Summoners War B2 HoH Guide

Summoners War B2 HoH Guide by Crisis7

This is what I used to beat HoH B2:

Leader – Orochi 5* Lv35

Shannon – 5* Lv31

Bernard – 5* Lv29

Rakaja – 5* Lv27

Belladeon – 4* Lv29

IMO debuffs/buffs/heals are your best friend in this, you will either need 6* gank monsters to power through this or a heavily fortified and sustained team.

I personally have two aoe team healers as the wave tend to spread fire based on what your team composition has.

Speed is very helpful in that I can strike them three times for every one time they can hit me.

Here’s a Break down of the waves in each stage and what I recommend:

Stage 1: 5 Unawakened Sylphids – There guys are easy, I recommend you kill the Wind one first because of her shield, followed by the water, then dark, light, and then fire. Always kill the fire first or the last so her heal is ineffective on her death.

Stage 2: 2 Wind and 2 Light Unawakened Sylphids – Kill the Wind first so they don’t cast their shield. Then kill the light.

Stage 3: Wind Sylph Shimitae and Light Undine

Kill the Light Undine first, she is has fairly low resists and susceptible to stunning and other debuffs. Once she or Shimitae reach low HP, she will attempt to cast her invulnerability shield. Either kill her before she casts it or have a dispel skill ready.

Shimitae is also highly susceptible to debuffs, slowing him down, breaking his attack and inflicting glancing makes him hit like a baby. Your team can easily tank his attacks and send him to his grave to join the undine.

Stage 4: 5 Awakened Sylphids – Here the attack order is different, The Dark Sylphid gains a nasty attack that will kill poorly tanked units in one shot, you must knock out this unit because she do a lot of damage to your team, bear in mine the water Sylphid can heal for 100% HP. The Dark,Water, and Wind are the main focus, what order you do it is up to you. If you can kill one of the sylphs before their team comes, then kill the dark followed by the wind and then water.

Stage 5: 3 Awakened Sylphids Fire/Dark/Water. As mentioned before take out the Dark ASAP, Followed by the Water. The fire sylphid is hardly a threat even to my wind based team.

Stage 6: Final : 2 Awakened Sylphids Wind – Acasis/Light – Mihael.

**Observed Behavior of Boss AI: -At the Start Acasis will apply her shield to both her and Mihael.

-Mihael will start off hitting someone with her second skill which does high damage and can set skills into cooldown.

-Acasis will usually attack the same target that Mihael has struck if it is not elemental disadvantage aka Fire.

-They will focus on that single target until it is healed up to nearly full hp, which then they will give up and shoot someone else.

-When Mihael/Acasis goes to 30% of their HP Acasis will use her Aoe Attack/Heal Spell, while Mihael will heal and apply Defense Buff.

-Usually at around this stage their skills are in cooldown and will simply attack, leaving you a window of opportunity to burn one of them down before their skills become active again.

My Recommendation is to take out Mihael ASAP. Her third skill hits hard and she can heal and provide a defense buff to herself and Acasis.

How I handled her was this:

Apply Attack/Defense Debuff on her. Buff Your team’s attack and defense. Apply Glancing hit Debuff. Apply Slow down Debuff on Mihael. Dispel Acasis Shield on Mihael. Smack Down hard on Mihael. Dispel her defense buff when she heals herself. Reapply Debuffs and continue hitting her, at this stage all their skills are in cooldown, making them vulnerable.

**Make sure you heal everytime your ally monster is at or below 60% of their HP.

Once you kill Mihael, things get much easier. Killing Acasis should be simple once you killed Mihael.

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