Summoners War Dragons B10 Guide

Summoners War Dragons B10 Guide by Rayne88

This is meant as a rule of thumb general guide on how to create your own DB10 team with the mons u have and can farm. For those with dungeon breaking mons like hwa, verde, and velajuel, you probably don’t need this guide for DB10. I will give examples of farmable mons for all the roles that I will be going over for the F2P players out there. I will not however, be giving out rune suggestions for mons like Bella and Ahman, if you are at a point where u are ready to create a DB10 team, you should already know how to rune such mons.

Disclaimer: This guide is NOT for lowbies below level 40. DB10 is the HARDEST dungeon in the game and to be able to successfully farm it there are some prerequisites u need to meet before attempting to tackle it. Remember these are only meant as a benchmark to see if u are ready for dragons B10. You SHOULD have a handful of 6* mons. You SHOULD have at least a few sets of decent usable violent runes and/or other 6* rune sets. You SHOULD be able to clear at least TOA 70 normal, you SHOULD have a giants B10 team.


There are a few things that make DB10 the hardest dungeon in the game. 1. Crystals can and will def debuff your mons making them easy targets (AI will target def debuffed mons). 2. Zaiross miniboss level will destroy unsuspecting teams with the max cooldown and def breaking heavy hitting crystals. 3. Dragon boss has a powerful counter when u kill crystals, does big damage to mons with continuous damage debuff, and will gain a surge of power when below 30% health. 4. If u have decent violent runes, use them for your support mons, cooldown reduction is essential and can be the difference between winning and failing.

With all of these tough foes, DB10 is truly scary even for experienced players.

Team Building: In order to be able to full auto/semi auto this dungeon, there are several roles you need to have your mons fill.

  1. The DPS – This is the guy that does the big damage, 1 shots the crystals, and makes the dragon writhe in pain. A perfect mon for this is Sigmarus (water phoenix), he is fusable, does big damage, can cc with 1st and 2nd skill, and 3rd skill can apply atk debuff. As a bonus he comes with a big dungeon hp lead which will help you survive. Other mons that can potentially fill this role not including heavy hitting nat5*’s is Kaz, Susano(water ninja-fusion), Roaq(maybe), or any mon that can apply continuous damage at a good rate. Lumi (water sylphid) and baretta (fire sylph-fusion) can also fill the role of the DPS with their continuous damage abilities. Personally, if you don’t have any of these monsters and don’t feel like fusing sig, Susano is definitely a good monster to fuse and use for DB10.
  2. The debuff clearer – This mon’s main purpose is to clear def debuffs and dots from the enemy mobs. Kona (water garuda) is good for this, but what I’ve found out after many runs of DB10 is that his AI sucks, and can lead to your death. You want him to have 100% resis, and very high speed if he is your only debuff clearer (probably 170 spd or more) along with decent hp (18K+), and of course violent runes. A lot of the times for me, Kona himself is not enough, especially if his spd is not high enough, in this case u want to pair him up with another debuff remover or immunity buffing mon i.e. chloe, fedora, delphoi, and anavel. If you are lucky enough to have Velajuel (fire archangel), he is all you need for this role if 3rd skilled is maxed. The best obtainable mon for this role IMO, is veromos (dark ifrit). Not only does he clear 1 debuff from each monster every turn, but he can also apply dots to the towers/boss and cc with his second skill along with his 33% HP lead. If you are using him as ur only debuff clearer, u want him to either be violent and have 140+ spd, or swift with as much spd as possible (170+) or he won’t be able to out clear the dragons debuffs. Runes should be spd/hp/hp.
  3. The Reviver – Due to the power of the crystals, zaiross miniboss, and the dragon boss himself, your monster WILL die. Therefore you almost always want a reviver on your team. Mikene (water undine), Michelle (wind epikion), Briand (wind death knight) can fill this role. For this mon, you want him/her to have high hp (especially briand and michelle) and as high as possible resistance. The reason for resistance is because you do not want this mon to die before the dragon, or its almost a guaranteed fail if u are on auto. Mikene and Michelle are probably the easiest to obtain for this role, and both would benefit from violent runes. If violents are not available, you can have them on energy sets or swift sets (despair work for mikene as well) to increase their speed. For Mikene, you’d want at least 20k hp and good resis. Michelle and Briand require more hp due to their elemental weakness to the dragon.
  4. And 5. The healers – This dungeon dishes out so much damage, that IMO it’s never a bad thing to have too many healers. This is also where u can use your secondary debuff clearer/immunity giver. Good mons for this role are Bella (light inu-farmable), ahman (light bearman-farmable), chloe, chasun, delphoi, fedora (maybe), anavel.


