Smash 4 Custom Turbo Farming Guide

Smash 4 Custom Turbo Farming Guide by Dunnobro

After hearing some grief about speed and duplicates regarding this method, I’ve decided to go into more depth about how to address them. This method makes the game focus on getting customs for a specific character you don’t have most/any customs for so the likelihood of getting new ones is higher.

Step 1: Prepare your tag with the A button set to specials, and the turbo controller with the A button able to be affixed down.

Step 2: Find a character without all their customs unlocked, or any customs at all.

Step 3: Proceed to target blast stage 2 with that character. Hit start/retry until you see a green wrench on screen, and can hit it with your character.

Optional If you can’t do that. Proceed to trophy rush, and just play until you get at least 1 green wrench icon. You don’t need to be very good to get this. This also gives custom preference.

Step 4: Quit and return to the Character Selection Screen. DO NOT EXIT THE CSS. It will reset your “active” character. Choose ganon and begin the old farming method there.

(Simply turn on the turbo for the A button while specials are set to the A button so ganon will warlock punch and re-enter target blast himself)

The game will now give preference to giving you new customs. Generally it seems to take about 2-5 hours to get all customs for that character this way. (Of course it also gives you customs for many, many other characters too in this time) So check back every now and then to see if it’s finished, so you can reset your “active” character for ganon to get customs for.

This isn’t too helpful for when you’re starting out with few customs as it will only make you get 1-2 more fully unlocked custom characters every few hours, but it will help in the long run when you need to finish barely incomplete sets across the board. It’s definitely worth it to make your “active” character just not ganon when he has all his customs at that point, at the very least.

This also makes the non-turbo version of this much more efficient.

Anyone feel free to share this is in any way you desire, videos, your own guides, it doesn’t matter. Just get people unlocking customs!

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