LoL Elixir of Ruin Tip

LoL Elixir of Ruin Tip by tesselcraig

When your team snags that sweet, purple baron buff, and you’re all gonna recall to pick up your last items, refresh wards and gather yourselves…


Why? Let’s examine what Ruin does.

  • Grants 250 health.

Is picking up extra health ever a bad thing? Nope.

  • You deal 15% bonus damage to towers.

Not a huge deal – but it helps you keep up with the rest of your team when it comes to driving down those pesky inhib towers.

  • Grants Siege Commander for 3 minutes.

Sounds pretty good… let’s look at what Siege Commander is!

  • Siege Commander: Nearby minions gain 15% bonus damage to towers and gain movement speed based on champion’s movement speed.

What. WHAT. This is INCREDIBLY powerful. First of all, let’s think about stacking that Baron Buff on Siege Commander. Your minions, who already have a sweet purple glow, now have another buff to add on to their damage.

But, what does that mean, exactly? Let’s examine exactly what the Hand of Baron gives your minions.

ALL Minions – Increase their movement speed to up to 90% of averaged nearby friendly champions. Capped at 500. How does this stack with the “increases movement speed based based on nearby friendly champions” from Siege Commander? No idea – but it can only go well. Besides – with your Mobility Boots (and possible Alacrity enchantment) then you should have the highest movement speed on your team – making your minions go FAST. Props if you’re playing something silly like support Hecarim and can pretend to be Sonic…GottaGoFast .

Melee Minions – increased size, attack range, and damage-resistance against enemy turrets and champions.

Caster Minions – increased attack speed, attack damage, attack range.

Siege Minions – increased attack range, increased attack damage, attacks are now AoE.

Super Minions – increased attack speed, increased movement speed when near enemies.

What does that sound like? A GREAT time when you then tell your minions “hey, I bought an Elixir of Ruin – so feel free to deal an additional +15% damage to that tower!”

It’s like you buy each of your melee minions a BF sword to go ham with, and your caster minions get a Needlessly Large Rod to strap to their crotch and beat your enemies around the face with. Shit’s broke.

EDIT: Yes, Elixir of Iron is probably more powerful on certain supports coughcough BRAUM IS HERE cough and on mage-supports, Sorcery might be a worthwhile damage boost and mana-regen boost… but on utility/tank supports where size doesn’t mean everything, Ruin might be your best bet.

If you’re buying Wrath on a support, you’re not a support.

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