Chasun is VERY good for dragons, if u are lucky enough to have her utilize her op healing abilities.

If you have Kona as ur lone debuff clearer, he must have 100% resis (or close to it), 170spd (or more), and at least 18k hp on violent runes. Any less and be prepared to fail a fair amount of times.

Bella and Ahman are a great 1-2 combo healers for this, and you probably already have them for giants.

A Def debuffing healer like Bella will make the runs a lot easier, since the DPS mon should be able to 1 shot a crystal after bella debuffs.


Semiauto strategy:

a. Crystal levels – Target the bigger crystals first cuz they do more damage.

b. Miniboss level – target the left crystal first, then right, then zaiross. Left tower has less hp than right tower.

c. Boss level – target left tower, if your reviver gets the last hit on the tower and dies to the dragons counter target the dragon next. If not, target right tower next then dragon. The reason you want to kill both towers is so u can either dot the boss or debuff the boss, remember when he has 30% hp or less his attack power increases, at that point the longer the battle is the more likely you are to fail.

Auto strategy – left tower then boss. The reason I say this is because if your reviver dies to the dragon counter from killing the left tower, you cant risk losing another mon to the counter after u kill the right tower. Targeting the left tower then boss will insure u the higher chance of victory even if RNGESUS doesn’t like you.

About my team – I run Sigmarus, Veromos, Chasun, Bella, and Mikene, on full auto. The only times I lose is when mikene gets targeted and killed in the zaiross miniboss stage, and sig gets killed in the following stage. Veromos chasun and bella can take down the boss as long as the left tower is gone.

Monsters here:,x5PsGxE,6DFMj4w,z4bJ4ZW,PevQbSI#4 all are violent except Sigmarus who is rage blade. There are 5 images in the link one for each monster.

Sorry for the bad spelling, grammar, and other issues in the post, I am writing this while at work so there isn’t much time to edit.

Feel free to post comments and suggestions.

Shoutout to the guys in Malicious guild who helped me construct my DB10 team. U GUYS ARE THE BEST!!


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4 Responses

  1. raylis says:

    thanks for your guide, I’m working on my db10 team Sig (L) belladeon veromos mikene and megan. Left tower kill then boss. Is not bad as a starter team. It just need some good runes to work because sometimes my mikene is killed.

  2. liheber says:

    My team for Giants B10 and Dragon B9:

    Veromos – Anavel – Bella – Bernard – Shannon


    For Dragons B10 iam bulding:

    Veromos – Anavel – Bella – Verdehille – Megan

  3. mojopain says:

    sorry i mean dragon b10..

    hi..thank u for the guide that u give.. this is my team and what is your recommendation for the best team…

    i have susano, taor, emma, konamiya, megan, kahn, huga.

    i am planning to build water team for the DRAGON*.

    what is the best water team for db10 with the mons i have?

  4. mojopain says:

    hi..thank u for the guide that u give.. this is my team and what is your recommendation for the best team…

    i have susano, taor, emma, konamiya, megan, kahn, huga.

    i am planning to build water team for the giant.

    what is the best water team for db10 with the mons i have?

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