Destiny Infinite Heavy Ammo Guide

Destiny Infinite Heavy Ammo Guide by izzray

Hi. I’m a destiny player, and just like you I like the big guns. Heavy machine guns and rocket launchers. They make thinks ‘splode real good. But just like you I had a problem. I could only ‘splode boom maybe 7 times in one strike. 14 with a synth. Still, this was no where near the ‘splode booming I wanted to be doing.

Then one drop changed my playstyle forever: The crux of crota.

“But the necrocasm is absolute shit!” you’re thinking, and you’re right. It is absolute shit. But what if I told you it has a secret hidden ability even the game creators didn’t intend on? Interested? Read on.

Once you get your crux, and you get your husk of the pit, you’re going to spend 6 boring hours leveling that terrible gun. There is no way to skip this step, I apologize. Level that vault space consuming heap of trash until it’s one crux away from becoming another infamously bad gun and then stop, cause now is time for preparation. I’m gonna err on the side of caution in these next few rules. You may not need all these items to make it work, but at least this is a set up I can guarantee works.

  1. Have an ice breaker (xur sold it 75 times so yes you have 4. cool)
  2. Equip ice breaker in your special slot on your chosen infinite heavy ammo character.
  3. Fill all 9 primary slots with exotics. (this may not be 100% necessary but it guarantees there’s no way for the game to force you out of the glitch.)
  4. Have eidolon’s ally equiped as your primary.
  5. Evolve the fucker like magikarp into gyrados

Your primary slot just disappeared.

“OH NO WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT A PRIMARY?” You’re shouting in existential despair. Rek. You will absolutely, positively, mercilessly, rek everything. Here’s why.

The game needs to drop ammo for something because it’s designed to have you shooting at all times. You primary is blocked out so the system will not be able to give you primary ammo. Your special is the ice breaker which has no ammo capacity, therefore by default reads as an empty slot in relation to ammo drops. So what’s all that’s left?

Dem sweet ass boom ‘splosion guns. That’s what.

From now on your heavy is your primary. Use a legendary rocket launcher. Use a legendary machine gun. Doesn’t matter. Shoot it til it runs out of ammo, flip to ice breaker, kill a few adds, reload and repeat. You know that heavy ammo glitch you used on crota cause you were too stingy to waste a synth? You now have that forever. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Mother. Fucking. Boom.


  • Use a titan!

Titans can equip ruin wings which just about doubles the amount of ammo from each heavy ammo pack. They also have a perk that makes heavy ammo kills generate orbs. You will generate so many orbs. You were already op with the glitch. Now your whole squad is OP with you.

  • Use guns with field scout and surplus!

Surplus is like another ruin wings but on your gun. Field scout enhances your life. You play enough now to know why you spent 84 motes trying to get it on timur’s lash.

That’s all! Enjoy your 4 minute ROC strikes and confused messages from people who don’t know how you’re firing so many rockets

Lastly, upvote this at your own risk, because I don’t know how bungie won’t be patching the shit out of it very soon. Enjoy it while it’s here.

Have fun guardians.

Edit: Due to some demand I’ll post a vid later today of me running this set up and its results.

Edit 2: Just made the video. It’s uploading. Will link when done. Also, I’m 99% sure this is a strictly PvE glitch. Unless you’re so good with ice breaker that a primary just got in the way of your switching this will not help you in crucible.

Edit 3: As promised, the video demonstration.

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