Destiny Mastering Blink Guide

Destiny Mastering Blink Guide by Faust_8

Well, here are some tips–though really, practice is the best way to get used to it. Don’t get frustrated and stop. Especially Warlocks; Glide is soooooo slooooooow and begs for you to get shot.

Blink depends on how you are currently moving

If you jump straight up, Blink will go straight up. If you’re running forward and jump then Blink immediately (at the height of your jump), Blink will go up and forward. If your acceleration upward is over, Blink will simply send you straight forward. If you’re falling, Blink will direct you downwards.

Knowing this has a lot to do with getting to certain areas with Blink. For example, from the dome over C in Firebase Delphi and you’re trying to jump through the “feed hole” window. You don’t want to jump and Blink immediately–you’ll go far too high because you have upward momentum when you initiated Blink. Jump, wait until your upward momentum has dissipated, and then Blink, and you’ll shoot forward into the window. (Alternatively, just fall to the ground, then immediately jump and Blink. It’s very easy and isn’t much slower.)

If you’re trying to jump to B on Shores of Time from the A side, you’d need the height, so jump and immediately Blink. Anything else runs the risk of giving you no extra height and dooming you to splatter yourself. It’s possible but there’s not much reason to risk it.

You can Blink too much

Blink has a cooldown. Practice will also get you a feel for this as well. If you Blink twice consecutively with no pause in between, you’ll have to wait a few seconds. If you space them out though you can potentially do it periodically forever. Though if you get the timing wrong it’s still possible for the 3rd attempt to require a very brief pause.

Blink is amazing in both PvE and PvP in terms of both defensive and offensive maneuvers. You really should invest the time to get it down. It’s bad at platforming or getting to quite high places, but it’s wonderful at confusing the enemy or increasing your overall speed.

EDIT: I see some people saying Blink is useless in PvE content. I disagree–not only does it still increase your speed as you cross distances, but it still has the same offensive and defensive capabilities. As one example, say you’re doing the Arkon Priest strike and you’re killing adds only to see CRAP the Priest is right up on you and about to do his ground pound! Blink away, avoid all damage.

I save myself in hectic PvE moments with Blink so many times. You can be in the thick of it, about to get melee-ed by several enemies, and one Blink later they’re standing there whiffing while you take cover and regen your shield.

More Tips by Eterya

As a fan of both Voidbro and Bladedancer here’s some more tips:

  • Blink has a split second delay between activation and actually teleporting where you just hang in the air while your character does the animation. Be aware of that.
  • Blink seems to have invulnerable frames in the actual teleport. It is possible to move through some attacks if your timing is spot-on, e.g. a Colossus’ rocket barrage. Note that this requires you to be moving towards the attack relatively quickly.
  • Blink is dependent solely on your momentum, not your direction of view. This means you can easily move to the sides and backwards, allowing for some great maneuvering or fast retreat (for best effect double-tap jump while moving backwards, just be aware of what’s behind you).
  • Along with the above, outside the moment of teleporting, it’s possible to quickly turn your vision while still moving. This mean it’s possible (in both PvE and PvP) to charge and overshoot a target, then immediately turn and hit them from behind with a Shotgun/melee before they have time to react, turn around and hit you.
  • A main point of Blink (esp on the Hunter) is quick movement, allowing you to close in on enemies or catch them unaware. However the same can happen to you if Blink right before a guy you didn’t know was there. Thus it requires a particularly great deal of battlefield awareness (not that anyone else has an excuse for not doing so) and quick thinking. You move fast, so think fast.
  • And lastly, repeating what OP said, practice makes perfect. At first I felt Blink was weird and unwieldy, but by now I feel incredibly slow and clunky when I run Gunslinger or Sunbro (Titan too, but (currently) none of them has Blink. How about you add that for the Solar Titan subclass, bungie? That would also fit so there’s Blink on a subclass of each element)


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