Summoners War TOA 100 Clear Guide

Summoners War Trials of Ascension 100 Clear Guide by MIGHTY101

so I know there has been many posts related to this topic. I will share what my experiences were and what I learned.

TOA 1-59

Toa 1-59 i autoed. The basic strategy of toa is to crowd control the monsters. 1-59 I used my DPs line up with bella and ahman to heal. If you are having trouble with these stages you are going to have to work harder. Farm runes through Giants, refresh shop for more good runes and spend your crystals wisely. Any must have monsters for 1-59? Not really.. I do recommend everyone to fuse baretta, farm ahman, Darion and bella from SD. These 4 mons are very useful overall. Not just in toa, with good runes, they can get you up to late Conq and help you farm PvE content easier. Bella and ahman is mostly what I used in toa 1-100. Darion wasn’t used that much, however his passive and the insanely useful first skill makes him a monster in arena. So get farming for those secret dungeons. And some of you might ask why baretta. It’s not necessarily for his despair use, but his kit itself. The second skill is probably one of the best skills to be used in toa 100. The third skill does dots so you can clear high Hp stages a lot faster. So get fusing and farming for these mons. Also highly recommend bernard and shannon. Great duo for Giants team plus these two helped me so much in my journey to beat 100. Konamiya is another one. He literally saved my ass in 90+ of toa. I highly recommend you to get one and build with violent.

TOA 60-80

Toa 60 was where I started manualling. You all would probably know why. This cycle 60 was Seara and the bombers, so I had to manually use konamiya’s turns wisely to manipulate the Bombs. 60-79 I used a team mixed of crowd control and DPS. This is where it started getting a little harder. So I put in baretta to help me crowd control some of the waves. All went well until I hit 80. 80 is another troublesome stage. The occult girls are soo soo soo annoying, but what annoyed me the most were the Raoq’s and Verde stage. No matter wat I did I couldn’t get pass them. This is where the aria power kicks in. I used baretta lead, aria, Hwa, bernard, ahman to clear this stage. I managed to get pass the second stage then on the boss stage the battle was close but I won. Basically the strategy for this is to provoke the occult girls with ahman and keep the imps stunned while you kill wind og. I used Hwa to lock down wind og. Aria’s glancing hit debuff helped so much here. Anyways I will move on can’t say everything here.

TOA 80-90

80-90 was pretty easy tbh. I started using my full crowd control team; Baretta lead, Aria, Bernard, Ahman, Kona/Hwa/Sigmarus. Keep in mind that my aria is only 11k Hp 5 stars, 5 stars baretta with 16k Hp, kona with 16k Hp 5 stars. This is how strong the crowd control team is. Enough crowd control and you can utilise monsters with 10k and below HP, if you control the enemy well. 90 wasn’t all that hard.. Just burst down viking boss at the end and you will pretty much win.

TOA 90-99

90+ was the real game. I will just say who was key in my setups. Baretta and Aria were really really helpful. I don’t have tyron or any other crowd control monster except for despair shannon. Baretta and aria with despair is pretty much all the cc you need for the whole of toa. Add in shannon despair and you got a strong squad. 91 was easy. Only 3 liches which I could easily control with my baretta and aria. 92 was fairly easy but could be very dangerous. I controlled them very well with baretta and aria yet again. I used konamiya here too just to add in a little ‘cheating’ resurge to reduce baretta cooldown so I could get dots on faster. 93 was a joke. All you need is a glancing debuffer or anti CRIt shield and sustain and you are good to go. 94 wasn’t a nightmare surprisingly. I always get frustrated when I can’t beat a stage in less than 2 tries, so yeah I was frustrated but here sigmarus helped heaps! I know I didn’t recommend you to get him, but if you can fuse this guy! He is a big help in PvE. I used baretta and aria to keep the light squad boss at 94 from attacking. Sigmarus helped to take them out quickly. 95 is very easy if you use sustain team. 96 was tricky but I managed to DPs out of it. 97 probably the easiest floor from 90-100. 98 looks hard but it really isn’t baretta and aria shut them down. 99 was frustrating. I was stuck here for a week. Then I took advice of a fellow summoner and used baretta lead, Sigmarus, ahman, shannon and bella and got past it. Here you really have to be somewhat lucky with your stuns and violent procs if you have any violents. Once again Sigmarus proved himself fuse-worthy (I didn’t fuse him btw rolled him ages ago).

TOA 100

100 was much much easier than my expectation. This was the only stage I used someone aside of my normal farmable team. And OFCOURSE it was Hwa. If you have gotten her, you can clear toa no problem. I took baretta lead(5 star), bernard(6 star), ahman(6 star), konamiya (lvl 29 5 star) and Hwa(6 star). First and second stages were relatively easy. First stage I took Acasis out first here. Second stage I took Vanessa’s out first. The boss stage was surprisingly very easy. Barettas and Hwa’s dots were used on right tower. It went down in 3 turns. Then I autoed and locked in boss as my target, I didn’t have to worry about him out healing my DMg. It was so easy with hw. The left tower eventually went down with barettas AoE dots. What I have to say for this floor in general is if u are using Hwa team, just clear right tower and make sure to cleanse the def debuff from boss through any cleanser(konamiya is best I found).

So if you read the whole ‘guide’ hats off to you. I got FIRE BROWNIE MAGICIAN from scroll :(((.

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