Dungeon Fighter Online Leveling Efficiency Guide

Dungeon Fighter Online Leveling Efficiency Guide by iMakeParodies

With the west server being stable today, I felt that this would be a good time to give a guide on how to level efficiently in the early levels. Personally, I have been playing on the Chinese server recently while waiting for DFO Global to start beta.

Before you read the guide, here are some standard game mechanics you should understand.

  • It takes 1 fatigue point to run 1 room.
  • The dungeons with the special borders (black and gold) in the selection screen cost 8 fatigue points to start, however, they don’t use fatigue for the rooms inside them.
  • Failing a dungeon results a loss of stamina but more importantly, a loss of fatigue points, so avoid this. If you have to use a coin, do so, DFO give them out quite often.

So without further ado, here are some general tips for dungeon running and some specific things for certain quests you should do for you to maximize your exp and potentially even farm gain with the limited amount of fatigue points offered.

General Tips:

  • DO NOT clear full dungeons, just do the quest requirements. Times have changed, it’s much faster earning experience from those quests than grinding, forget those old habits.
  • The lack of fatigue points only prevents you from entering dungeons, not like blitz where you do not get loot after it exhausts. So you should always full clear if it’s your last run of the day.
  • Manage your fatigue points with simple math so that you have only 1 fatigue point before you run your last dungeon of the day. For example, if I am left with 12 fatigue points, and the dungeon I do has 14 rooms but to finish my quest I only need 9, I will run 11 rooms.
  • Adding on to the above tip, If your last dungeon happens to be a special dungeon (AKA the special border ones, see above section), leave 8 FATIGUE POINTS instead.
  • Use your fatigue potions only after you fully exhausted your fatigue, this way you can technically cheat a few fatigue points using the techniques I mentioned above.
  • Don’t use the exp potions you get from quests NOW, use them LATER, when leveling takes LONGER. (they have a 72 hour expiration date though, keep that in mind)
  • Use those exp potions in the boss room, or right before the boss dies if you can time it well, since they only affect the amount of exp you gain from clearing the dungeon.
  • Partying up with people offers bonus experience per dungeon run, but depending on how long it takes you to party, it may actually lower how long it will take for you to burn your fatigue.
  • Loot drops are client side now, therefore, every drop you see is yours. (Not sure about drop rate when partying, can someone confirm?)
  • Always run on the highest difficulty if you want to maximize your daily exp. Although for those with less time to play, consider normal difficulty runs, as those are most exp/time efficient out of all runs.

Specific things to do for certain quests

  • The MP potion quest has the wrong description. Instead of a NORMAL MP POTION, you are looking for a GENERAL MP POTION.
  • You don’t have to do every quest that comes by, some quest chains offer better rewards and some dungeon runs offer better boss loot. Now with most accounts getting a lv35 quest completion ticket, use it efficiently, skip some quests and do the efficient ones. (Will make a detailed guide on this tip, but for now, you want to run dungeons that drops loot for your class and the ones with exp potions, rest is optional.)

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