FFXIV Triple Triad NPC Conquest Guide

FFXIV Triple Triad NPC Conquest Guide by saceria

If you have a strategy you want to share for beating an NPC realiably, post below and I will consolidate it into this post, try to keep it newb friendly (i.e. weak cards)

This is just a list of the NPCs, and the order I think you should defeat them and obtain their cards, anyone could work most of this out by lookin’ at the NPC lists on either of these 2 awesome resources:


A Realm Reblog

Also, Some NPC’s require MSQ\QUEST COMPLETION in order to challenge them, Some hide their challenge behind accepting a quest (i.e. gegeruju), if you havent done it.

Getting Started:

Get to the golden saucer, do your starter quests.

Then go and defeat these NPC’s till you get the cards I’ve listed:

  • TT Master | Golden Saucer | Spriggan, can also drop chocobo, but don’t bother from her.
  • Jonas of the Three Spades | Golden Saucer | Ixal, Moogle
  • Guhtwint of the Three Diamonds | Golden Saucer | Chocobo1 , Scarface Bugaal Ja
  • Gegeruju | Costa Del Sol | Y’shtola, Minfilia (I recommend just getting Y’shtola asap, and then come back later for Minfilia)

Adventurers Guild and Early Conquest!

  • Maisenta | New Gridania (Near the Aetheryte) | Coblyn, Sylph
  • Mother Miounne | New Gridania | Goobue, Mother Miounne
  • Baderon | Limsa Lominsa | Baderon Tenfingers
  • Memeroon | Upper La (14,24) On the other side of the water, from Camp Bronze lake | Amalj’aa, Memeroon
  • Wymond | Uldah (infront of the main aetheryte) | Just Beat him once.
  • Momodi Modi | Uldah | Momodi Modi

Back to the Gold Saucer

  • Ruhtwyda of the Three Hearts | Golden Saucer | Urianger, Godbert (I recommend just beating him once, and coming back later for Urianger, Godbert you will get from the King anyway)
  • Aurifort of the Three Clubs | Golden Saucer | Just beat him once.

If you haven’t got minfilia yet, I recommend going back now and getting it.

  • King Elmer | Golden Saucer | Godbert (up to you whether you want to stay and play for bahamut, or come back later. Baha card isn’t as useful as Godbert.) | D1, D2

Graduation, embark and destroy!

  • Mimidoa | Lower La Noscea (25,35) | Biggs and Wedge
  • Buscarron | South Shroud ( 17, 20) | Raya-o-Senna & A-Ruhn-Senna, Papalymo & Yda
  • Roger | Central Thanalan (19,20) | Pudding, Morbol
  • F’hobhas | Central Thanalan (23,13) | Mutamix BubblyPots
  • Fufulupa | Western Thanalan (Horizon) | Thancred

By now, if you farmed all the above cards you should have reached 30. If you didn’t waste your time farming bahamut, and possibly even Urianger, you might be at 28-29. If so go do some Extreme trials, until you get 1-2 cards from the respective trial. They have a very high drop rate compared to the hard mode version. Or spend some of your hard earned MGP on card packs on silver or gold, until you get a card or two that you don’t have.

The climb!

  • Piralnaut | East SHroud (17,26) 1200-2000 EZT | Succubus, Frixio (Frixio is a common drop from Marcette, so get it from her)
  • Tratchoum | Lower La Noscea (35,15) 2000-0800 EZT | Titan, highly recommend getting from EX.
  • Helmhart | Eastern Thanalan (20,21) 1000-2000 EZT | Gerolt, Ultros & Typhon (Farm Ultros & Typhon from Dragon’s Neck, its a very common drop)
  • Marcette | Central Shroud (15,18) 1600-0800 EZT, Go up the branch and right in front. | Frixio, Garuda (Get Garuda from Garuda EX, its probably faster from that)
  • Hab | Southern Thanalan (24,40)4 Bottom of Sagolii Desert next to the Mining Patch | Godbert, Thancred, Hildibrand & Nashu Mhakaracca (Hildi card is a very long grind, exactly same as the Gaius grind on indolent imperial)
  • Joellaut | CCH (13,15) Whitebrim | Alphinaud & Alisaie
  • Ourdilic | CCH (6, 22) Near Entrance to Snowcloak | Blue Dragon, Behemoth | If hes too difficult, try the indolent imperial.

Left Overs

These NPC’s are not worth playing against before 30+ cards. Win % is generally very low before that.

  • Landenel | South Shroud (16,28) Camp Tranquil |IMO, beat him once. Titan, Odin (Please save your self any grief, and run Titan EX and Urth’s Font.)
  • Rowena | Mor Dhona (21,5) Far back of the town inside the building | Louisoix Leveilleur (Good Luck! Random is quite crap to play. Worse when ur below 30+ as the game still enforces the rarity rules, despite being ‘Random’.) You can always just play the Imperial instead.

The Rotation! Let the Farming Begin!

My Decks.

  • Swift | Uldah GC 0600-1100 EZT | Ifrit3, Alphinaud & Alisaie, Rhauban Aldynn | I use 7’s and play around middle with my first card.
  • R’ashaht Rhiki | Limsa GC 1400-1900 EZT | Leviathan, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn | Moderately Easy to beat with King Crusher, but not the best deck.
  • Vorsaile | Grid GC 2200-0300 EZT | Ramuh, Kan-E-Senna | If you use Ascension 2, it destroys him very easily.

You should have defeated 30 NPC’s by now! Congratulations on your new Squall Leonhart Card.

  • Now go visit Jonathas (Old Gridania (10, 6) Min Khetto’s Amphitheatre Aetheryte), to get your prize.2

Optional Extras to Defeat

  • Sezul Totoloc | North Shroud (24,23) Ixal Camp | Cid Garlond | Requires: Max Ixal Rep (rank 7) | D1
  • Indolent Imperial | Mor Dhona (11,17) near Entrance to Nth Thanalan | Livia sas Junius, Rhitahtyn sas Arvina, Nero tol Scaeva, Gaius van Baelsar (Gaius is a real pain to farm) | I have a reliable 80%+ win rate with Ascension 2, I’ve heard of better card lists out there, but I know all the ways to abuse this card set, so I use it.

My Current Deck(s) – Cause someone asked for the card names.

King Crusher: Moogle, Momodi Modi, Minfilia, Amalj’aa, Ixal

Ascension 1: Warrior of Light*, Scarface Bugaal Ja, Frixio, Mutamix Bubblypots, Memeroon.

*You can replace this with any strong card you might have.

Ascension 2: Sylph, Scarface Bugaal Ja, Frixio, Mutamix Bubblypots, Memeroon.

7’s: Baderon Tenfingers, Gerolt, Mother Miounne, Biggs & Wedge, Kan-E-Senna

Deck 5: Squall Leonheart, Baderon Tenfingers, Biggs & Wedge, Rhitahtyn sas Arvina, Livia sas Junius.

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