Monster Hunter Sword and Shield Tips

Monster Hunter Sword and Shield Tips by CoelhitoV

As an SnS player since Freedom Unite, I just wanna give you the “6 tips you need to know to kick some monster ass as an SnS player” guide, in order to share a little bit of my hunting knowledge with you. Hope you like it :D

1.- You have a shield, but it has a “just for an emergency” sign: you are not the same kind of “bring it to me, I’ll tank it” guy as Lance users. I’m not saying that your shield is useless, not at all, but you have to see it like something situational, not the first thing to use (although sometimes, like when being charged by a monster just after healing, it’s your priority). You have to learn when is the proper time to use it, but your shield is weak, so focus on the evading and keep moving like a roadrunner. Taking this into account, Evading +1 is a nice skill for you. Ev+2 is a bit better (and even a bit better Ev+3), but if you can handle yourself with +1 you won’t need more. This is not a must have skill (unless you focus on bombing), but is a nice one to have.

2.- YOLO? Don’t fuck with me: so we just said you can’t block everything, but I won’t suggest you either going for the monster like a headless chicken. You can be attacking all the time, but you need to learn something first: positioning. If you know how the monster you’re facing moves perfectly, attack and roll non-stop knowing where their attacks are coming from and evading them just for attacking again. If you are not sure about how the monster moves, wait for and opening and go for it, but always thinking about how to carry yourself to safety.

3.- BOOM! That’s how I roll: if you wanna be the “exploding shit” guy, then go for Evasion+2 first (Ev+1 should be enough if you know when to dodge properly) and learn when to evade the two Large Bombs+ you just placed in front of the head of and slept monster. “Slept you said? BLACK MAGICS!” Don’t worry, no black magics, it’s just my Sleep status inflicter sword + Status Up skill. Some people go for paralysis, but sleep is better just for something: Damage bonus to the first hit when slept. PS: You also can go for bombing without Evasion, but it needs a lot of practice and extremely correct timing. You can also go for sleepbombing without it, throwing a rock at the bombs or placing a small one, but, between us, stylish bombing is too damn cool to not going for it.

4.- Someone gotta carry the team, and why not being that guy?: so you go for SnS, and everyone sends you flying in the air in multiplayer, they do more damage than you and have bigger weapons, I guess they are compensating something? (If you know what I mean). Seeing this, you get mad and decide to change your weapon when going for multiplayer: WRONG! Maybe you’re not using it properly (and maybe that CB and LS guys are mo**ns, but we are talking about ourselves).

First: position yourself. Go for the part of the monster the rest can reach or don’t try to cut tails against a flying Rathalos when the LS guy can do it easier. If the monster is pinned, go for the part the rest is not attacking: wings, tail or even legs/chest (get that Gravios, you goddamn fat rocky-dragon!); don’t go for the head if the Hammer or CB guy is doing so, it’s their job.

Second: all your team gets carted excepting you? Then try to help ’em. Being the support guy as a SnS user is so much better than it looks (and also funnier). Wide Range is awesome playing SnS: heal your team with your weapon out just before they die. Or why not using a Flash Bomb when that Silver-Annoying-as-f**k-Rahalos doesn’t even expect it? Try playing like this: your team will love you and you too. Also skills like Psychic, Speed Setup and Perception are useful for the team.

5.- Become a mount master (since MH4): after IG users (and some good lancers too), you’re the second best mounting machine in the game, so try to get in that monster back if you have where to jump from. The hammer guy will love you if you get that Rajang pinned (his horns won’t think the same way).

6.- Skills? What should I use?: I’ll make it simple: it depends on they way you like to play, it’s that easy. You have tons of skill combinations to use, but they will be useful depending on your play style: if you wanna go aggressive, try to retain your Sharpness, Sharpness+1, go for Attack+ or be the Crit guy. If you wanna support, go for the skills I told you in point 4. Wanna explode some monster ass? Upgrade your sleep status or bomb damage, have at least Evasion+1 (it’s a must have) or even go for SpeedSetup.

In order to end this “6 tips for SnS users”, I just wanna tell you something: SnS is so versatile, so use it the way you like the most and experiment with it.

I hope this article is useful for you, hunter. I wrote it with all my poogey love. Good luck and happy hunting! (:

TL;DR: it’s a “guide”, aren’t you really gonna read it? C’mon, mate, don’t be like that, don’t lie to yourself: you know you wanna read it.

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  1. Phill says:

    Hi… Can you tell me what pièce of armor can i use For stylish bombing? I need trapmaster, Bombardier and evasion right?

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