Evolve Behemoth Guide

Evolve Behemoth Guide by ExRegeOberonis

Behemoth is, despite his name, not a towering brick shithouse that can wade with impunity into groups of hunters at level 1 and expect to come out on top (or even alive). After several games, I’ve found that Behemoth is actually incredibly technical and possibly one of the most positioning-dependent monsters to play as.

Here’s a basic guide of what I’ve learned so far.

A stage 1 Behemoth is no threat to the hunters; a stage 3 Behemoth is a living apocalypse.
So, a lot of people probably through the Behemoth was going to be a massive, lumbering brute with all the tact of a nuclear bomb and none of the subtlety. I find almost the exact opposite is true. A stage 1 Behemoth can easily be burned from full armor to dead in a single dome if caught unfavorably. As Behemoth’s health goes up in stages, he becomes better able to trade with the hunters until finally, at stage 3, he’s Armageddon come. You need to live long enough to get out of stage 1 at all costs.

Don’t try to sneak through the whole map. Instead, keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’.
You are not Wraith. You don’t get to escape in a pinch. If you get caught out, you are probably going to die. You are, however, fast. I think Behemoth is the fastest monster in the game while he’s all balled up, and he can certainly outdistance the hunters. Consider taking the Stamina recharge perk, or Movement speed. If you see the hunters, don’t bother to stop and kill one more thing, don’t try to sneak into a corner and hide. Get rolling. Don’t stop until you can’t smell the hunters any more. Go through water, around bends, and then, maybe, sneak to throw them off your trail – but don’t try to Solid Snake your way back for an ambush. You will not succeed.

Location, location, location.
Your biggest strength lies in being able to reshape the terrain and deal a positively silly amount of area of effect damage in short order. Use small, tight areas, like canyons, buildings, tunnels, and caves. If you know the hunters want to fight you, turn around and wait. Then, single them out; split them up and smash them one by one. You don’t survive a team fight that gets dictated by the hunters.

Roll into people!
Seriously, rolling does a lot of damage. If you can line it up right, you can take a hunter from full health to no health by simply juggling them on your roll. If you can quickly roll into someone, pop out for melee swings, drop a Fissure and then pop back into a roll, they’re almost guaranteed to be dead unless they were shielded at the time.

If you’re bad with Tongue Grab, don’t take it.
Seriously, if you can’t land a grab, don’t waste the points. Even one point in Rock Wall is infinitely more useful, in my opinion, than one in Tongue Grab any day of the week. It’s a novel concept but you should focus on getting better with finding natural chokes and cutting off hunter teams rather than trying to grab one in plain view of their companions and then walling him off.

Fissure First, Lava Bomb second.
This one is personal preference, but I like to start with one point in Rock Wall, two in Fissure, then max Fissure and take 2 in Lava Bomb at the first evolution. This is because Fissure has a shorter windup time and shorter travel time at close range; this increases your burst damage output considerably with a quick Roll-melee-Fissure combination, then you can lay on a Lava Bomb where they’re going to be trying to revive their ally.

But X is overpowered!
Some hunters naturally counter specific monsters and some hunter teams are very good at what they do. You need to be better at what YOU do. If the hunters won’t leave you in peace to stealth around and evolve, eat on the move. Move a lot. You can cross the map in half the time as most the other monsters. Use this to your advantage. Are the hunters still bothering you? Draw them into a cave and wall off one of them until he’s a corpse. Lazarus got you down? LAVA BOMB THE CORPSES.

So you got domed, now what?
Kill the fucking Trapper.

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