Destiny Iron Banner Weapons and Reforging Guide

Destiny Iron Banner Weapons and Reforging Guide by hutson

Please know that this guide is meant more as a discussion, and as you can see, my opinions have minor changes since last time, and I have updated that here. So don’t take my opinions as the perfect roll, as everyone’s play-styles are different.

I play PvE about 75% of the time, and PvP the other 25%. So if you are aligned with me there, you may agree with my personal choices, or at least cherry pick from it. Also keep in mind that someone who is 90% PvP, 10% PvE, may have a totally different outlook on this. So in the comments please tell us what kind of player you are, so people with the same play-style can see where you are coming from.

Before I get started with my personal rolls, I want to make sure everyone is aware of a couple of things in case they are new here.

  • For first timers, Iron Banner is the only time you can reforge weapons (take advantage of this), but only IB weapons can be reforged. To do this, you must first equip the weapon and approach the IB vender. It will cost you two Motes of Light and will re-roll ALL perks on that weapon as well as remove any EXP gained! You may roll as many times as you’d like, or until your are depleted of motes.
  • You cannot reforge weapons that are 300 Attack to the new 331 level. I’m sure everyone knows this by now, but for the sake of a few wasted Motes, I’ll say it again.

And with that out of the way, let me get started with my personal choices for each weapon! (in no particular order)

Efrideet’s Spear – Sniper – Void / Ambush Scope / Spray and Play / Armor Piercing Rounds / Final Round I see very few Void snipers drop, and since Patience and Time and Icebreaker are Arc and Solar, this will go well in the line-up. The Ambush scope is by far the most flexible scope you can get. And it will give you a big increase to stability and reload. Final round is amazing with this sniper, and keeping the magazine at only 3 rounds just increases the number of rounds in reserve will be a final round. Spray and play will keep you from worrying about reloading before you hit that final round, and AP Rounds well let you shoot through walls! Edit: Field Scout is also a good option to have here! I haven’t done extensive testing on the new AP round nerf, but from my experience, it does’t seem to have affected me much.

Timur’s Lash – Hand Cannon – Quickdraw IS / Outlaw / Field Scout / Crowd Control -The sights don’t make too much difference IMO. So don’t kill yourself trying to get something in particular here. The magazine size is small by default, and the reload speed is slow. So Outlaw and field Scout will make up for those. And with a combo of crowd control on top of such a heavy hitting hand cannon with a large magazine and fast reload?! I say spend all your motes and try to get this roll if you can above all others.

Gheleon’s Demise (Currently dropping at IB Rank 3) – Scout Rifle – Red Dot – ORS / Outlaw / Armor Piercing Rounds / Firefly – Red Dot ORS is my favorite sight, so you will see it come up on the other weapons. But that is just my personal preference, it is not make or break here. Firefly is make or break here. It is the perk to roll for. After that, you can try to get a combo with outlaw. And finally perfect balance, but that is a low priority, it is really good to keep those exploding headshots coming. Luckily for some, the vendor sold almost this exact roll last time!

Silimar’s Wrath (Currently being sold at IB vendor, must be rank 5) – Auto Rifle – Red Dot – ORS / Reactive Reload / Perfect Balance / Glass Half Full – I (like most people) are not a fan of these high ROF low Impact auto rifles. And if you are not either, then don’t bother wasting your motes on it. However if I HAD to choose, I would pick these perks to get the most damage out of all those bullets. Reactive reload will give the first part of the magazine 33% extra damage for 3 seconds, and by then, the glass half full perk should start kicking in. Perfect balance is dire here, because you need those headshots.

Skorri’s Revenge – Pulse Rifle – Red Dot – ORS / Full Auto / Field Scout / Glass Half Full – I love a full auto pule rifle, but you will go through ammo quick with only a 30 round mag (essentially 10 shots), so compensate that with field scout. The a glass half full perk on top of that will get you that extra damage in the large second half of that magazine.

Felwinter’s Lie (Currently dropping at IB Rank 3) – Shotgun – Any Element / Aggressive Ballistics / Cascade / Hammer Forged / Shot Package – I tested both Hammer forged and Shot package, and Hammer Forged and Rangefinder, and Shot Package wins HANDS DOWN!! Get that combo and you are sniping with this thing. Another good roll would be the full auto perk instead off shot package or rangefinder, just because it dramatically increases the fire rate. edit: I changed field choke to Aggressive Ballistics, because apparently the max range gets capped with hammerforged.

Perun’s Fire – Fusion Fifle – Any Element / Red Dot – ORS / Range Finder / Accelerated Coils / Feeding Frenzy – Nothing too fancy here IMO. Small magazine, so boost your reload with Feeding Frenzy. Extend that range cause you will need it post nerf, and make this guy charge even faster with Accelerated Coils.

Jolder’s Hammer (Currently being sold at IB vendor, must be rank 4) – Machine Gun – Arc / Aggressive Ballistics/ Persistence / Field Scout / Surplus – I want this thing to be a cross between a Thunderlord and a Corrective Measure (my favorite machine guns). I think these perks speak for themselves.

Radegast’s Fury – Rocket Launcher – Arc / Hard Launch / Grenades & Horseshoes / Field Scout / Clown Cartridge – This guy by default only has a one round magazine. So I opted for Field Scout and Clown cartridge to get a 2 sometimes 3 round magazine. I chose Arc damage since I don’t have any Arc heavy Weapons. I feel proximity is more useful than tracking once you get the hang of it.

Again, you may disagree 100% with these, and that is great! Let us know your play-style and what you would choose! Take a look at the weapons on (edit: the best site ever!), because it make this a lot easier. Some perks I assumed would be available for these weapons were not.

Good luck with your reforging, Guardians, I sincerely hope you get what you want!

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