LoL Vayne Quick Guide

LoL Vayne Quick Guide by Chaushie

I’ve noticed recent Vayne controversy floating around so i’ve decided to create a quick, precise guide to help those with any inquiries they may have whilst playing The Night Hunter.

Vayne has been a consistent pick for me, even playing her out of meta she stands as my favourite champion having over 1,000 games on her.

Who are you? I started league back in Season 2 but had gaps where I wouldn’t play. Season 3 I had reached Silver Elo and even working my way up to Platinum in Season 4. Right now i’m sitting on Gold I (Current Season 5) very rarely venturing out into the abyss of yolo Q.


Seal of Armor x9 Glyph of Magic Resist x9 Mark of Attack Damage x9 Quint of Attack Speed x3

I find these runes to be highly effective with any ADC in the current meta especially Vayne, the extra attack speed tremendously eases the proc of Silver Bolts.

Build order:

BoTRk – Currently the strongest core item for Vayne. The combined effects of lifesteal, attack speed and some attack damage + the two passives making it the impetus of Vaynes itemisation.

Berserker’s Greaves – Standard AD boots, nice attack speed bonus + movement

Phantom Dancer (PD) – 35% crit chance + the attack speed makes Vayne extremely versatile transitioning into mid game. Your core item after BoTRk.

Last Whisper (LW) – This item combined with Silver Bolts is the sole cause of Vayne’s Damage. 35% Armor Pen + Silver Bolts = Tank destroyer. Take this before Infinity Edge.

Infinity Edge (I.E) – Chunk machine, This increases Vayne’s crit chance to 55% dealing 50% more in critical damage. Also gives you a nice 80 AD to burst down any of your opponents.

These items stand as cores for Vayne, your build shouldn’t be a fixed set of items. It should revolve around the team composition and the game progress.


Passive (Night Hunter) – +(30) movement speed when chasing a target. Combined with (Q) Tumble, this makes Vayne a very mobile AD.

(Q) Tumble – This is your main ability! It can be either used OFFENSIVELY or DEFENSIVELY. I see so many inexperienced Vayne’s tumbling into the enemy tanks only to be CC’d! This is a low mana costing dodge tool! Use wisely!!!! Very handing for engaging and disengaging + combined with auto’s and (W) Silver Bolts to create devastating procs.

(W) Silver Bolts – Why Vayne is so versatile! Each third Bolt deals true damage of % health. This is why Vayne is a tank destroyer! Use with your (Q) Tumble to proc your rings easier.

(E) Condemn – Your only form of Crowd Control (CC) Use wisely to either create distance from a target or to proc your 3 rings! Smart condemns will be used to stun your target against the wall for an easy kill.

(R) Final Hour – I also see many inexperienced Vayne’s popping Ult before the fight even starts then getting caught out because they prematurely ulted. THIS SHOULD BE USED TO ESCAPE OR JUKE THE ENEMY! You are granted 2 seconds of invisibility whilst using (Q) Tumble whilst being in Final Hour use this wisely to surprise your target or escape them in a different direction.

Game Phases:

Early Laning Phase – This is Vayne’s weakest point to counteract her devastating late game. Depending on your matchup you should only be using this time to safely farm without being out-traded by your enemies and forced to back. Your support should provide consistent poke to the enemy AD in an attempt to deny the enemies creeps.

Mid Laning Phase – This is when you will have your BoTRk and greaves. You are aiming to proc your silver bolts as much as possible, you should also be poking the enemy combined with your support.

Mid Game – By now you should have your three main items, BoTRk, PD, Greaves. You can either choose to stay in lane and farm for your Last Whisper or choose to roam with your support depending if you have successfully won lane.

Late Game – At this point you will have maxed out your (W) Silver Bolts. You are the most devastating late, you should be roaming with your team to create deep vision or capture objectives. Pushing as a team and winning fights.

Kiting & Positioning as Vayne!

A huge misconception of Vayne players choose to dive into the enemy team and hero their way out of a 1v5. This mentality comes from pro players that CAN 1v5 the enemy team. Vayne should be played depending on how your team is going, players like Uzi show relentless aggression when he plays Vayne. This often causes him to be caught out of position, but being Uzi he can kite is way out of sticky situations.

Positioning as Vayne should be between your tanks to deal as much damage as possible from a safe range. It does not matter if you are targeting the tanks renekton if you are safe from the enemy team.

Kiting is an acquired skill. It takes general experience and game sense to pull it off. Attack move click can be used to target the nearest enemy unit without accidentally running into the enemy team.

This has been my quick Vayne guide!

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