Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon Fighting Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon Fighting Guide by Shogun Kayo

Dragons are a pain in the ass.
Just kidding. It can be pretty easy or normal to defeat them if you’re new if you follow these important steps.

1- More high leveled dragons can activate full guard and completely ignore all of the damage it takes until you destroy it. The easiest way to destroy their guard in seconds is using the Spirit Blade, and if your character’s not a Knight Enchanter, Vivienne can be a must-take. Warriors also get guard damage bonuses, but rogues not so much.

2- Bring a couple mages. To fight a dragon, having a bunch of rogues and warriors hacking at its sexy legs is going to get everyone killed by its sweeping leg and tail attacks, so having support teammates at a distance help tons. Plus, abilities like barrier and revive are a must in case a team member is dying or dead. Plus 2, Knight Enchanters can use their focus by reviving and restoring all allies.

3- Go dragon slaying properly equipped. That means full potions, regeneration potions, and healing grenades. Once fully upgraded, regeneration potions have an AOE, and healing mist grenades revive fallen allies, making every teammate a supporter when neccessary. To aquire the healing mist grenade, kill Snowball, the giant spider under the Crestwood keep, then take the schematic from its belly. Give the alchemist guy in Haven the notes he wants for the regen potion, but he’s grumpy, so don’t touch his belly.

4- Defensive abilities are as useful as offensive when fighting dragons. Moves like evade, Fade-step, and combat role can get you clear when a dragon rasies its cute little paw to smack you. Fade Cloak allows you to keep fighting when it strikes if you time it right, as its cute little paw will pass through you. Maintain your guard and barriers also. The best ending of a dragon fight is when you still have potions and grenades left because of an ultimate defense.

5- Wall of ICE ICE, BABY. At some point, that bastard dragon’s going to fling itself across the entire battlefield and you and your buddies are going to be vulnerable to its ranged fire, ice, and lightning attacks. Use Wall of Ice as it lands, and place it right in front of it so all of its ranged attacks become useless. Meanwhile, have your rogues stealth over or use Bull’s Charge or Fade step to close in on the dragon faster. Knight Enchanters(snotty little dragon slayers) can use their Spirit Blade to deflect incoming attacks.

6- Dragons like to take flight! You’ll find yourself trying to dodge its ranged attacks again. If you keep moving, the dragon’s just going to predict where you are, or following companions will just get nailed instead. The best way is to wait for a dragon to spit the fireball at you, then use the strategy screen to move your companions and yourself accordingly.

7- GO FOR THE LEGS, YOU LITTLE ANKLEBITERS! Dragon legs don’t bleed for show when they’re injured. Once you injure all four, they collapse, becoming unable to fight back for a short time. Smack the crap out of it, use focus abilities, and generally make it your bitch for that time(riding crops should be added).

8- AAAH! MINI DRAGONS! Yes, at some point, the dragon will scream your ears into deafness(headphones not suggested for dragon slaying), and will summon its fire-spewing babies of cuteness to defend itself. They’re generally weak, and to a rogue or warrior, can be made short work of. Don’t let your mages get swarmed, though. The dragon’s getting desperate, so let it wait while you kill its evil dragon spawn.

9- Fade-touched Obsidian and Silverite adds “guard on hit” when crafted into weapons and armor. Fade-touched dawnstone gives “chance of Walking Fortress on hit”, and if you don’t mind killing the golden halla or farming cloths from enemies, you can rarely find “Fade-cloak on hit”. Fade step on hit would probably be really fucking annoying…

10-  SOLO A DRAGON, BECOME A DRAGONATOR! Now, honestly, I have only done this with a few characters, one of each class. As a Reaver, I could sustain myself in battle by stealing the dragon’s health when needed while maintaining guard, and with life-steal on hit weapons and accessories against dragonlings, I managed pretty well against the second Emprise Du Lion dragon mano-ee-drago on hardcore(one above normal if I got that wrong)

10-2: As a Tempest, I barely pulled through against the second Emprise Du Lion dragon on normal difficulty. Being able to almost completely stop time, using abilities over and over and over again, and freezing myself to increase my armor helped plenty soloing a dragon. Guard-damage bonus rings helped too. Along with other rogue abilities, like evade and deathblow(over and over again with Fire Flask makes it really fun watching their health go down before your eyes), increased my chances. Oh, and guard-adding armor and weapons.

10-3: The Knight Enchanter( I know! For shame, Shogun, for shame!) Knight Enchanters create barriers BY HITTING THINGS! Spirit Blade consumes as much stamina as you regen in a second, so it can be used over and over and over again. They cut through barriers and guard fast enough not to notice they were even erected in the first place, and giving them heavy armor makes them tanks in their own right. I’m shameful because how I made that strongest dragon piss its scales on the hardest difficulty! Worse, I did it by pressing the same button over and over again! I could’ve placed a balacing bird toy next to my keyboard and gone to make some coffee, and nothing would change! I should’ve replaced my staff with a riding crop, because I didn’t use it even once.

Alright, that’s all of it. Well, I doubt that’s all. I’m not some video game guru, I’m the Shogun. Well, not really again. If I missed anything, or if you want to add something, that’d be just rockin’.
P.S. I wish dragons were real. Because dragons.

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