Dungeon Fighter Online Beginner Tips

Dungeon Fighter Online Beginner Tips by RiseDFO

All About Materials

Materials are a huge part of DFO. Here are several tips you should keep in mind when handling the materials you will end up getting in this game.

Tip #1: Save Cube Fragments

Background: Cube fragments are items you will find and accumulate on your journey in DFO. There will be a variety of colors as well. The types you need to keep track of are clear, white, black, blue, and red cube fragments. With 100 cube fragments, you can create a normal cube as well. A later patch simplifies it to just cube fragments.

Why Save? Two reasons:

  1. Higher level skills consume a clear cube fragment when used.. Most of these skills require one cube fragment, but some can cost several per use. By accumulating clear cube fragments, you will save yourself time and trouble later on!
  2. Cubes and cube fragments can be required by quests. By collecting cubes, you will save yourself a lot of time and money. A ridiculous amount of cubes may be required so be prepared!

There’s some other minor reasons but they aren’t as important. But the lesson is clear; make sure to save cubes! But that brings us to our next question (and tip!)…how do we get and accumulate cubes and cube fragments?

Tip #2: Grind blues and sell whites

Background: There is an item grade system in DFO.Like many other MMOs, all items and weapons can come in several grades.. The grades are as follows from worse to best (approximately):

Grey < Common (white) < Uncommon (blue) < Rare (purple) < Legacy (purple) < Unique ( pink) < Legendary (Dark Orange) <Chronicle (red) <= Epic (Orange)

I will go over the specifics of each grade in the third part, but for this advice, pay attention to white (common) and blue (uncommon) items.

What is disassembling? Disassembling is an action you can take with any type of equipment (be it armor or weapons). Players normally call disassembling ‘grinding’. The NPC you want to go to in order to grind your items is Morgan. There are players that can grind items as well, but that is a topic that will be covered in professions (Second Part). The way it works is that an NPC or Player has a disassembler that you can use to grind your items.

Fun Fact: Before Metastasis, the NPC you would go to in order to ‘grind’ your items was Loton. However, when the old God messed everything up and destroyed Arad in the process, Loton ended up being a casualty! Bet that woke you up! At least we’ll get a clone version of him in the Mirror West Coast eventually.

Grinding results in cube fragments. A white item will net you only clear cube fragments while blue can net you clear and colored cube fragments. Additionally, clear cube fragments are really easy to stockpile. So it really isn’t worth it to grind your white equips. So a common suggestion is to always sell your white equips for gold but grind your blue equips for cubes.

Tip #3: Pick up everything you see

Background: In DFO, while in dungeons, you will notice a variety of items after killing quite a few mobs. Some of you may believe that those items are useless and you won’t gain anything from them especially early on, but you would be wrong. So I recommend picking up everything you see.


  • You might need those mats for an epic/repeatable quest soon/later
  • Some of those mats might be useful elsewhere (Professions for instance)
  • Later down the road, you can make some money from selling those items on the AH

So, pick up everything you see!

Tip #4: Do NOT sell any materials in the beginning

Background: A lot of newbies will be tempted to sell their materials early on for early income (i.e. on the Auction Hall and in respect to how much money they have right now, a few thousand gold is a lot). This ties in with the previous tip.

Reasons NOT to sell early: Those materials may come in handy for quests and more as mentioned previously Especially since the market should be volatile in the beginning, make sure you know real market prices to make the most out of your money.

So, do not sell any materials just yet! Hoard everything!

Maximize Fatigue Points

As we all know, Fatigue Points (FP) is the system Neople will be using in the new DFO Global. That being said, there’s several methods to extend your gameplay beyond the normal 156 points given to us.

Just in case any newbies are not aware of what Fatigue Points are, here’s a brief description:

Fatigue is a system that gives you 156 points. Every single dungeon room you visit, you will lose 1 point. Upon reaching 0 points, you cannot run anymore dungeons till the reset. The reset occurs once a day at a certain time.

Tip #5: Run your last dungeon with 1 FP

Background: There is some prior information you need to understand about the dungeon system. When entering a dungeon, you will find there are a variety of rooms. To win a dungeon, you just need to defeat the boss. This means you do not need to complete the dungeon 100% to win it. This gives you some flexibility in terms of how much FP you spend per dungeon.

Logic: There is more to the fatigue system than meets the eye. The only restriction to entering a dungeon is to have some FP. So if you were to enter a dungeon with a single FP left, you are able to go above 156 points. And if you clear the entire dungeon, that’s a ton of extra experience!

Tip #6: Stack your quests!

Background: For those that have played DFO before, they know exactly what I mean by this. There are quests in this game geared towards a specific dungeon (i.e. Do dungeon X and beat it at Advanced difficulty!). If you carefully do your quests and manage to complete them all in the least amount of runs, you max out your experience. People really good at this can get to level 21 in a single day! This is what posters mean when they say they love min/maxing FP.

Logic: You know you have a limited amount of FP to play in your dungeons. If you do all the quests possible (you may get 5 quests for a single dungeon for example) and manage to complete all those quests in a single run, you not only used up only a single dungeon’s worth of FP, but completed 5 quests at once. This is compared to doing the dungeon five times per each quest separately, using up 5x the number of fatigue!

