now). But my hp is very low (like 20000). For att stats I added 60 spd and the rest is all crit. Is this good? (I got 1 hit ko by some other level 68 ronin)
    BTW: I’m currently level 61
    Do I need to add spd?

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