Puzzle & Dragons Farming KotG Guide

Puzzle & Dragons Farming KotG Guide by QnA

Let me first start by admitting that I’m a shitty player. Beyond shitty in fact. I’m certain that 90% of you are better then me. And I’m also extremely light-IAP which means I don’t have a plethora of gods to pick from when I’m putting together teams. I mention that because I want to make clear how brainless this is for those having the kind of trouble I was.

I was able to beat KotG around rank 200, but I couldn’t farm it with any consistency. I couldn’t put together a team that could “no-brain” the dungeon. I didn’t like the thought of the chance of losing 17 stamina so I never farmed it, instead farming Queen of the Gods with my janky Athena team.

Then recently, I discovered Ulimate evolved Beelzebub. I noticed he had 2 double prongs like Athena and even higher attack. I also noticed that even though Zeus had insane HP, he was weak against dark. I thought maybe I could run Beelzebub like a dark Athena. I decided to bite the bullet (even though I didn’t have optimal subs) and put in the effort to level him and a few of my dark subs up. It was probably the best decision I’ve ever made in this game. Farming KotG is literally a joke now, I can literally (not figuratively) faceroll the last two floors after popping actives and beat the dungeon. If you’re struggling to put together something which can 100% consistently farm KotG like I was, you don’t have too. It’s all thanks to Beelze. He’s one of the highest ranked monsters on JP servers for a reason, now I know why.


The cool thing about this team set up is there is no need for rows. Don’t get me wrong, they help out a lot and certainly don’t hurt, but they’re not needed as you’ll see in my video. In it, I just do a single double prong on Zeus. That’s it. No rows.

The only requirements for this setup is King Baddie (or Chibi Lu Bu) a Ronia friend (super hard to find, I know) and a way to make a bunch of dark orbs on floor 10. You can do this with CDD, Jester dragon + vamp, Hanahime, Wicked Lady, etc… If you have the REM god version of those, like Persephone, or Pandora when her Uevo gets here, or DValk, etc, go with those instead. Hell, use D/D Anubis if you need (changes wood to dark), just plug in the subs you need to make a bunch of dark orbs on the Zeus floor.

The only non-REM monster I’m using in the video is Haku for her orb change. Her + CDD = lots of dark orbs. But again, she’s not required, I only have her there for her active skill is and that can be replaced with other orb changing monsters. She is easily replaceable. edit: added second video where I run without Haku

So to recap, this is what’s required:

  • A way to make a bunch of dark orbs on floor 10
  • Ronia Friend
  • King Baddie (or Chibi Lu Bu)

My KotG team is this: Beelzebub/CDD/Haku/Hadar/Chibi-LuBu (king baddie works equally well)/Ronia Friend

With that team, I have yet to die in KotG and I’ve ran the dungeon at least 70 times now. I used to run it with Vamp instead of Hadar but found Vamp redundant. He’s a nice “oh shit” panic button type monster, but I barely ever used him. Hadar, at least, is an excellent stat stick and his active could be used to help me OHKO floor 9. I think if I was running a descend with this team, I’d stick Vamp back in there.

Final Three Floors

The first 7 floors of the dungeon just mow through, you don’t really need to worry about saving orbs. Just make sure all your active skills are up floor 9.

  1. Floor 8: This guy’s a kitten. With Ronia’s RCV buff, he can’t really kill you unless, well, I don’t know. It’s literally impossible to die unless you purposely avoid matching hearts. Though, I always try to make sure I have at least 28k HP before leaving this floor so I can take a hit from floor 9 if need be. It never happens, but I just like to be safe rather than sorry.
  2. Floor 9: This is actually the most difficult floor I think, but that’s saying something because it’s not particularly hard. Here, you pop Ronia and either match combos, double prongs or rows. It’s player’s choice. Whichever is the most comfortable for you. I actually bring along a second orb enhance (hadar) just to guarantee I one shot this floor. I pop Ronia and then Hadar (orb enhance). If I’m in the mood for double prongs, I’ll go with that, sometimes I make rows for shits and giggles, or if I’m feeling it, combos. It doesn’t really matter. Just make do with what Ronia’s active gives you.
  3. Floor 10: Looks intimidating but it’s not. It’s actually easy. Here, you pop all your actives. The key is to making a bunch of dark orbs because you’re getting a double attack boost. 3x ATK from Baddie and a similar attack boost from Beelzebub’s active. A full board of enhanced orbs is another 3.02x ATK boost (without combos). Combined that with Zeus being weak against dark and you literally can faceroll the board and kill him. Again, the catch, however, is that you need a way to make enough dark orbs so that the enhanced orbs can do their job. They work better when there are more of them.


This is my very first PAD video. In fact, I think it’s the first video I ever published on the internet.


I was talking to a co-working while I was running this dungeon, so I was only half paying attention to the actual game. If you spot mistakes even an amateur wouldn’t make, that’s why. I think it goes to highlight just how easy this dungeon is with a Beelzebub team. I don’t even really need to pay attention while I’m running the dungeon.

Warning: I should warn people that nobody should really bother trying this out until all your monsters are max leveled. With the stat boosts from both leaders, it amplifies the weakness of an under-leveled or half-leveled team. It really does make the difference.

2nd Video – Completely Farmable Team

Some people have questioned my use of Haku, saying she’s not replaceable. I contend she’s isreplaceable and have proof. I just made a second video replacing her and CDD with Vamp and a level 43 Jester Dragon.

Here’s the 2nd Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkamfu3hjTY

You’ll note that I pretty much just facerolled my way through the dungeon and even had a bad Ronia board. Still easy peasy.

Edit: Bonus Video – This isn’t my video, but it’s a fully farmable Beelzebub team taking down Zeus Vulcan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QSfbxiPwoo

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