Additional Notes: Know that you can just use the quest box to grab quests now so you don’t have to talk to an NPC directly. Also, note that you can’t accept quests while in a dungeon. The only quests you’d need to talk to directly for would be the awakening/promotion quests.

Tip #7: Do Towers after finishing Fatigue!

Background: This probably makes no sense to anyone that has yet to play DFO. Towers are ‘special’ dungeons that you can do. They do not require Fatigue but there is a limit to how many times you are allowed to enter them. They are a great place to stay ahead of the game with experience.

I will cover every single Tower and other special dungeons in the third part in greater detail, but for now I will briefly tell you about the first two you need to look out for. Generally speaking, towers get harder every floor you manage to progress. And the higher floor you end up completing, the more experience gained.

Tower of Illusion
Level: 20-30

Description: Tower with 15 floors in total. Costs one Dreyfus’s Invitation. You get 3 Invitations every day and they are reset once a day as well (same time as Fatigue). You won’t be able to use any clear cube fragments not found in the dungeon itself nor any consumables.

Altar of Infinity
Level: 40+

Description: 15 waves of monsters in 3 rooms with character buffs. Requires gold to enter and increases on each run. Nearly as much experience as Tower of Dead upon completion.

Tower of the Dead
Level: 50+

Description: Different tower with 45 floors in total. Costs one Dreyfus’s Invitation. Same restriction cube and consumable restriction as Tower of Illusion. This tower gives more experience if you manage to complete it, but it is also harder as a direct result.

Both of these towers and the altar can be found in the Valley of Fallen Souls.

Tip #8: Join a guild!

Background: Guilds are actually relatively useful beyond just being a community hub in DFO. Guilds have levels and guilds can earn guild points. The more points they earn and the higher level they are, the more they can spend on guild perks.

Logic: Some guild perks include added stats and more EXP. So, as you can clearly see, guilds are a must have to expedite your dungeon experience. I might make a guide on guilds in general later, but for now I think that’s good enough to give you an idea about why joining a guild would be beneficial to you and how it maximizes your FP.

Advice: Following up on the guild tip, I suggest you to find a guild worth your time as well. Guilds that spam messages in chat most likely would not be a great fit. You are also unable to join another guild for 72 hours after leaving! So pick wisely! Look at the forums, or scout out the guild by talking with its members online!

Magic Seal Equips

Magic Seal Equips are an important part about the game and a lot of newbies won’t know what to do with them nor what they offer to the table. Let me briefly go over some facts that you will need to know about magic seal equips first. Also, I’d like to thank lolwitchlol for the original guide on these. They helped me out a long time ago.


  • They are a particular rare (purple) weapons/armor.
  • They are really common and drop often in dungeons.
  • They have certain properties that make them extremely useful even to end game players.

Note: Since I keep using tips in this guide, I might as well format the last part of the guide with tips as well.

Tip #9: Do NOT grind Magic Seal Equips!

Logic: Magic Seal Equips, despite being rare, are not exactly the same. That’s why when you grind them, you don’t get much if anything as a result. You get way more cube fragments from blues or whites!

Exception: What do I do when I have too many Magic Seal Equips or if I have a full set of them for my level? Then you can grind them for low grade crystals or sell them for some extra cash.

Tip #10: Go to Seria and break magic seals!

Explanation: Basically, Seria is an NPC that will ‘break’ magic seals on your equips. So if you wish to use your magic seal equips, go to her to break them. It only costs a small fee.

You should also note that you get 1-3 effects on your magic sealed equip. They will all be different stats, so you won’t see STR twice for instance.

Additional Notes: A user brought to my attention that you can break magic seals by simply right clicking on them. He’s right, I completely forgot about that. Most likely that’s how it’ll be in DFOG.

Tip #11: Change Unwanted Stats!

Explanation: You are allowed to reroll a single stat from your 1-3 stats indefinitely till you get a good one you want. This option is known as “Convert Magic Seal”.

Note that I said a ‘single’ stat. This means you need to choose the one you want to keep retrying, as the others would be locked afterwards.

Tip #12: Convert equip into a new one!

Pitch: Can’t find the right equip for you? You need class X, but you only have class Y and Z equips? Not a problem!

Explanation: Seria has another option called “Recast Magic Seal.” You can take two broken magic seals (aka the ones you released the seal for already) and sort of…combine them for a new equip! But it will offer options for you. So you can make that Class X equip!

Now for some added facts since you now know the basics:

  • You can get Auras. Auras are ranges at which your stats can affect other players. And you can potentially stack Auras. Example: Let’s say you have one equip that gives you an INT aura of 100 px. And another equip that gives an INT aura of 150 px. Within 100px, both auras stack, but beyond 100 and before 150, you only get the INT from the second aura stat.
  • You can get skills as well as stats from Magic Seal Equips. For instance, +1 on a particular skill on a class.
  • There are rankings for certain stats. The best is S rank, while lowest is C rank.

And that’s pretty much it! If you’d like to know more about Magic Seal Equips, this is a good place (has some nice charts!).

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